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  1. You mean abstinence right? Everyone one knows that the only acceptable and proper form of safe sex in a Trump Loving Pro-life state is abstinence. Wait for marriage if you love Jesus, unless you want to consider "the loophole". (If not glaringly obvious, the video contains language and imagery that may not be suitable for work.) /
  2. Typo I was up all night writing memos on some income tax calculations, I may not be at my sharpest.
  3. I have seen the same bullshit on Facebook from lots of old acquaintances that are conservative. Right now they are either giddy, or they are hiding from the reality of their bullshit by avoiding news coverage or downplaying the validity of the "lame stream media". I will paraphrase poorly a recent meme that had great timing if you are a hypocritic asshole: "Live your life, have fun, let others live their life... The media is trying to divide us. Remember that the news is a scripted drama. If you care about the world off the tv and become the best version of your self". What that really translates into is support people who want to control others lives and freedoms, that is OK if they don't want to control "yours". Ignore the reality of your actions, and the pieces of shit that you have aligned yourself with. Don't listen to the news, because they are telling the truth and using big words that make your head hurt.
  4. Democrats/liberals have shown a knack for shooting themselves in the foot. He might try to pull an RBG and try to stick it out to the very end, leaving the party in a really bad spot come 2024.
  5. How long ago was this? Dez flew for one of my local DZ's in CT for a season or two, I think with his own plane. That must have been back around 2008 2009 but the years blend together. Wait long enough and there is always a huge amount of turn-over at a DZ, even without something as major as a change in ownership. The population of people that stays the same is small, and it isn't hard to have the whole atmosphere and vibe change if you switch up a few of those core individuals.
  6. I continue to believe that he is more symptom than disease, which is probably less comforting than attributing our current disfunction as direct damage from the Mango Mussolini. The only way I can reconcile where we are today is with the belief that there is a larger festering disease in our society and politics. I used to consider myself more conservative and I can confidently say that 15 year younger me never would have voted for this clown or condoned any of these actions, and I would like to think that most of my friends and family would have also been horrified. Fast forward to more present day, and all through the primaries I had been telling my conservative friends that he was the biggest pile of shit in the long long history of that biological process, totally unfit to lead. Meanwhile they were turning the cognitive dissonance dial up to 11.
  7. This website would have been a hoot for you in its heyday. I don't think you get the risks, but that is ok, how could you at this point. The main reason is that skydiving and base jumping in real life isn't like some side mission in a video game where you push a button at the last second to "pull a cord" and avoid your avatar going splat. For starters there usually isn't a cord, and there is also a moderate amount of complexity beyond just opening a parachute that make up the rest of a skydive: planning, preparation, and execution of a jump. Each of which could result in a really terrible outcome if not adequately addressed.
  8. Demand is not outpacing supply. The oil companies answer to their shareholders, which include all of us if you are saving for retirement in some manner other than gold and silver, or real-estate. The demand for gasoline and diesel is largely inelastic. There aren't alternatives thanks to a lousy public transportation system in many areas. People are resistant to carpooling and ride sharing. Sure some demand may fall off as that road trip becomes unaffordable, but overall people are going to keep using nearly as much gas as they did when prices were at 2 dollars. We are getting squeezed because the oil companies can, and because investors, at least in the macro sense, are demanding that they squeeze us as hard as possible.
  9. I would say it differently. When you feed pigeons and chickens you often get rats, the feed is enticing to them, but you need to feed your livestock, so you have to be willing and able to dispatch the rats with poison or traps when they show up from time to time.
  10. It is great to read this post from you Scott. I took a few of your canopy courses when I started jumping in 2006, maybe one at my home DZ Danielson, and a few at Jumptown. I am grateful I had those opportunities. You were a great teacher and your passion for the sport and for canopy flight was infections. Everyone leaves a small impact on others as they go through life, and your impact was a positive contribution for many many jumpers.
  11. A permanent IP ban would be more fitting. Mods, do we really need the added detraction? I just assumed we had hit our quota for trolls under our bridges.
  12. My commuter car is a 2010 Toyota Prius with about 250k miles on it. It isn't glamorous, but it had a low cost of entry when I bought it used, and a low cost of ownership since that point. It has been a very effective personal solution to high gas prices. Meanwhile the guy with the Lets Go Brandon bumper sticker who is on Facebook sharing memes about pipeline cancelations is driving what? A 60k 3/4 ton pickup that is used to tow and haul once a year? I had a big lifted truck for my primary transportation that got 12mpg with a tailwind the last time the gas prices spiked relative to their norm, I think that was around 2007 - 2008. I learned my lesson, but it seems like a lot of other people didn't.
