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  1. Better question. Why does this only seem to happen to Icons, in France, at this specific loft? That would lead me to believe that someone needs to have their packing investigated.
  2. Why would you have no comment. Was the reserve and main within Aerodyne's sizing recommendations? Was the reserve loop the appropriate length? This video with no comment is less than helpful, unless the purposes is mud slinging.
  3. This period will be an interesting chapter in future economic and business text books. On the supply side you have constrained supply thanks to supply chain problems and other COVID impacts like labor imbalances and the initial industry shutdowns. On the demand side you have increased demand across many sectors thanks to both the direct stimulus measures that made consumers flush with cash and behavioral changes. Lots of different levers getting pushed and pulled in ways that are out of the norm.
  4. Healthcare expert by day, central banker extraordinaire by night. We are in the presence of greatness.
  5. I am assuming that this post wasn't under this user name. Why don't you provide a link if you are going to reference it as exhibit A for why we are collectively unhelpful. I will go out on a limb here and make the statement that you probably received some very constructive feedback, but it wasn't what you wanted to hear. You were a less experience jumper that already had a plan figured out, and you didn't like that it didn't receive the affirmation that you expected. It was probably pointed out that tandem style slide landings, a butt slide, carries a much greater risk of spinal injury versus a landing that incorporates your legs, especially for a newer jumper who needed to work up some "confidence" in their landings.
  6. DougH


    Am I to imply that you are claiming that vaccinations are ineffective, because a fully vaccinated individual with a compromised immune system was infected with COVID, most likely from a non-vaccinated individual, and that person died from that infection? That is like making the claim that speed limits and seat belts don't improve safety, because a family of 4 belted in and driving the speed limit dies in a head on collision with some asshole who was street racing on a public street. Both claims would only be made by someone who is either dishonest, or clueless.
  7. DougH


    In some instances TV Hollywood already has already portrayed it and moved beyond it. I was flipping through channels last Thursday and saw a caption at the start of Grey's Anatomy that the show is now set in a "Post Pandemic" world. I guess they got tired of filming with the masks.
  8. DougH


    Risk of Myocarditis from COVID-19 Infection in People Under Age 20: A Population-Based Analysis "For the 12-17-year-old male cohort, 6/6,846 (0.09%) patients developed myocarditis overall, with an adjusted rate per million of 876 cases (Wilson score interval 402 - 1,911). For the 12-15 and 16-19 male age groups, the adjusted rates per million were 601 (257 - 1,406) and 561 (240 - 1,313). For 12-17-year-old females, there were 3 (0.04%) cases of myocarditis of 7,361 patients. The adjusted rate was 213 (73 - 627) per million cases. For the 12-15- and 16-19-year-old female cohorts the adjusted rates per million cases were 235 (64 - 857) and 708 (359 - 1,397). The outcomes occurred either within 5 days (40.0%) or from 19-82 days (60.0%). Conclusions Myocarditis (or pericarditis or myopericarditis) from primary COVID19 infection occurred at a rate as high as 450 per million in young males. Young males infected with the virus are up 6 times more likely to develop myocarditis as those who have received the vaccine." This speaks for itself. As do the other studies which found similar results. The weight of the available scientific evidence doesn't support your misinterpretation (or maybe willing distortion) of the link that you shared. There are free classes on the internet that teach you how to interpret scientific research, you should take a few.
  9. DougH


    Good thing? Please articulate how so. Paused does not equal banned. In all studies so far that I am aware of the risk of myocarditis from an actual Covid infection exceeds the risk of myocarditis from any of the vaccines available in the US. Moderna has also been a winner in terms of lasting efficacy, and efficacy against variants. That could be from the dosage size, the vaccination schedule, or both. Either way I am glad I got lucky and ended up with the current front runner.
  10. DougH


    If Jesus Christ was here he would put a sandal upside many heads, and would support vaccinations. In return he would be run out of town by these wankers for not being "Christian" enough, and for being in bed with the seedy Medical Establishment Illuminati.
  11. I worked summers at a Naval Weapons Station near my home while in college. Bounced around to different departments in maintenance division as help was needed. The small vehicle maintenance department had a older mechanic who lost his hand. 20 years later I forget exactly how but I unreliably recall it being from a farming equipment accident. He may not have been happy overall about the loss of his hands, but he took much joy in thumping you in the chest with his stump. He also was amazing proficient at changing tires and doing all types of mechanic work with only one hand. We are talking about the new and improved Taliban, they may have morale in mind.
  12. DougH


    How could we pass up the chance to mirror The Expanse. I wish I could be around to see the proto molecule shake up the inner planets grip on the system.
  13. DougH


    Florida dad regrets not getting vaccinated after daughter, 15, dies of COVID-19 I also regret that her father was a selfish moron.
  14. If the jump tickets were cheap enough they would get plenty of jumpers. Wouldn't be the first time skydivers cozied up with terrible oppressive regimes. You know, because "fuck you, I am going to get mine". Probably way less beer at the bonfire, but way more child brides.
  15. DougH


    If you pick the right brand it is also minty fresh.