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  1. markbdaniels

    Volt Main Canopy?

    That canopy is produced here in South Africa - maybe that is why it is cheap? (The pilot is also produced in South Africa). Our exchange rate is terrible at the moment if we bringing stuff here from USA but the other way around.... I have not jumped it nor any of the Parachute system canopies, but I have heard a lot of positive things from other jumpers about this canopy.
  2. markbdaniels

    Do I need to keep my dslr?

    Keeping in mind I am a amateur ground photographer (with aspirations to become a freefall photographer)... In my opinion, by moving from an entry-level Nikon to the Sony A6000, I would say you not losing anything and you are gaining lots. Have a look at - which lists the pros and cons of the d3200 vs A6000. 1. According to the link - the d3200 has faster AF but looking at reviews I know the A6000 AF is super fast too ("the world's fastest autofocus for a APS-C mirrorless camera") 2. A6000 Shoots faster - 11fps vs 4fps 3. Probably the main reason I want the A6000 is it is a lot smaller and lighter than DSLR, especially when you throw on a small pancake prime like 16mm. That is really important if you want to skydive with a camera on your head Having said that, I have not played with the A6000 yet, but I have ordered one
  3. markbdaniels

    Best Current Setup For Tandem Videos

    The Sony NEX 5TL wont need hard mod hack if you willing to spend $90 on the "Sony Multi Terminal to 2.5mm Adapter"