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  1. Nope, Skydive Hogwarts
  2. ghostdog

    Shipping skydive rig internationally

    I just bought a jumpsuit from a nice jumper in France and he shipped it to Texas for me by La Poste and USPS. It was a nightmare for me. La Poste lost the package and we were looking for it for 20 days. It arrived after 35 days at the end but we were hopeless. USPS does a great job in tracking when it arrived in US, but I'm not gonna buy anything from out of US anymore
  3. 80% of the jumpers in my dz are nerds. you should be mentally ready. you don't need muscle
  4. ghostdog

    DZs in Europe

    I switched to 170 in my 15th jump and I did so much better than before. It was just easier to handle and land. Used to jump with 210 and 200 I'm 152lb(69kg) PS: My instructor recommended 170.
  5. I'm a few jumps away from my A license. Why should I go and try other drop zones and what should I do there in the first jump in a new drop zone?
  6. ghostdog

    Legal to work in US

    Let me tell you something I work for a big IT company. We hire non-US residents regularly. We have a team of 10 Visa/HR specialists who are in charge of Visa stuff for the non-US residents. How many DZ you know that can afford 1 full time HR staff?
  7. ghostdog

    How to arch with scoliosis

    Thanks buddy, I graduated AFF last week and tomorrow will do my first solo jump, on the road to Licence A! Kinda learned how to fly with minimum arch
  8. I'm thinking to buy gear too. The argument about buying new vs old is if I buy new gear I can sell it and get back at least half of the cost too right? So let's say paying 7k for brand new gear, sell it after 200 jumps and get back 3.5k-4k vs paying 4k for used gear, jump 200 times and then can I re-sell it to someone again? for like 1k? if so, I pay extra 0.5k~1k for buying new gear. kinda worth it right?
  9. ghostdog

    How to arch with scoliosis

    Hi everyone, AFF student here. I have scoliosis and am not able to arch! It's not about trying, my back just can't arch! What's your suggestion? How can I balance myself and fly? Here is my level 3: