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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAmBQcS43oc
  2. Kissing those lips isn't enough... "Has Ass-Eating Reached Its Peak?" https://www.playboy.com/read/has-ass-eating-the-biggest-sex-trend-of-2018-reached-its-peak-1
  3. Since that pulley will be rotating with the shaft it is likely that the shaft and pulley share a key way. Do a search for "keyed shaft and pulley" in the image area.
  4. rmsmith

    Housing values

    Home prices in many places are now dependent on government mortgage guarantees, not household income. It's similar to the student loan crisis; colleges lobby for increased guarantees, and tuition quickly rises. A generation or two of "how much a month?" consumers will never accumulate assets having exhausted their best years servicing insurmountable debt.
  5. Yep, debt free; paid the house off three years ago. Never again! Still dating my wife... still has a nice thigh-gap.
  6. The 'ol Tercel is hauling a hang glider these days as I can't afford to skydive with a daughter in college and a son right behind her, and I'm still hanging my hat in Ephrata. Blue skies!
  7. Some people take a mortgage for just enough to get into a modest home while others borrow as much as the lender can get them.
  8. There are four seasons and no drought forecast, an active counter culture, great variety of micro-brew pubs, a very active bicycle community, and turbine skydiving. Plan on renting though as median home prices are currently inflated and will settle when reality returns.
  9. If your lab computers are not going to be in a LAN with server storage then you should consider workstation class computers with raid mirroring disks. Video editing and processing also requires lots of memory and multi-core processing power, again workstation class computers. Workstations are expensive, $5k to $8k each, but worth every penny if you need them. Look at Dell T7600 or HP Z820 workstations. You really need to talk with a professional with business, financial or scada type hardware experience. Good luck on your project.
  10. >My new snow toy... Looks like a lot of moving parts. What did it cost?
  11. Restart your computer and press F8 before Windows starts. Select safe mode with networking. Goto http://www.malwarebytes.org/, and install their free version, which *will* install in safe mode. Start with their quick scan first. Once you are clean buy some Anti Virus software.
  12. I'd like to ride your new girlfriend.
  13. Despite all of the technology advances of the past thirty years the "vehicle stop" remains one of the most dangerous situations in existence; when things go wrong it happens in seconds. Add in language and IQ barriers and it gets worse. It doesn't matter if you have the cover of a backup with a 12-guage or an APC with a 20-mm cannon whoever is the point is likely going down. That said this is sort of case lawyer's dreams are made of.