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  1. DougH


    Sorry I should have said MD's. I wasn't trying to lump quack Chiropractors in there when I said Doctors.
  2. DougH


    Exactly. Doctor's have been telling people to eat better, lose weight, and exercise. Do you really think individual Doctor's don't want healthy patients? The population at large doesn't care, and is often willfully ignorant. The medical community overall is focused around treatment and not prevention, and Doctor's aren't well trained in nutrition, but this is a systemic issue, not some grand conspiracy to keep people sick so individual MD's can get more pennies on the dollar after they get the insurance haircut. It isn't the fault of individual doctors that the USA is filled with pre-diabetic fatties that can't moderate their fast food intake. You can't get a large percentage of these people to take the easy button, with the vaccine, and yet you think these Mc' dumbasses are just sitting there thirsting for nutritional and medical advise that will require discipline and hard work, as if they would be healthy if only these Black Hat doctor's weren't keeping that information suppressed. What a joke.
  3. DougH


    I just spit my coffee out. Good one DZ mods. Rest assured all of us would go to the hospital cafeteria lady that chain smokes for medical advise before we relied on any of the drivel he posts.
  4. DougH


    My son was about four months old at the start of the pandemic. He hasn't been sick yet. That is all due to a greatly reduced risk of exposure. He didn't go to stores or restaurants we may have taken him to if it wasn't for the pandemic, and my wife and I had a lower risk of exposure ourselves, which is probably how most flu and cold transmission happens with infants... parent to child.
  5. DougH


    It doesn't sound very enlightening to me. It sounds like you found a crack pot to talk to who had at one point earned a medical degree, but is now riding full steam ahead on the bullshit train. It only takes a minute of actual research to evaluate and dispute the claims that this guy made, but you already knew that.
  6. You have to wonder how his tenure would have turned out if it wasn't for 9/11. I thought he had a goal of streamlining the military before those events unfolded.
  7. Completely torched. And they managed to break down an unlocked antique wrought iron gate (which was probably just a piece of shit and in disrepair prior to the protest).
  8. I agree with all of what you said. I flew recently, while fully vaccinated, for work. Mask use in the airports and on the planes was and is still mandated but actual compliance was lack luster. From what I witnessed the airport personnel and flight attendant teams aren't doing much about it other than reminding people of that mandate in their boarding announcements and safety briefing before take-off. Maybe it varies by airline and team, but it looks like we are at the point where many people/companies/etc. are just going through the motions to check the box on their own legal or employer requirements.
  9. We don't need to have a national system, and we probably won't get one due to political bullshit and government ineptitude. The drug companies should figure something out instead, they got us this far already. I assume that they are receiving demographics, or at the very least they are tracking the distribution of vaccine batches and vials. I filled out a form with each shot, that information went somewhere. Setup a system on their website where you can enter your date of vaccinations from your card, the location, and the vial/batch numbers. They validate that information, and they issue you a digital validation of some sort. Wala! A vaccination passport without needing to deal with the fucktard politicians. That being said I don't expect it to have any real relevance for US residents outside of international travel. The US travel and entertainment industry doesn't really care if people are vaccinated or not, their primary concern is about butts in seats, and trying to return to business as normal to the greatest extent possible. Here we are with restrictions being lifted on both state and federal levels, so I wouldn't expect any of these large private companies to institute their own vaccination mandates, that would be in conflict with their goal of butts in seats.
  10. Was it a "private company"? I thought his former company New Breed Logistics was purchased by XPO logistics a few years back, before the run up to 2016 presidential election. XPO is an SEC registrant, their shares are traded on the NYSE. So if he did this while his former company was owned by XPO there is also the potential that SEC securities rules were violated, and financial fraud occurred.
  11. What do you define a reasonable person as? That is our sticking point. I don't deny that some people have apprehensions and fears about the vaccine. I don't think that the majority of those people have taken the responsible next step of evaluating their feelings, and challenging them with the information that is available. A reasonable person makes their decisions through a logical framework, they don't base them on feelings alone.
  12. That is what anti-vaxers use to think! They would be extra brain-dread if they suffered from this chronic symptom.
  13. A pre-staged cache that was made up of guns stolen from US citizens to be used by the cartels to continue their reign in terror, IN MEXICO! That being said if Mexican cartels could turn out some ammo it would probably sell very well this side of the border.
  14. I agree with your general premise, every infection is a potential for a new nasty version. Thankfully evolution, very very broadly speaking, favors more infectious but less virulent viruses. If the infected get sick too quickly, or too severely it is less advantageous to spread. Perfect example is MERS and SARS, both are way deadlier, but they have way less asymptomatic infections. If you get infected with MERS you are going to be stuck in the hospital, not living it up at some maskless party location.