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  1. Phillbo

    Two dropzones review for AFF

    Eloy is a world class DZ. I'm surprised by your description of your time there.
  2. Phillbo

    Looking for some ideas

    LOL... oh yeah, something IS going to go wrong I would recommend you stage it as a hop and pop to limit the free fall time for the rookies. Maybe even a static line since it's military.
  3. Phillbo

    4-way exit FAIL - skydiver loses shoe

    wow... that could have been nasty if not for the quick reaction of the 3.
  4. Phillbo

    4-way exit FAIL - skydiver loses shoe

    When I had my A I did not want to jump with other A's... I knew how flaky I still was and did not want to compound that ....
  5. Phillbo

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    A beer and a Burger when jumping is done was my approach. Gave me an opportunity to gain additional insight while sitting around chatting with my instructor assigned to me that day. Created a learning environment that was a lot less stressful and overwhelming.
  6. Phillbo

    Passed my AFF level 1 today

    Well done on the Level 1.... Dialing in the flare was a hard part for me as well. I would flare too high as well. Does your DZ use radios? If so keep using one and ask your coach to guide you until you get a feel for when to start your flare.
  7. Phillbo

    Repack price?

    I hope this was a joke.
  8. Phillbo

    ALL Gear Stolen - Colorado

    We can only hope with no damage to the rigs.
  9. Phillbo

    Why do you skydive?

    I was tricked into jumping :)
  10. Phillbo

    Night Tandems

    Sorry to be vague .. Someone asked me the question around if they were allowed and I did not know.
  11. Phillbo

    Night Tandems

    Do any DZ's offer night time Tandems? Is it allowed or restricted?
  12. Phillbo


    If you recover quickly up high you will as well at the hop n pop altitude. I like the suggestion of getting someone to flash fingers as you exit. It gives you something to focus on as well as getting feed back from the person that was watching your exit. As a student I had a couple exits I thought were totally botched but my coach just hunched his shoulders and said there was nothing really wrong with them. You may be doing better than you think. Also, on your hop n pop...It's going to feel like your chute is taking forever to deploy.. everything slows down when you have not reached terminal velocity. I thought I was having a mal for a few seconds on my beer hop n pop.
  13. Phillbo

    Long term storage

    When storing a rig for a long period of time, is it better to do so with both chutes packed or unpacked?
  14. Phillbo

    Best Tandem in South Carolina?

    what about
  15. Phillbo

    Best Tandem in South Carolina?

    I have a friend that lives in Gaston, SC and would like to do a Tandem. Any recommendations ?