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  1. Phillbo

    Weight Restrictions

    I doubt it .. I'm 6'4" and was 230lbs when i went through AFF... No one raised any concerns. I just hope it's not a cessna DZ
  2. Phillbo

    Tipping Instructors??

    I never tipped but did make sure to buy them a burger and a beer at the end of the day .. it also gives you time to pick their brain a bit more.
  3. Phillbo

    Burning Man

    post 'em up !
  4. Phillbo

    Woo HOo!!

    congrats ..... pics.
  5. Phillbo

    air traffic blunder on AFF 4.

    Quote When we landed i learned the golden rule that if you're coming in from the right half of the field, land there; vice versa for the left half. Quote There ya go... Your learning. I was given an LZ walk around during FJS that showed me how to use the area. I assumed it was standard practice.
  6. Phillbo

    Sunset Loads Rock

    Try a 12K Hop-n-Pop at sunset next time ... those really rock.
  7. Phillbo

    Newbie question on brakes

    Not able to comment on the reason some do it but I feel that at our level it would be a bad idea. I'd like to know that my canopy is good with the brakes unstowed at as high an altitude as possible. 1500' is not the place to be finding out something is wrong after releasing your toggles ...