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  1. You are so full of shit that I am surprised that it doesn't come flowing out your ears. It is definitely coming out of your fingers. Tandems instructors don't need to be Skygods and many aren't because they get stuck hucking drogues all day, but they are complicated jumps due to the equipment and the unpredictable cargo strapped on the front, and TI's need be consistent and reliable. You claim you have a tandem rating, so you should be familiar enough with some of the tandem fatality reports. Things can go really bad on tandems when procedures aren't followed. All of those fatalities prove the point that they aren't just another jump. Your average 4-way belly doesn't normally lead to a drogue entanglement if someone fucks ups. The jumpers on your average FF jump don't have a malfunction decision tree nearly as long or as complicated. I am trying to figure out your angle on all these asinine posts about tandems. I think I am settling on the fact that you were a shitty instructor, which is ironic considering how "simple" you make it out to be.
  2. I thought there was a manual for the hornet with all of the line trims at the back, but it is 10 years since I owned one. I'll check but im sure someone has one. I think MEL used to do linesets for them, haven't kept track.
  3. DougH


    My wife recently gave birth to our first child in January. She is breastfeeding, and I have been amazed and the innate intelligence in that whole biological system. In other words I am sure boobs everywhere would be insulted by this comparison. The boobs are way smarter than that.
  4. Unfortunately there is free wifi everywhere, and even cheap flip phones have web browsers. That thread should have been deleted a decade ago, it constantly attracted weirdos to this site with no legit connection to the sport. Like fly paper for crack pots. Can't imagine in generates any useful ad-clicks that someone would be willing to pay for.
  5. Spoken like a true bridge troll. At most dropzones fun jumpers help catch or shag tandems because the instructors are their friends and are fellow jumpers. The tandems keep the big plain flying and two ply in the porta-poties. Have a little respect. To answer the OP when you are catching alone grab one toggle and run with it until the brake line is pulled until it is fully collapsed. It is very frustrating to have some one run out, grab a toggle and then run pull it while I yell and them to go and run all while getting pulled backwards! Also try to anticipate being along side the tandem so the instructor doesn't have to worry about a collision course.
  6. The question is a bit dated for sure.
  7. "On all other tandem container systems, the main container closing and the drogue attachment are two separate systems, at two different locations. While not unreasonably dangerous, such container systems have inherent problems. They are complex and time consuming to pack, and this complexity sets up the possibility of multiple packing errors. But by far the most important problem is, that these systems allow the possibility of the main container accidentally opening, while the drogue is still attached. Since 1989, this scenario has killed 9 tandem pairs. It is the leading single cause of tandem fatalities, accounting for almost one third of the total. By combining the container closing and drogue attachment systems, the new Tandem Sigma eliminates this deadly malfunction." Do they no longer discuss the main deployment system in the sigma manual? I am being honest, the answers are in there. What do we call it when the main container opens before the rogue is released? An ................. .................. deployment. Fill in the blanks.
  8. Those are all in there, go back to the book grasshopper. You should understand this stuff. I will throw you one bone. The answer for 96 is right in the explanation the design of the sigma main deployment system.
  9. Know any kids? Maybe you can inspire some future photographers.
  10. This was an interesting post that I dug up, from back in 2006. Beezy Shaw shared some information that he was told, also mentioned that it may have been pollution. Further scrolling in that thread led me to find a post that I made, so maybe I heard it there from Beezy?
  11. My understanding, I think someone at Aerodyne told me this, was that part of the reason production ceased on the gelvenor fabric was that it manufacturing was more environmentally unfriendly. That could be bullshit? Maybe 10 year back Aerodyne found some left over rolls of the fabric at the South Africa factory. At the time I was in contact with people involved with the company and they called me up. I had only mentioned the fabric about 1000x because I had an old hornet in addition to being an Aerodyne fanboy. They made me a custom Mamba 104 out of the fabric, one of a kind I guess.
