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  1. Wow. That is surprising! Who would have thought that our American Taliban party, the party of alternative facts, the party that widely endorsed a failed insurrection would be shunned by a group of people that generally have post high school educations in science and math, and experience with critical thinking. But hey, you have Hobby Lobby and the My Pillow guy right?
  2. I am standing firm as a reformed conservative who actually values personal liberties, doesn't base my politics on fictional writings, and holds firm to values such as intellectual honesty, and the fair and consistent application of the law. Not sure how I should label myself though.
  3. Home prices have continued to rise after the standard deduction changes, and the SALT limitations. It barely made a dent on demand. The much bigger problem with home prices (and rent) is supply. New building is deliberately restricted by current residents and local governments.
  4. I have been reading a lot of articles lately with the basic premise that we are ill prepared for a war with China or Russia after twenty years of spending lives and treasure on failed nation building and the war on terror in the middle east. I hope that never gets tested, but I also hope we get our shit together because it could possibly be my two young kids who will have to fight these battles.
  5. An unfortunate fact of life. Huge pieces of shit are sometimes able to obtain success, instead of getting flushed into the sewer where they belong.
  6. Many Christians, Muslims, and other religious types judge and spread hate because of peoples sexuality. Here is the math on that... Hate, casting judgement, holding prejudices is a willful reprehensible choice, it is immoral. Owning your own sexuality is not. So if you are a religious type who willfully acts in terrible ways to other people simply because they are being their own true selves then I will judge and hate you for being an overall shitty human being. I don't hate people for being religious, I hate certain people for their actions. Big difference!
  7. No offers at all, or none that were agreeable to the owner?
  8. Religious bigots are making a choice with tragic consequences by living a life of hatred, hypocrisy, and moral failing when they will simply be plunged into nothingness after death. If their magical spaghetti monster did exist and there was life after death they would find their messiah waiting at the pearly gates to throw them out of the kingdom for being such terrible hateful people. The Jesus depicted in the bible accepted prostitutes and outcasts, and wasn't afraid to beat the asses of hypocrites on the temple steps. Most of you "religious" folks wouldn't stand a chance.
  9. I gathered. I guess with two kids under the age of 4 I am feeling less humorous about it because I don't see it getting any better in the future for them.
  10. You misunderstood, my anger has been bi-partisan but not evenly distributed. I was a Republican from the time I could legally vote, I could argue for small government, personal liberties, and fiscal responsibility with the best of them. Maybe you can find some hint of that still remaining in the party but I have a hard time seeing it. I think the last few years have laid bare how hollow some of those ideals truly were. I'll continue to have some major disagreements with Democrats policy agenda, but I would need electroshock therapy before I could consider myself to be aligned with the Republican party ever again. How's that saying go about the company you keep? Jewish space lasers, election deniers, QAnon conspiracy theorists, science deniers, religious bigots... no thanks.
  11. At this point I find nothing funny about this. I am so beyond mad that so many people I held in high regard have turned out to be absolute fucking morons.
  12. This has become a right wing lightning rod over the past week or so on Facebook. Claims of government cover-up. Claims that Biden is withholding Federal assistance (FEMA memes are Soup Du Joor for that one). Lots of people are overnight meteorologists and chemists.
  13. Another fine contribution to the forum!!! I didn't actually read any of it, but I can't miss an opportunity to point out again that it is too bad when the host of a party lets the rest of their well behaved guests suffer through the outburst from that one guy that always gets black out drunk, tries to fight everyone, then eventually shits his pants before passing out. Even worse when this happens at repeated parties but the host just keeps inviting the bad actor back!
  14. DougH


    Just like Ukraine is getting support from the Western world, the legit contributors of this forum should get support in the form of permanent bans of blatant trolls.
  15. Electric shock should be the punishment for dragging up years old posts with no added contribution other than being painfully pedantic. Zap zap...