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  1. You need to expect a malfunction on every jump!!!!! Practice your EP's daily even when not at the DZ.
  2. Mr Wang you need to slow your roll a bit around here. Like it or not, your advice has very little power with only 1 tandem jump. Focus on learning from the people with experience and not trying to teach them a lesson.
  3. This sounds like you will be paying for FJC and AFF1 twice with this approach. I'd heed the advice given to hold off until you can pay for the A license package and do it all at once. Then you'll need to think about how you will pay for the gear you will need. I hope you don't mean a credit card when you mentioned a 'card'... Wracking up debt to get into a sport while in college is not a good idea.
  4. This is what happened to me. Not so much the money but I began to struggle with finding the time to stay as current as I felt I needed to. Life got in the way so the smart thing to do in my opinion was to hit pause for a while. I plan to get back in the air when i retire in 5 years and have more time to dedicate to the safety aspect of the sport.
  5. Well done in my opinion. How were your landings?
  6. I would suggest you ask your friend to go first.
  7. We get them around here as well. This guy was in a wash about 1/4 mile from my house and came across him on a mountain bike ride. I back up to a preserve in Scottsdale so wild life is common place. I wish the Javalina would stay away but other than that I love seeing the critters...
  8. More details please .. when and where and what was the ride/ exit like?
  9. Phillbo


    Yes, Nine O Nine..
  10. Eloy is a world class DZ. I'm surprised by your description of your time there.
  11. Heli Base... Not a BASE. It's a skydive. Where did it start? The sky, not a BASE object.
  12. LOL... oh yeah, something IS going to go wrong I would recommend you stage it as a hop and pop to limit the free fall time for the rookies. Maybe even a static line since it's military.
  13. wow... that could have been nasty if not for the quick reaction of the 3.
  14. When I had my A I did not want to jump with other A's... I knew how flaky I still was and did not want to compound that ....