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  1. DougH


    You must be a communist! How dare you set us all on the slippery slope of considering our impact on others. You are both giving up privacy by volunteering your sacred health data and are on board with the invasion of your person by wearing a minorly inconveniencing item on your face. Freedom must be unfettered by any personal responsibility. Never forget, my body my choice, unless it is some 15 year old rape victim in a conservative state, then it is gods life gods choice > my body my choice.
  2. DougH


    I need to get my winter boots because my feet are getting cold! I wonder if the residents of hell got a frost warning before I almost typed the exact same response and saw yours instead. Not wearing a mask isn't about taking a chance with your health, it is about taking a chance with everyone else health by putting those around you at a higher risk of infection. Keep it up you super patriots!
  3. I made a choice early on that since people knew that I skydived, and later on they knew that I was a tandem instructor, they could come to me to if they had a genuine interest in making a jump. At the end of the day despite all of the "company lines" skydiving is an unnecessary dangerous pursuit. I find it to be an amazing fulfilling experience, but it isn't for everyone.
  4. I had responded to a post earlier on FB today when a similar article popped on a local community group. Some asshat had a response, something to the tune that their missing parents must not be looking very hard to reconnect. Literally one of the most callous things I have heard. I don't care about your political leanings, your feelings about immigration, your assertions of their parents culpability. I honestly think you are the lowest level of human shit if you aren't horrified that children were separated from their parents, and some will never be reunited.
  5. Probably the same reason why people have thought that there was a spaceship hiding behind a comet, or why genocidal strongmen are allowed to rise to power. Lack of critical thinking, cognitive dissonance, and blind dedication to charisma.
  6. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Trump just goes straight to the damned lies. That is it the genius of his greatest mind, the same efficiency that he has used to run his highly successful business empire.
  7. DougH


    That might help some, but honestly I don't think most people understand the true potential cost of having to defend themselves after a self defense shooting, even if it occurred in their own home and they did everything right. I have this bookmarked on my youtube account, it was one of a few informative discussions on the topic.
  8. DougH


    I hope you have considered being a member of one of the firearms legal defense organizations like USCCA. I came to a realization that if I ever used my firearms to defend myself and my family I would likely find myself embroiled in a costly legal defense that could deprive us of my freedom and finances. Alive but in jail and draining our savings isn't a position I want to find myself in.
  9. DougH


    Your best bet would be to run it by the clown department, we are lucky to have a resident advisor right here in this thread!
  10. DougH


    You have zero basis to make that claim. Buying an extra pack over a long period of time bears no relation to the actions of the people that caused the TP shortages earlier this year because they decided to buy their 60 rolls all at once. I buy an extra bag of rice and other non-perishables from time to time. That must mean I am one step away from a manifesto! I am going to go inventory my stockpile while I chuckle to myself about the irony of your claim that other people's posts are outing them as ridiculous clowns.
  11. Look at Chuck's post replying to me, post #13.
  12. Thanks Marcel! Congrats to you and your family as well. This is great information, I will take a look at Principal.
  13. Just like the 99.9% that attend protests and "don't do the looting". Crazy thing this right to free speech and right to peaceful assembly.
  14. You can still cry in a exotic car, but it is better than crying in a run down geo-metro.
  15. I am surprised. That is awesome, thanks for sharing that. I have a Jack-the-ripper on every one of my jumpsuits including the pants I wear for tandems and camera suit, but I had always thought it would have a hard time in this circumstance.