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  1. "So Luke has admitted to his transgressions and says he withheld the FAA denial from the team." The denial was all over the interwebs before the stunt (posted here by someone) so how can he say he withheld the information? Something does not add up.
  2. I like how Red Bull describes the plane as being "damaged"....
  3. I'm sure the FAA will be all over this one..
  4. If you are landing on your knees, you're doing it wrong.
  5. I don't think trying to climb into a helicopter with an open rig is a good idea. I'm sure they sent someone out to grab it without a helicopter.
  6. Anyone else catch the balloon jump out of the Page Az airport?
  7. We get dust devils in Arizona on calm days as well. They are caused by the hot air rising.
  8. Well that was a strange reply...... Go to your DZ and talk to the riggers.
  9. You need to expect a malfunction on every jump!!!!! Practice your EP's daily even when not at the DZ.
  10. Mr Wang you need to slow your roll a bit around here. Like it or not, your advice has very little power with only 1 tandem jump. Focus on learning from the people with experience and not trying to teach them a lesson.
  11. This sounds like you will be paying for FJC and AFF1 twice with this approach. I'd heed the advice given to hold off until you can pay for the A license package and do it all at once. Then you'll need to think about how you will pay for the gear you will need. I hope you don't mean a credit card when you mentioned a 'card'... Wracking up debt to get into a sport while in college is not a good idea.
  12. This is what happened to me. Not so much the money but I began to struggle with finding the time to stay as current as I felt I needed to. Life got in the way so the smart thing to do in my opinion was to hit pause for a while. I plan to get back in the air when i retire in 5 years and have more time to dedicate to the safety aspect of the sport.