  13. My astigmatism isn't that bad, only -2.75 sph on my worst eye, but I found it was better to jump with a full face, and either use my regular prescription lenses or sunglasses, or my contacts and cheap sunglasses like shady rays. Full face helmets tend to press the frames pretty tightly to your temples, and they don't shift much at all. Have you looking it whether you are a candidate for ortho-k. They are hard contacts that you wear over night and they give you a temporary physical correction to your vision that last for the next 24 hours.
  14. We have those laws in MA, along with a AWB tied to the 1994 Federal legislation. You can still buy "pre-ban" rifles, and large capacity magazines; it just makes an old rifle or magazine, whether new old stock or well worn, much more expensive than what new products sell for elsewhere in the country. For example, 2-3k for an old Colt AR. Supply and demand. Whether that contributes to lowering gun violence will probably depend on who you ask, but it probably doesn't make our state more prone to non-drug and gang related gun violence.
  15. Isn't that the definition of a potentially addressable mental health issue? I am not a medical professional, but I would classify wanting to commit suicide in a grand manner, and murder a bunch of people in the process, as a mental health issue. I will concede that it isn't only a mental health issue, it is a societal issue too, and that neither are going to be easily solved. From the mental health aspect I see two opportunities. Can you get these mass shooters help during the course of their life before they get to this point? The systems and resources required to do this would benefit all of our youth. It would help the reduce the rates of depression and suicide among children. Can you figure out a way to identify these individuals and limit their access to purchase and obtain firearms. I struggle with addressing this because I simply don't think it is realistic that we will see laws passed that result in a meaningful reduction in the easy access to guns, at least not broadly, because of the political calculus. There is also the issue of the guns already in private ownership. The expired AWB from 1994 grandfathered firearms that would be otherwise banned, and any new law would have to do the same. Our constitution expressly forbids ex post facto laws that don't provide for grandfathering. Aside from taking away guns, are there specific gun laws that you think would have a reasonable chance of being implemented, that would help reduce these terrible shootings?
  16. Fair question. We would probably need a few experienced psychiatrists and psychologists to weight in. I think the author's of Wendy's article would lean towards an answer of maybe, since their premise is that most of these individuals aren't psychopaths or monsters, and are instead isolated angry young men that got to this terrible tipping point over time. I guess it comes down to whether they are so calculated that they would present the persona of a happy untroubled person, or whether their troubled nature would come through in their answers and interactions. Some combination of a well designed psychiatric evaluation, personal references, and more thorough background check would be better than nothing. I would be on board as a gun owner, as long as it was designed to offer due process and an appropriate appeal process. Realistically I don't think we will ever see a system like that put in place. Obviously not this year, but I don't see how Adam Lanza would have passed a mental health exam and references they were required to purchase is own firearm, but he had access to his mother's firearms. Lots of red flags missed there, failures on all levels, and horrible parenting. That was the last warning sign, but how many things contributed to getting to that point over the past few years that may have offered opportunities for intervention. I would like to believe, admittedly with no basis, that there were other indications that this individual was struggling with addressable issues and circumstances.
  17. This was a good article, thanks for sharing. I have held a general belief for a while that we are all collectively contributing to the incidence of people turning into these mass shooters because of certain societal failings; child welfare systems failing kids, poor parenting, school system failures, our failure to get a handle on bullying, the increase in social isolation. It also isn't surprising to me that we aren't identifying these people until it is to late, again because of those same failures. The article discusses mentions that the Buffalo shooter told his teacher that he wanted to commit a murder suicide. This was in a state with red flag laws, tough gun laws, and a statement made directly to a person of authority, not just anonymous ramblings on a Facebook messenger group. That sounds like the conditions you need to stop this sort of thing, and yet the warning signs were ignored, so something has to change.
  18. I don't have an ounce of sympathy for the impact to representatives "careers", and I am skeptical about there being any real impact. Even with term limits the job will continue to be a tool for personal enrichment. I don't think this will change the impact of lobbyists, so our representatives will just go through the revolving door sooner. I am actually less concerned about the loss of "expertise"; much of their expertise is borrowed from their staff and lobbyists. Their personal expertise is political games and remaining in office. I am however concerned about the higher turnover increasing the importance of the primary system that allows a small largely ideologically extreme portion of the population to shape the pool of candidates that we have to choose from. You may find Mitch reprehensible, but his is likely standing in the way of someone that could be way way worse given the current political and ideological climate in the country. ---- Lets scrap it all and switch to a public service draft. Candidates are selected based on some combination of representative demographics and expertise, and we vote for that pool of candidates. No campaigning, no bullshit, you get to pick from Doctor A or Doctor B, Tradesman A or Tradesman B, and Teach A or Teacher B. They go to the "Congressional island of doom" during their public service period, that limits the reach of lobbyists and other influences with agendas. Lobbyists have to swim to the island past the sharks. We bring in subject matter experts that are relevant to the legislation being crafted and debated. After their tour of duty is up we have service award "elections" where we either reward them handsomely for answering their call to service and doing a good job, send them home with a plaque for mediocre service, or drop them into one of the islands volcanoes if they are a Marjorie Taylor Greene type of crazy. I think my congressional island of doom has a high chance of getting put in place compared to the congress critters voting in their own term limits.
  19. They didn't do that. Wait, I thought you said that the USPA can't make a medical determination?! "seems rather ironic". The class 3 medical has a 60 month renewal if you are under 40 years old. If my medical has 4 years on the clock, and the USPA was put on notice that I recently I suffered a head injury and experienced a partial loss of vision that would have precluded me from getting the medical if they were pre-existing conditions at the time of my last medical, should they knowingly consider my medical requirement to be met for the next four renewals? Maybe DZ A told me to hang it up because I was having close calls and endangering students, so I just went to Shitty McDZO down the street who was happy to have a warm body. Is the USPA supposed to sit on their hands until the FAA catches up with my medical condition? I am not saying that the USPA made the right decision, or that due process was followed, but I disagree with your premise that they don't have the authority to do what they did. So when do we get to hear the juicy details from "As the Prop Turns". Who stole whose rotation or girlfriend? Who was acting like such a pain in the ass that all of these dominos started falling?
  20. They didn't issue or revoke a medical. They refused to accept the provided FAA medical as sufficient to meet their requirements. It is a very clear distinction. Again, they aren't issuing or revoking a medical, they aren't the FAA they can't do that obviously. Instead they are evaluating whether their requirement is met given additional information, since it is their requirement and their tandem rating credential they have latitude in determining whether the requirement was met.
  21. Whole lot of hair splitting going on here. It is a USPA tandem rating, so setting aside our expectations of due process, if they decide that you don't meet the requirements they can revoke your rating. There must be a soap opera of epic proportions behind all of this. Some one either had a big axe to grind with this instructor, or had concerns about this instructors fitness conduct tandems. Either way they reached out the USPA with a compelling enough story to put this all in motion. The USPA doesn't do random audits of these type of thing without being put on the trail.
  22. No kidding! Moderating isn't censorship or curating. It doesn't hinder the exchange of ideas, unless your idea of exchange ideas is foaming at the mouth in an unaccountable manner. It is hard enough to have substantive conversations with people right now. Lots of cognitive dissonance, way too many strongly held convictions loosely supported. I fail to see how it would help if we were able to insult people and discount arguments because they came from "Republitards and Demorats". Besides, the moderation on here is basically the Michelob Ultra of moderation. Plenty of posters on here demonstrate that you can have zero intellectual integrity in what you post if you can avoid direct name calling and outright slurs. This isn't a dig at our fine moderators, just an observation on how far they are from being heavy handed.
  23. Not if they are male white and rural, that type of poor isn't lazy; they are being oppressed, and purposely left behind, by minorities, women, the woke, etc.
  24. Do you mean your avatar that is a picture of you skydiving with a full face and sunglasses? I have seen pictures of people wearing a hijab that has more identifiable skin exposed. It isn't as if you have an profile image of you wearing everyday clothes, or beach attire.
  25. We obviously like our ancient website. I personally think facebook groups and other online formats suck compared to a forum. Other obviously disagree, but that doesn't surprise me. They lend themselves to the type of interaction that fits well with most peoples gnat like attention spans. They are designed to push up the frequency and volume of communication for their advertisement revenue, so you get the same post and discussion 1000x without any of the depth.