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  1. degeneration

    Wind Tunnel

    Flip side to the above reply is that doing the tunnel first may help avoid failing levels on the AFF and having to pay to repeat them. If you do the general "tick the box on the bucket list" tunnel flying thing that people do, then it isn't as likely that it'll be suited as well for AFF, but if you make a point of letting the tunnel know that you are going to be doing your AFF soon, and are looking to get a good body position for that, they may be able to tweak things for you in your experience to suit the progression to AFF. Maybe get the first level or two out the way, then get some tunnel time for the later levels where your instructor will let go of you... I wish I did, as that would have saved me 3 or 4 repeat levels.
  2. degeneration

    Packing Practice

    Luckily there's a web archive website that has that page in its cache: There ya go. I'll add the following based on how I pack, which is using a reverse S fold method since I got a brand new canopy at jump 100. Every jump I've packed since then for every canopy has been with that method. In that link the canopy is folded in half, then the attachment point end is folded over, and all that put in the bag with the label end still to be done. When I pack I break it down even more, making it possibly even easier. I fold the canopy in half as in the second picture, then put that in the bag. I then put the attachment point end in the bag, and because that is the only bit going in the bag at that stage, I can make sure it fills the bag right to the corners. That then gets me to the same stage as picture 4 in the link. The rest I do the same. For me the fact that you are only handling 1/2 the canopy at a time, means it is much easier to get it in the bag in stages. I've not had a problem packing since I got used to doing this method, and that includes packing a 120 ish sized canopy in a bag for a 100 size canopy for short term use. Very tight, but it got there without notable issues.
  3. degeneration

    Using risers with RSL on other side..

    Thanks for all the replies. This was only going to be a temporary arrangement as my current container (a curv 1.0) has risers that are too long for me. After my current reserve repack expires I'll likely be switching back to my other container {a Fire) from which the risers in question came. I'll be sure to give the RSL slack a good test to check that it is acceptable.
  4. So I've got a set of risers with the RSL on the right riser. The rig I want to use them in has the RSL on the left side. Are there any issues with using them in the rig, swapping them to the other side so the RSL ring riser is the left one and connecting the rsl? The RSL ring will then be on the outer side rather than the inner side. Any issues doing this?
  5. degeneration

    Riser design & toggle fires

    I also was interested in these, as they sound very intriguing, and I'm possibly on the look out for new risers. So I messaged them for more info, and the attached pictures are what they sent, as well as the video. They also stated the following: IMG_3578.MOV
  6. degeneration

    Curv owners

    Another thread bump, rather than starting a new topic. I've just had a new to me, but used, Curv 1.0 packed up ready for jumping, and I'm not as impressed by it as I thought I'd be. The guy I bought it from is same height and very similar weight to me. It doesn't feel as comfy as I was expecting. The bit on towards the top of the backpad that doesn't have any padding on it, I can feel that on my back quite noticabley, bordering on uncomfortably. The one I got has the freefly pud with it, but I'm used to hackeys, and I'm hating the freefly handle so far. It just seems so much harder to comfortably grab than a hackey. Anyway, that brings me to a question: as I really don't like the freefly handle, I'm wanting to get it changed to a hackey. I've found a pilot chute with hackey and bridle (unknown manufacturer at this time) at a seemingly very decent price. Is it acceptable to just swap it in? Or are there rules regarding what pilot chutes and bridles are used in the rig?
  7. degeneration

    Shipping skydive rig internationally

    Search for prices via 3rd party intermediaries, rather than going direct to the courier. For example, I'm in the UK, and I've used all of the following intermediaries at one time or another for sending kit: Each will have their own list of couriers that they have accounts with, and you will get a cheaper rate via them than going direct to the courier. The insurance is highly variable in cost with them though, some are cheaper than others. I'm sure each will also allow you to get a quote from USA to wherever you are. Always shop around and get quotes from several places. Hopefully one of the above will give you something a bit more reasonable!
  8. degeneration

