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  1. Heh :) We are going to make logging your jumps more fancy than traditional paper log book :) One way - is recording all data like exit altitude, deploy altitude, etc automatically using your phone. Other way - to import data from you digital altimeter. That's why we need raw data from different altimeters.
  2. Now we need raw data from digital altimeters (like Atlas, Ares, Viso, Dekunu, Aon, etc.) to support it during import process. So, if you have one - just connect it to your laptop and send me the raw data from it. Blue skies!
  3. I would answer - "In two weeks" :) We've started working on it. But Android is a bit ... emm... weird platform comparing to ios. So, it is unpredictable. I hope, we'll launch alpha version in 5-6 weeks.
  4. Hey guys, Skyduck app is back after winter vacation and needs your help! Now are are working on a new release where we'd like to support data imported from digital altimeters. If you can, please send me files and provide the name of altimeter to [email protected] Thank you in advance, Igor
  5. Sure, you can use it without a network. Only 3D view depends on it. But you need Iphone 6 and later. Honestly, I'm still looking for Android developer. So. Progress is lower than zero
  6. Yeah. You are right. I've found bug in vertical speed calculation. It has solved already in current version. Please update.
  7. Sure. Tell me DZs which you want to add and I'll add it.
  8. Hehe Honestly, skyduck is a mix of skydick and skyfuck
  9. Vertical speed is pretty accurate. Barometric altimeter sensor is the best sensor in iphone. So 377kmh in sit is ok. I did 420. I compared all my jumps with flysight & protrack. Unfortunately, horizontal speed depends on GPS data. GPS is not so accurate. Sometimes it is ok, sometimes it is not. There are some math algorithms inside which makes horizontal movements more precise than raw GPS data (I'm using accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and heuristic about dive to make raw GPS better). I'm still working on math, and I'm sure it will be better and better. Igor
  10. You can do this right now. Comments, types of dive, etc. I've made an update (it is on review now) with personal profile (email+password / facebook). I'm going to make export/import for the data a bit later. The next function will be competitions
  11. Hi, - yes, you should have your phone with you. You should press start button on the ground or on the plane and press stop after landing. - The core of stats is math algorithm which mixes data from GPS, 3d accelerometers, 3d gyroscopes and 3d magnetometers. - Every skydivers can jump with phones, more over it USPA suggestion to do so because it can help you in case of off-landing/injuries/etc. Sorry for late reply, I was in area with no cellular coverage
  12. Hi guys, I'm developer of Skyduck - the new mobile app for skydivers. I'm trying to make the best app for skydivers, so I need your help. First of all I need your feedback. Now it is in open beta test and available for iOS devices (iPhone 6 and higher except iPhone SE) DOWNLOAD FROM APPSTORE What it is now? • Easy-to-use automated skydiving logbook • Jumps digital signatures • 3D visualization of jump • Detailed statistics on a graph • Vertical/horizontal speeds Blue skies, Igor