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  1. That is great, thanks for the extra info. It looks like USPS is never going to deliver the first part from Juan, so he is going to send another. You are right, he is also a great guy to work with. It mirrors my experience with Joe from Triple D. 3d printing has definitely been a great game changer.
  2. @TheCaptain, how snug is the lower camera in that mount? I think Juan has added a shock cord to the version that is being sent to me that goes around the part where the lens juts out.
  3. That is actually the second mount that I have in transit. I already have the pivot pad base, although the velcro could probably use a refresh after 6 years of use!
  4. Lets move this to the photography forum, I posted a response there. Bad cross poster, bad. There are gloves out there. I moved over to using 7's because my 3+ blacks were getting long in the tooth, and I had bought two hero black 7's for outside video. I didn't want to have to maintain two sets of multiple batteries, two battery chargers. Either way, lets move to the photo forum for replies. That place has been sad and lonely, and it could use the traffic!
  5. Never mind, the system just ate my post and it is gone. Great. Ok here we go again. I connected with a guy named Joe on Facebook, his Facebook business page is under the name Triple D. He is doing a bunch of 3d printing. He had a stock glove setup, and he also printed a sweet double go-pro 7 mount for the front of my FTP that replaces the porch. I haven't put a ton a jumps on the glove, so I am still trying to figure out if I like how it sits lower on my hand instead of higher and further back. Makes it closer to the student and I have t-rex arms, but I like the simplicity of the setup. Camera are retained by friction and two spring loaded gates. Very snug fit on the cameras, I might actually sand slightly so they slide in easier. Joe was great to work with, and I would definitely recommend buying stuff from him if you like the design.
  6. See my response in the gear forum, I didn't know you cross posted, but I responded there. I have one solution I am just trying out, and another one coming if usps ever stops mailing it back and forth across the country that will replace the existing housing on the Pivot pad glove.
  7. DougH


    OK I will be that asshole, 280 is big bro! Even if you can pull off the equipment aspect it will make it harder to do the fun group aspects of skydiving. I know you are 6-4, and when you are tall the pounds add up, but how do you carry the 280? I am wondering if you are carrying extra weight you can lose, or if you have over interests like power lifting/body building that are a big factor in the weight? I am a midget in comparison at 5'6 but I carry a lot of weight on my frame relative to my size due to my build and weight lifting. I always have to balance wanting to have easier skydives with my friends against the desire to put on a bunch of weight to make lifting easier (and for vanity).
  8. The more he posts the more he solidifies the evidence that he will be nothing more than a tourist. Take a deep breath, it seems like your crazy train is gaining speed.
  9. DougH

    Rigger for repack in NH

    How far are you from Nashua? My buddy is a rigger up there, and he should be able to meet that time table. PM me your contact information and I will pass it on.
  10. DougH

    Ares II or Viso II+

    My next one will be an Ares for the tougher and larger display. I would probably pay more over if they could have a metal machined housing too, but my Viso's have held up fine, and I only lost one optima screen to a riser slap but it dodged it for seasons of tandems before it got hit.
  11. DougH

    AAF near Monterey Ca

    Please see this guys post in the main forum, we shouldn't be encouraging him to show up anywhere. There is a golf bag in his future , but in the mean time it really wouldn't be fair to the drop zone that we guided him to.
  12. I sincerely hope you DO NOT start jumping. Seriously, go fuck off with your bad attitude. Are you dense enough to think that this post would be well received, at all? We are all aware of the accident, and the majority of us place blame on Flores. He was the primary contributor to his own accident. Why should the drop zone advertise to every caller that asks? Additionally you are probably calling a manifest girl who may not be a skydiver and may not have any knowledge of the accident. It was a number of years ago, and drop zones get new staff frequently. Skydiving is a people sport, and at first blush your people skills suck. Please research yourself into a new potential hobby instead of a new drop zone. I think you should print out this post and show it to ever prospective drop zone that you are interviewing for the opportunity to deal with you. Since you are looking for full disclosure it is only fair that they know who you are too. They should know that you are quick to run to the internet, and probably quick to run to a lawyer if you stub your toe. You are going to be the student that disagrees with his instructor and has something to say about every point of constructive criticism. I'm rather glad you are on the west coast! See ya!
  13. My 140 pilot has also been just right since I had it relined with Dacron. Love the combination. It wasn't a fast canopy to begin with, so I don't mind the performance loss. The openings have become perfect.
  14. DougH

    Going Home Again

    That is awesome! Welcome back!
  15. DougH

    Latest Sony handycam to take a Hypeye?

    I was going to say no, but then I noticed that Trunk launched a new Hypeye. I don't see the CX410 in the list, but I would check. He has a facebook page under Hypoxic, could probably message him on there. I do know that something changed with the sony output back around 2011? I have a CX760 that I never got around to jumping much, and I don't recall the earlier Hypeye D pro working for it. Now I have two GoPro7's on my FTP in a custom mount where the porch used to be, and the A7ii up top. No room for the CX760, and no real reason either.