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  1. No kidding! Moderating isn't censorship or curating. It doesn't hinder the exchange of ideas, unless your idea of exchange ideas is foaming at the mouth in an unaccountable manner. It is hard enough to have substantive conversations with people right now. Lots of cognitive dissonance, way too many strongly held convictions loosely supported. I fail to see how it would help if we were able to insult people and discount arguments because they came from "Republitards and Demorats". Besides, the moderation on here is basically the Michelob Ultra of moderation. Plenty of posters on here demonstrate that you can have zero intellectual integrity in what you post if you can avoid direct name calling and outright slurs. This isn't a dig at our fine moderators, just an observation on how far they are from being heavy handed.
  2. Not if they are male white and rural, that type of poor isn't lazy; they are being oppressed, and purposely left behind, by minorities, women, the woke, etc.
  3. Do you mean your avatar that is a picture of you skydiving with a full face and sunglasses? I have seen pictures of people wearing a hijab that has more identifiable skin exposed. It isn't as if you have an profile image of you wearing everyday clothes, or beach attire.
  4. We obviously like our ancient website. I personally think facebook groups and other online formats suck compared to a forum. Other obviously disagree, but that doesn't surprise me. They lend themselves to the type of interaction that fits well with most peoples gnat like attention spans. They are designed to push up the frequency and volume of communication for their advertisement revenue, so you get the same post and discussion 1000x without any of the depth.
  5. That type of project is when a rental tractor with a 3 point hitch and a PTO auger pays dividends. Wrists are way way more expensive to the wallet than an equipment rental ever could be!
  6. DougH


    Great medical research there. Excellent use of a control group. I would assume that the residents who have had covid before are also vaccinated and boosted. So it is hard to tease out what is conferring the advantage there. My hypothesis is that a combination of being fully vaccinated and boosted, plus having an mild or asymptomatic infection would result in the best possible immune reaction against the virus. The vaccinations hedge against having a severe infection, and the actual infection gives your immune system a full spectrum view of the virus that you don't get with the targeted spike protein. I caught covid about a month ago for a coworker. She thought she was having allergies and came in to work, we sit in the same area. Thankfully I was her only close contact at work. Both of us are vaxxed and boosted, and both were only sick with flu like symptoms for 2 or 3 days. So now I am super immune, and have returned to licking produce in the supermarket, and random door knobs.
  7. Why do you need the large PC in the first place? Now that you found the variable, eliminate it!
  8. DougH


    That isn't cool Bill, you are selling him short on the resume. You forgot racist, rapist, con man, and failed business man.
  9. We already have enough identified trolls, do we have to suffer through this anonymous sock puppet too?
  10. They only want less government when they think that they are on the wrong side of the intersection between government and the general public. Less government when it inconveniences them, more government when it impacts others; it doesn't matter that they are experiencing minor inconveniences, while they cheer on the government seriously impacting the lives of others. The building inspector and quasi government HOA are a bunch of assholes to these people, so is the IRS, and ATF. But they would celebrate more police, more prisons, and apparently now a vagina swat team.
  11. They are elected officials, if the voters don't hold officials accountable the officials will operate within their own self imposed constraints. Some will be model students, and others will push the limits and beyond. Not much different than all of our congress kritters in Washington DC.
  12. Vehicles get recalled on a regular basis for safety issues that are identified. It isn't a flaw of electric vehicles, it is a design feature of vehicle production.
  13. Flies similar to a pilot. Quick recovery arc out of a dive or other input of speed. Trimmed relatively flat, more shallow glide ratio than a Sabre 2. Opening can occasionally be on the hard side. People use to modify it to partially brace the nose, I think they called it an H-mod, unless I am making false memories MEL used to do this, and larger/pocketed sliders were also tried. PISA made them with the "Gelvanor" tackly South African ZP, oversized brass slider grommets, and colored packing tabs. If you could find one in good shape I wouldn't hesitate to jump it if you aren't looking to learn high performance landings. They are great canopies, I wish I still had mine.
  14. Tandems can be uncomfortable and lead to nauseousness or faintness in certain circumstances. It could have been the way the instructor adjusted the harness. Some body types are less forgiving of a misadjusted harness, weight and body composition are the main reasons, and if you don't fit the harness a certain wait it impacts blood flow to the lower legs and makes the student feel lousy. It could have just been adrenaline, the initial jumps are overwhelming for some people, lots of sensory overload. It could be passenger experience of doing a tandem. Think of people that get motion sick sitting in the back of a car, but can be the driver with no issues. Hard to put a handle on it without having been your actual instructor. All that being said I have taken several students over my years of doing tandem jumps who were experiencing bad motion sickness who went on to be solo jumps with no problems. Solo jumps are much less likely to result in the same feelings. I would be very surprised if this continue on to your solo jumps, so give it another shot if the only thing that is holding you back is the motion sickness.
  15. I am in Western MA. I am hoping when I have the means, and RE tempers some, I can buy up a large plot of land for my kid. I have a feeling that 30 years from now the opportunity may be lost to get larger amounts of acreage. And in the meantime we might be able to set it up as the family camping spot and wood lot. My hunch is that having that twenty acre plot of useable land purchased now is going to be like the people that bought in Cape Cod in the 60's and 70's which turned into very desirable properties by 2000's.