    Feedback on new forum functionality

    Far too much space between each forum on the main forum listings page on desktop. It is 4 full screen heights to go from top to the bottom of the page. That's a lot of scrolling. The number of topics and posts should be on one line, and the massive amount of white space above and below the forum name should be reduced significantly. Seriously, scrolling down 4 page heights to get to the forums at the bottom is ridiculous! Notably reducing the amount of white space should easily get that down to two or less, and if you only do that for desktop viewers, that shouldn't affect your mobile audience.
  9. degeneration

    Canopy transition for downsizing

    That's why it is not really a good idea to buy a rig/container for a canopy you plan to jump sometime soon, before you are possibly ready to go on it. Maybe you were a bit over-eager buying that kit before you should have. On the flip side of all this, depending on what 190 you demoed and 200 you're used to, a 170 may be better. When I was on a 170, I was flying an F111 PD170. Crap flare, but it was dirt cheap and got me in the air. I downsized after about 20 jumps on it to a Pilot 150, and my landings got considerably better, as I actually had some flare power. So maybe that scenario might be applicable to you to? But as has been said, your WL on a 170 is going to be low, so while it is a higher performance size, it won't be overly reckless. But as you are saying next season, going to that canopy after a bit of time off (if I've understood you correctly) may not be the best way to start the season with your jump numbers. Prob best chat to your instructors!! Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  10. degeneration

    Canopy transition for downsizing

    I'm guessing, based on what you have written, you know the best answer already, but are wanting other people to tell you it'll be fine so you can have that peace of mind. Not consistently good landings, but hey, let's downsize more! You're not heavy, so won't be loading a 170 much. What's the worst that could happen?! As you've already got the container, even if everyone is like "jump a 190!!", are you going to? I mean, you've got the container for the 170, you've got the 170... you'll be careful, right? Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  11. Not sure how many of you are familiar with the skydiving price comparison website Well, I run it, but no longer really have the time to maintain it. In theory once set up it should be good to keep itself going. However, this was dependent on the websites that I scraped the currency exchange rate data from not changing. Unfortunately they have, which has meant I'll need to recode some of the site, as it is currently not working. The whole thing is also needing a bit of a revamp and more modern look to be compatible with mobiles etc. Currently it is really only desktop friendly. I am also a novice at web page design, with the site currently written in a combo of html, asp/vbasic and some java scripts, almost all of which was learnt on the fly from web tutorials or copied without real understanding from somewhere else. That coupled with recently moving webhost, and something that worked fine on my previous host no longer seems to work on my new host, and I've no clue why. Lack of time to find out the reason has brought me to the following decision: I'm looking to pass this site on to someone else to look after, revamp and really do whatever they want with to take it forward. The domain is currently purchased until 22/12/19, so just under a year left. If anyone is interested in taking over the site, please get in touch. If required, I can provide the hosting, as my current webhosting package for this and my other website has WAAAAY more space/bandwidth etc than I need, and it is a reseller package. Not mandatory at all though. My hosting package will expire in Dec. 2020 I believe. Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  12. degeneration

    Wing loading

    1.6-2.0 Prob nearer the 1.6 just now. Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  13. degeneration

    Dbag size, how tight is too tight?

    Basic question - are you sure that the canopy is filling all the dbag? All the way into the corners? If that's a 170 main, are you sure the container is sized suitably for a 170 main? Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  14. degeneration

    Russian DZ's recommendations

    I've been to Aerograd Kolomna - not sure it is as cheap now as it used to be. But it was a great DZ. It doesn't have an onsite tunnel, but there's two about an hour and a half away I think. DZ has plenty of onsite accomodation options. - that#'s the current prices for there. Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).
  15. That's interesting. In the UK, a patent will not be granted for an application if the application doesn't contain an enabling disclosure - i.e. enough info and detail that someone skilled in that field can replicate the invention. If an application falls foul of that, then they get a "Sufficiency" objection which is pretty much fatal to the application. As for the purpose, I did fail to mention the purpose from the applicant's side, which is of course as you stated - to allow them the monopoly on their invention to commercially exploit it as they see fit, and control who can licence, make and use the invention on a commercial basis. The disclosure of the invention to the public is the (non-financial) cost of being granted this monopoly! I'm sure there are many other differences between UK and US patent law that I'm not aware of too! Sky Switches - Affordable stills camera tongue switches and conversion adaptors, supporting various brands of camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic).