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  1. Ping for Android version. Should it appear? @Igor Kamenev
  2. Are Dekunu or Ares or another of those new-fashioned GPS altimeters record GPS/altitude/speed data to analyze it later on in Paralog? I know that Flighsight does but I don't want to drill the holes in my helmets for it. Technically all of those new altis could do that, but I did not find any mentions that they could replace Flightsight.
  3. Hi, I'm planning to visit Elsinore or Perris on this weekend. In what place I have better chances to jump FF in a group of reasonable size? Angles or vertical. And what is the situation with accomodation there? Is it possible to rent a place at the dropzone, or I have to find motel/hotel nearby?
  4. Got mine X-Fire 99 to replace old good Crossfire-2 109 (wl. was 1.6 - 1.7) Main reason is to have little bit more fun during the flight and landing and still don't give a damn during the openings. The reality is... yes, is definitely gives more fun, flies and lands very nice, but. First, it flies to a very long distance during the landing and it may be a problem if you have to land it to a some weird area crosswind or downwind. I never hesitated to use Crossfire to jump from, say, air balloon to land possibly to a farm, swamp, road, anything. Now it's different. Second, the openings. With Crossfire-2 I get used to good steady openings, taking no attention on body position. I pulled in track, pulled once in near head-down, whatever. It forgave everything. Now it's also different. Now I've got one line twist I could handle and one twist I could not (in first 20 jumps) and this make me nervous. So my questions to someone, who jumped Crossfire and X-Fire and cross braced on wl. 1.8 - 1.9: How this canopy (X-Fire) different from cross-braced on wl. 1.9 on opening? Are there any cross-braces that have crossfire-style "don't give a shit" openings? Say, JFX/JVX ? Any hint's on body position during an opening? On crossfire I did nothing, just waiting in a box until it inflates. On X-Fire I've started to bend my knees and grab the risers, and grabbing the risers I believe made me cut away. So are any body positions tips that I could just learn and stop worrying every time I pull? Any video / articles on how to deploy high performance canopies properly? Are spins during the opening are normal on that wl? Does packing matter? Any packing hints ? Will you deploy your cross-braced or just high performance in track (on 1.8 - 1.9 or above)? I really get used on opening in track and sometimes it's really helps in situations. I don't happy to loose this option. Will you use your cross-braced or hp for air balloon jumps - with unknown landing area and wind direction? And last question (just curiosity): why the smaller canopy has longer lines?
  5. Hi, I've faced some issues with my techniques or may be psychological training or both during some jumps in the big groups and I want to fix them ASAP. Are there some educational or just good videos about big freefly formations? With different techniques of exit and approaching? Are there some events/training camps in Europe soon where I can do some jumps under supervision with average group size, say 12 - 16 ways headdown should be good enough?
  6. Are there "forgiving WL" exists in reality? There are some examples how people died on student's canopies loaded below 1 because of their actions under totally working canopy. There are some video on youtube, how someone got paralysis after low turn on Safire-2 on 1.3. On WL 1.3, my ass! I even did not realize that Safire may dive this way being loaded so lightly. I'm trying to say, that the size of canopy itself is not a thing that guaranty anything. My point is: rent some canopies, learn to pilot them, then decide what canopy to buy. You may be surprised that somehow better flying better flaring modern 9-cell or Storm is much more conformable and safer than some clunky old huge 7-cell. Think if buying a huge CRW canopy is a really good idea? CRW canopies are known for their poor flare, and CRW rigs may be recognized on DZ by their dirty legstraps (and dirty pants of their pilots). But flare is important. Everyone needs a hell lot of flare, because this saves the bones.
  7. I've just received the container with all changes (color, size and wingsuit options added). Almost in schedule. Very appreciated how the vendor handled this situation, actually I would not believe that everything will pass so smooth. The whole story took time since Feb'01. till today. New contaner has magnetic riser's covers, that's nice!
  8. We did up to 10 jumps a day right this summer and fall. Usually less than 10 because need some time to have lunch, video, set up the next jumps and so on. But 10 was pretty possible. And if there is a DZ near Moscow where's possible to jump more than in Aerograd, tell me where.
  9. It's bullshit. Yep, there are some military trainee on the DZ, but they jump from their own aircraft and DZ operates as usual. We've jumped there last season, there's no problem to make as much jump as you can. No any single problem from that military guys, it's even funny to watch them.
  10. I've received. Just shipped the container today by DHL.
  11. Do I understand correctly that skyhook should not be removed? What the hardware will be supplied with the new containers? DSF hardware again?
  12. Yes, I hope for that. The issue is the time. As far as I understand there is no chance to make it clear what D-rings are defective. So there are only two options: postpone the issue or replace all DSF parts on all sold rigs that should take... I don't know - a half of year? Right now personally I think that if my hardware is not broken yet it probably means that it's ok. But it does not matter --- I will not be allowed to jump with the rig on those holidays. Thus if I want to have a functional container to May, I need to do start doing something right now. Sorry for an emotional reaction.
  13. May be because I've wasted some time fixing issue with the risers this summer and finally I'm grounded for unknown time right now? When many people around jump without any issues with much cheaper rigs from the local manufacturers. The truth is that if this problem is not fixable, I have to order a new container right now if I want to have a rig at the new season.
  14. Ok, I got Vortex DOM 9/2014 with DSF rings and about 150 jumps on it, it still not broken. So what is the perspective? Could be only the rings replaced? Or the whole harness i.e the whole container should be replaced? Actually, I'm pretty angry. I was convinced to buy this gear instead of buying a container from local manufacturers because it's TSO-ed and then got three bulletins in a year, and the last bulletin seems to be problematic to fix. Very nice.
  15. I own Vortex EVS120. Generally I love it. It's cheap, neat and looks good. What do I hate. My rigger told me that quality of minor details is worse than top 3 manufacturers containers have but it's still ok. Slider stoppers (crosses) on the risers are too big for PD canopies, so they are useless for me and it's better to remove them. But they actually don't affect anything, just make the risers look strange. The closing sequence for left and right flaps is different from other containers and packers may confuse. Improperly closed container looks like shit. It's heavy. My rig has 12 kilograms (26 pounds) weight. May be it's similar for all TSO'ed containers, I don't know.