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  1. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I did my first jump that day with a long sleeve fleece pullover that fits tightly (luckily all my warm cloths are old and purchased before I gained 30 lbs, so they are all snug lol) and my last two jumps were done in the snug fitting T-shirt. Does it look like my shirt is too loose? Ill talk to the coach about finding a jumpsuit (or buying one). I was comfortable at 5k AGL, but I am sure 9k at a 120 mph will be cold.
  2. ColoradoJones

    Big SOB:)

    look up Joe DeFranco's limber 11 .... he designed it to help stretch out linemen in the NFL, I use it and I am a little guy (comparatively) at 5'9" and 170
  3. ColoradoJones

    Fear is back

    Im in the same boat ... if seems like my fear disappears after the first jump of the day, but my stomach is in knots before that. current IAD student.
  4. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    Quick update: I talked to the DZO and he felt bad about the whole situation. They kept getting walk on tandems and it was a full day of reservations and he really didnt want to tell me I wasn't going to jump that day. We had a good chat, and came to the conclusion that I should avoid Saturdays until I'm doing full altitude jumps (which is only two jumps away!). I went in yesterday and knocked out three jumps, two practice clear and pulls with a dummy pilot and then I NAILED my first solo clear and pull (IAD student) on the last load of the day!!! I did hang onto my pilot for a second before releasing, but I got it into clean air for sure! I am scheduled for next week for one 10 second delay jump, then all the way to the top for full altitude jumps and freefall! I am stoked!! Full SloMo pull.mp4 Full SloMo pull.mp4
  5. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I do like the DZ and this is the first issue i have had with them ... i do not regret giving them my business. I was just trying to ascertain from the more experienced crowd whether or not i had a valid grievance before i went to the DZ with it. I called an hour before and spent just over 4 hours there before i left .... so i feel like there was plenty of time to get an instructor there or tell me "hey, your coach wont be here until suchandsuch time ... is that cool?" Weather and lack of gear is one thing to me, and i get it. When i started i was sharing a single rig with another person and we took turns, so im fine with that. Its Colorado and the weather (wind especially) happens, the DZ has no control over that. I get that leaving unannounced may not be cool .... but at the same stroke, neither is having me wait for 4 hours with no communication on when im getting up or just saying "hey, its not happening today". Communication and respect are both two way streets.
  6. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    Thats kind of where my thoughts are. I fully understand with a small DZ with a small staff on a busy day that things wont go as planned.
  7. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    i meant they have just put me and my instructor up on hop and pops before when they had others waiting for full altitude jumps. yesterday however, that was not the case. But again, the purpose of this thread was to ascertain whether or not I had a legitimate expectation before i spoke to them.
  8. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    i get what you are saying, but i called before hand to make sure there would be an instructor for me (I am still jumping with an instructor) ... and i was told yes. Then i spoke with the DZO multiple times throughout the day about getting on a load and was told multiple times "next load". at some point, I have communicated enough and I feel like the responsibility is on the DZO to actually put me on a plane. They have sent me up by myself before, so i feel like it should have been relatively easy to do so. Not only that, I work at a college and have had discussions with them about using them as the home DZ for the skydiving club I am starting ... so at what point do those tandems outweigh the potential college students I will bring in, every year? I just dont feel like this particular situation is one that should be 'sucked up' ... and that feeling seems to be echoed by other replies here as well.
  9. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I always call and make sure I am good to jump. Especially since they are a small DZ and they schedule their instructors day by day. They are not staffed 24/7. If they dont have any pre-bookings for a particular day, they simply dont open. That is why i wanted to make a thread and get the opinions of experience jumpers, to see if this is a normal thing that i just have to suck up and deal with, or if this is out of character. I didnt want to have a conversation with the DZO and seem like a prima-donna, thus hurting my relationship with them if waiting 4 hours is normal. It just frustrated me that they were calling out in the packing area, asking for any fun jumpers to fill seats, while i sat there patiently waiting. Thank you for your opinions, I will take it to heart and have a frank but respectful conversation with the DZ.
  10. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    There are not a lot of DZs here, only two that are possible for me really. I did my tandem at the 'other' one (two or three twin otters) and knew immediately i did NOT want to do my student jumps there, it was a total tandem factory and the office management was absolutely horrendous. I own a small business and i would NEVER talk like they did in front of or treat my customers the way the 'other' place treated me. So i chose this current DZ to do my student jumps after visiting and asking all the questions. I even spent 3-4 hours there with my family to see how they were organizing jumps and how smooth the operation was. It was all great until today ... today seemed out of character for them, and i wanted opinions (read: validation for my feelings) before i spoke with them about it.
  11. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I will discuss with them. I hope this is a one time thing. All the other times i have been there ( which have been slow days) they were super eager to get me and my friend in the air and they were always pushing us for "lets try to get another jump in and keep the momentum". But today was like i wasnt even there, even after asking twice about getting on a load. Its a smaller dz, so im sure a refund will be a fight. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
  12. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    thats what i was thinking too. It saved me $400 by paying up front, but im not sure the savings were worth the trade off if they are bumping me for walk-ins. It was dead calm all day, blue skies, great weather until just before I left. It started to gust a bit, clouds came in, and it started raining within 15 minutes of me leaving (driving toward the weather at 75 mph). I definitely feel like i got shafted today. I will call and discuss and mention that i feel like paying up front was a mistake ... ill see if that changes anything. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Im a student doing IAD and I waited for 4 hours today and never got on a load. Two planes (a 182 and a 206), each went up 4 times, packed full (they were organizing the 5th load for each plane when i said enough was enough and left) .... and I wasn't on one. I kept getting the "you will be on the next load" line and it just never happened (with two packed student rigs hanging on the wall). Is it normal for students to constantly get dropped to the back of the load or do I have a legit reason to be upset with the DZ? It seems to me like its, at the least, crap customer service to let a paying customer (I paid for all my A license courses in full with cash) just sit and wait and wait and wait while you are constantly asking for any fun jumper to make a full load. How should i handle this? I wasted $140 on a baby sitter to watch my kids while i sat at a DZ 50 minutes away to get passed over for walk-in tandems.