  12. I have been jumping since 2006, and I got my TI rating back in 2012. All that time I had a full-time salaried job in Public accounting, so I literally worked 7 days a week for most of the year, with no down time unless you count sitting around on a weather day. That was 7 day weeks during busy season while the staff was on their 5 month off-season going on cool trips or going down south. A mix of great days at the DZ when I wasn't at the office when the weather and students were awesome, but also days spent wasting my time with bad weather. During the summer Saturday and Sunday could be longer "work" days than my full-time job. At first what kept me going in the beginning was that I was one of only a small group of instructors. There was three of us on the weekend, and as a result there was zero flexibility, but I could expect to get 30 jumps on a weekend if the weather was good. I got to be a legend in my own mind, and walk home with a bunch of bonus money. Then later on I kept things going because the DZ was purchased by new owners that are awesome people who respected my time. I didn't drive out days with bad weather forecasts unless I just wanted to hang out. I love working for them, and the flexibility has made it work. This January my Son was born, and then COVID hit. I still haven't been out to the DZ because work has been nuts, and for now I let my ratings lapse, but I think this year will be another time where my involvement changes. Wanting to have some time for my son is probably the best way to motivate change after so many years. I think you need to respect your time. If the DZ isn't respecting your time you need to evaluate whether you can make change in that area, or if you need to beat feet.
  13. 3,000 feet before it is armed.
  14. All the freedom fighters are busy using their 2A to squabble about masks.
  15. So I assume that right now you are jumping a slow opening canopy like a pilot, with an oversized slider, and dacron lines? If you aren't, why aren't you first gathering up all of the low hanging fruit that will reduce your risk.
  16. They have that technology already. They are called dacron lines.
  17. My apologies. I guess I thought you had a point to make when you posted after a 11 year hiatus, and you selected this particular link to break your silence, and you titled your post "Jump Pilots Behaving Badly". I should have known that you were making a completely neutral post, that is very clear to see now.
  18. Hi Rob, Some fall protection for industrial workers has the shock dissipating device encased in a heavy plastic shrink wrap. It sounds like you are suggesting it be below the three ring on the harness, that raises TSO problems, but maybe I am misreading what you wrote. To the OP I see few problems myself. The main one is balancing the risk of a fatal hard opening, against the risk of a fatality cause by uneven activation from a hard opening that still manages to incapacitate the jumper but would have be survivable without the device. If you tear one side only the canopy is going to dive the rest of the way to the ground in a turn. This is going to be a bulky device. Also the potential need to have it vary by weight it problematic from a cost perspective. Now you need risers of different lengths, and different weights. There is going to be no economy of scale here, and what happens when the fat guy grabs the skinny guy's rig?
  19. It sounds more like you are are the one peaking and are getting more crotchety as you are heading over the hill. We get it, you are a pilot, and this is very serious business.
  20. I listened to the first 4 or 5 minutes. What is the complaint here? Clearly communicating all necessary information, clear jumpers away, providing updates about the location of parachutes in the air. Should he be more robotic, or is he missing a mandatory stick in his ass or something? I wouldn't mind hearing this on the radio, sounds like a good time.
  21. People have died, I know someone that had a stroke after a hard opening and had lost partial vision on one eye for a period of time. A hard opening is no joke, you are coming to an abrupt stop, from 120+ mph, on the equivalent of steel cables.
  22. Unless you are running a POPS or SOS event an argument could be made that most people at the DZ either wouldn't know they became infected there, or would be minimally impacted. The bigger question to me is how many of them are going to visit Grandma at the nursing home.
  23. never heard of it. that should be your first clue.
  24. DougH


    I guess I should have expected this thread to devolve into this typical exchange by page 74. And we started off right. This is why SC can't have nice things.
  25. We have an active glider club at the airport. The pilot and the DZO discuss the spot with the club and update them on changes during the day. We don't knowingly exit over the gliders, and the gliders try to avoid soaring into the area around the spot. It has never been a problem. I actually really enjoy seeing them looking for thermals when I am flying under canopy with a tandem. Just another great visual to add to their experience.