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  1. degeneration

    Feedback on new forum functionality

    Far too much space between each forum on the main forum listings page on desktop. It is 4 full screen heights to go from top to the bottom of the page. That's a lot of scrolling. The number of topics and posts should be on one line, and the massive amount of white space above and below the forum name should be reduced significantly. Seriously, scrolling down 4 page heights to get to the forums at the bottom is ridiculous! Notably reducing the amount of white space should easily get that down to two or less, and if you only do that for desktop viewers, that shouldn't affect your mobile audience.
  2. That's interesting. In the UK, a patent will not be granted for an application if the application doesn't contain an enabling disclosure - i.e. enough info and detail that someone skilled in that field can replicate the invention. If an application falls foul of that, then they get a "Sufficiency" objection which is pretty much fatal to the application. As for the purpose, I did fail to mention the purpose from the applicant's side, which is of course as you stated - to allow them the monopoly on their invention to commercially exploit it as they see fit, and control who can licence, make and use the invention on a commercial basis. The disclosure of the invention to the public is the (non-financial) cost of being granted this monopoly! I'm sure there are many other differences between UK and US patent law that I'm not aware of too!
  3. I don't think that is the case. Patents must completely disclose the info to work the invention so that other people CAN copy it. the purpose then being other people do copy it, research and develop it further and then progress things to develop the next step, for which they can then apply for a patent, and repeat. As long as you are not selling it, making any financial gain from it, or harming the patent holder's finances, sales etc from it, you can copy a patented invention for your own use/research. I'm not a patent attorney to know the exact details of the law, but I am a UK patent examiner, so have a reasonable understanding of it.
  4. The sony A5100 is smaller so presumably lighter, than the A6000, so if lightweight is the priority, it is also worth considering. According to dpreview ( the A5100 is 283g, and the a6000 344g. Presume that is with kit lens.
  5. degeneration

    Finding sizing info for Pre-neXgen Icon rig

    My old pre-nexgen icon had a length of material inside one of the pockets behind the 3 ring area-ish, which had the container info on it. One end of the length is fixed in the pocket, the other end is free, so you can fold/unfold it in/out of the pocket.
  6. degeneration

    Skylark odyssey compared to same sized sabre2

    Yes, but not in the same size. Odyssey I've flown 120, 105 and 100 Sabre2 only in 135. And I didn't fly them close to each other time wise. But from what I recall of the Sabre2, which i didn't jump that much, it was less snappy in turns, and generally more docile and less high performance feeling. that could all be down to the size difference, lack of paying that much attention at the time, my comparative lower experience when I was on the Sabre2, and only jumping it for a handful of jumps. Odyssey, however, is my favourite canopy so far. It being more comparable to a crossfire2, but a little better.
  7. degeneration

    UPT sizing chart

    Or because the Speed uses a different, thinner, fabric, so therefore packs smaller? You're probably right. I haven't seen one yet. Just going with what my rigger reckons. Do you have any experience with it? Perhaps of a 150 in a V308? Not in Vectors. I've had a Speed 120 pack a little looser than where I had an Op113 pack on the slightly tighter side of good (in an SWS Fire size 00), and I've got a Speed 135 that packs a little looser than where I had an Op126 (in an SWS Fire size 11).
  8. degeneration

    UPT sizing chart

    Or because the Speed uses a different, thinner, fabric, so therefore packs smaller?
  9. degeneration

    Anyone jumping an S-Fire

    Yeah, the S-Fire / Safire thing is quite confusing, but not nearly as confusing as the X-Fire / Crossfire thing given that the Crossfire was frequently called the Xfile for short!
  10. degeneration

    Anyone jumping an S-Fire

    This thread is about the S-Fire, not the safire.
  11. degeneration

    CURV vs Vector 3

    Comparing prices on chutingstar, I always get the Vector coming out notably cheaper than most other brands once loaded with main options on all. Several hundred dollars cheaper than a Curv, adn that's with Skyhook in the Vector and no equivalent in the Curv...
  12. degeneration

    Speed reserve in Vector

    Well, technically who knows, as the Speed isn't mentioned with the V316. But for a general guidance, for a Speed 135 I look for an Op126. Wherever the Op126 fits, the Speed 135 should fit as well. And similarly for the Speed 120 and Op113.
  13. degeneration

    Speed reserve in Vector

    The vector sizing chart makes no sense. V319: Loose fitting - Op126, Smart 110 Full fitting - Speed 120, Smart 120 V306: Full fitting - Op126, Smart 110... and Speed 120. How can the same Speed canopy pack so much tighter than two others (that I chose for this) in one container, but then pack basically the same as those same canopies in another container? Typo on the V319? But yeah I had a Speed 2000 120 in a SWS Fire Size 00 (made for PDR 106), and a Speed 2000 135 in a Fire size 11 (made for PDR 113).
  14. degeneration

    My little project

    Where does that other guy that's posted on here about building his own canopy jump? Go there?!
  15. degeneration

    Sky Switches right angle mouth switch

    That's an awesome write up, thank you! I should add though that at the current time, I'm only selling the straight switch version, not the right angled (at the switch end) version. Just in case anyone orders looking for a right angle at the switch end one. The ones used by photognat were test/beta ones. (Right angles at the connector end are standard) I'll update here if and when that changes.