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  1. A number of instructors at my closest wind tunnel have switched over to TFX's and they love it. They haven't made any comments to me specific to head down flying, but they seemed happy with how quiet it is in general. Personally I use a G35 and it is excellent, but I changed from open-face so I don't have much to compare it to.
  2. Got mine a few weeks ago, took it to the tunnel and gave it it's first flight. As mentioned above, it is a bit tighter than I expected. I had my head measured several times so I know I ordered correct off the chart, but would have ordered one size larger if I had known. Once I'm in the tunnel I don't even notice, it feels great. I think as the padding breaks in it will be better. This replaced my Fuel, I haven't owned a full face before so not a lot to compare to. It's light weight, great visibility. The visor is tight, a fair amount of force needed to pull it forward to open, and it makes an ear-ringing bang when it closes. Glad I wear ear plugs. All in all I'm really happy with it, and such a big improvement over the open face helmet in the tunnel! I ordered white with a purple top plate, and I have purple tunnel plates on backorder. Excuse the goofy look in the photo, I had just got home from work and saw the package waiting, was excited to try it on.
  3. Wow mate, wall of text = hard to read. Just a tip, but spacing out your text with paragraphs etc make your posts easier to follow in future, which in turn makes it easier to communicate your points and emphasize what you need. ~Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammarman~ _____ SPLAT
  4. Ordained on June 1st. If #113 is available, I'll take it. The Dude Abides. _____ SPLAT
  5. +1 to a skydive specific model that can fit in a dytter mounting plate. I'd like to be able to use something like that, but I don't like the big bulky packs that typically get mounted to the helmet on most motorcycle communicators. As a student, I am having the most trouble with landing, and so would like to be able to have communication with an instructor (on the ground) to help guide me in while I sort out my flare timing issues and to help me with my pattern. Generally my pattern is good, but my flare is always marginally out. Can't seem to get the knack of it so I often slide in or PLF when I would like to be able to land on my feet. If you could make a device that doesn't have such a big box to stick to the helmet, I would be interested as it would help me with my learning now, but also be useful as I progress through the sport. _____ SPLAT
  6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think CAOS suits are made in packistan? _____ SPLAT
  7. Have seen a few of his suits, they look good and seem to be good quality. Good price too. Don't know anything about the guy, but I like the suits so far _____ SPLAT
  8. I currently jump a really old Skymaster 290. I have only learnt to flatpack so far, which isn't so bad considering the size of the canopy, but I find it quite hard being on the ground like that. I'm a bigger guy with a bad back and knees after being medically discharged from the army, so I find packing very difficult, and as such I am incredibly slow at it. When I pack, I have a towel with me at all times to keep the sweat away from the fabric, and I stand up frequently to ease some of the pressure from my back and legs. I just hate how long it takes me. It feels like jumping has been really good for my body, but packing is really bad haha. _____ SPLAT
  9. I'm only a new jumper, but I don't quite agree with you on this point. Yes, I agree that something could be made to look much sleeker than the pictures in the link, however I think some bulge is both necessary and a good idea. Off the shelf cameras, such as gopros and other compact action cams are not yet small enough that they could be fitted into a helmet without either modifying the shell of the helmet or modifying your skull, and a special tiny camera specific to the helmet just wouldn't be a great idea. To make a small enough camera that matches the quality of action cams out on the market already would be prohibitively expensive unless you make in such extreme bulk as the likes of gopro or sony. I love the idea of the camera mount molded into the helmet shell, as it eliminates snag risks and could look real slick if done well. But I would prefer a bulge in the helmet to provide room for the cam rather than a dent in my head.... _____ SPLAT
  10. A lot of great advice in here, thanks! _____ SPLAT
  11. I hadn't even thought about the landing with different shoes, thanks for the tip. And I will definitely be getting help from the rigger at the DZ & having the gear/costume checked by the rigger and DZSO at the DZ. My DZ is big on safety. I would prefer if I could wear the top hat during free fall, because that would be awesome. But this is an option if that isn't possible. The brim of the top hat will definitely catch wind like a beast, which is why I thought if I stitch it to an old frap hat (easy enough to find for cheap) it will stay on better than it just having some elastic such as the mad hatter top hat in the video posted. Btw that vid was pretty cool. Much more frilly than I would go for, but great inspiration of what can be achieved. Contemplating holding a fake rose in my teeth or something silly just for laughs. A great goal to work towards, build my RW skills so I can have an awesome jump (I'm a bigger guy, going to have to work really hard during B-rels and practicing RW) _____ SPLAT
  12. Couple things before I get into my question: - Yes, at 20 jumps I am not planning to do a costume jump any time soon. I am researching and planning for the future. - I have read through as many costume threads as I could find, and found some interesting info but what I am looking for is a bit more specific. So, many traditions dictate that a persons 100th jump should be nude. Can't say that I'm a big fan of baring my bits in freefall, let alone landing! I saw some jumpers do a 100th jump dressed as Power Rangers and I thought that was great, so I want to plan for something more 'me'. I would love to do a jump in full blacktie tuxedo with tophat! I think this would be fun, look great, and be a great way to celebrate a milestone I am so looking forward to reaching. (Worth the slab) The plan: - Top hat - Bow tie - White gloves - Tuxedo - Cummerbund - Shiny shoes The question: What do I need to do to make that 'jump safe'? I am thinking I will probably need to stitch the top hat to a frap hat to keep it on my head. The bow tie will have velcro on it, as I don't like things around my neck. The tails of the tux I might see about velcroing to the pants to stop them flapping up and adding a risk to grabbing the PC handle. My mother is a seamstress so the whole thing will be made from scratch out of appropriate materials so that I have freedom to move the way I need. What considerations do I need to be aware of? I.e. buttons vs velcro vs snaps etc. What specific risks do I need to be wary of when wearing such a costume for a jump? Basically I want this to be as close to a legit tux as possible, not a jumpsuit that looks like a tux. Any help would be really appreciated. I'm not in a hurry to get this done, I've got a lot of jumping to do and a lot of skills to work on. I just want to start planning now so that when I do it, I'm not compromising my safety for a good camera shot. Open to all suggestions. Cheers _____ SPLAT
  13. If the cookie fuel was an option, I'd have voted for that. As a student myself, I like to feel the wind on my face, it helps me with my general awareness. I tried a full face, and I felt a bit closed off but that was just me. As my experience increases, and I start to do more than belly flying and backloops, I'll probably invest in a full face helmet but for now, I wanna feel the rush! _____ SPLAT
  14. Practice on the ground, and get in the habit of yelling your count out loud. Don't be self-conscious about it, just shout those numbers as you practice your actions. This will put the habit in your head, so when you are about to exit the aircraft, do as you practiced and shout those numbers out. That also helps with alti awareness. When you look at your alti, shout the number. Remember, nobody hears you in freefall _____ SPLAT
  15. Sorry to dig up such an old thread, have to mention it is entirely possible that this was a 'dummy' rig used for students to practice packing and not actually in use for jumping. Granted, that level of wear is crazy! No DZ in their right mind would let anyone jump that, and any jumper, packer, or rigger that packs it or gear checks it would immediately spot it. It's good for new jumpers to see the photo of that pin, a bit of a reminder that gear checks mean not only looking to see if the pin is routed correctly, but also in good condition. I hope I never see any component in that condition. _____ SPLAT