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This live in person parachute flight safety course with Brian Germain, is one of the very best ways to gain both confidence and skill under canopy. This in person canopy flight skills and safety course allows for the added benefit of filmed and debriefed landings, specific questions and a customized approach. Topics vary depending on the group but may include, parachute aerodynamics, canopy control, dynamic maneuvers, flight safety, collision avoidance, flying in turbulence, navigation, patterns and accuracy, landings, advanced approaches, adrenaline management and other relevant topics.

The focus of the camp is canopy skills, but it goes deeper than other courses because individual hanging harness training is performed to dial in your techniques, and discover if your harness requires adjustments. Brian does formation flights with as many participants as time allows, using an amazing two way communication system which also records the conversation to a camera used for filming the flight together. To find examples of these flights, offering an incredible opportunity to learn your individual parachute, Google or search YouTube for "Talking Skydives" videos. Brian gives everyone skill drills for each jump, films the landings and debriefs performance. Then he gives drills for the next jump that will help dial in the areas that need focus. Course participants typically do three jumps per day, weather permitting, usually from 7000 feet. The course is open to all levels, and Brian will field any question on any topic, so you can individualize the course. Brian adapts the course based on the need and experience of the group. The range of experience typically spans 25 jumps up to several thousand. This course meets the USPA B license requirement and is one of the best investments you can make to become a safer and more skilled canopy pilot. Reserve your spot and place your deposit here.



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