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  1. got you. Haven't gotten hold of all the rules yet, but I'm learning. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  2. Why? Because I am among the 75% here who does not support Hillary,? The equivalent would be me diagnosing Hillary and leveraging my knowledge of human body to win an argument. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  3. From NY Magazine Wendy P. Sad to note such a respected scientist and anthropologist now get a legacy as just another partisan hack. The entire statement is meaningless and totally empty of substance. When I hit my 80's, I hope all my acts of past are not marginalized and forgotten after I step into the ring of ugly partisan ranting. According to the surveys here, the plurality here want Trump. Are we now all reduced to a bunch of apes from the elitist corporate servants? Is this the way it will be? I There is still lots of time to learn it..
  4. Ditto. I take care of PTSD; drug addiction; people claiming disability; police exams; married couples in conflict and a multitude of people in different life situations due to mental, physical or social situations. Otherwise, I have lived in 5 different counties for over a year; speak at least 15 languages with fluency in at least 6 of those and am also working towards a PhD in philosophy. Like you, I think it has given me a slight edge in evaluating people. People who stoically defend Hillary at this point don't give a darn about facts any more. So many of those people loved Julian Assange when he released the Manning files. Now, the same people have pundits advocating for assassination of him. Nothing appears normal about Hillary and even questioning her health is grounds for a super-MAXX it seems. Yes, Trump is very results-focused. A business man HAS to be, there is no government to bail him/her out and neither can you blame others. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  5. It's the only way it makes sense. 'For that reason alone' refers to what I quoted - the bit that I missed out is another reason. If you meant 'for these reasons' that's different. ***No, this was a substantive part of the entire sentence. You can quote me all you want, but then you need to show SOME intellectual honesty as well. Good! The US looking on other countries as puppets has been a major problem for decades. **See above I think it should be crystal clear what I think about Hillary. Let me correct it then: "I don't think Hilary looks upon any other country as NOTHING BUT a puppet and many of them are starting to know that. Trump is a realist? Trump claims that he can make Putin back off from the Ukraine just because he, Trump, would be the one doing the asking. He thinks he's the Vlad whisperer. He's in a fantasy world. ***Stop the nonsense talk. Putin is not going away. He is very popular in Russia. The entire Ukraine ordeal is entirely to blame on EU and our meddling there. What would YOU do with the Ukraine conflict? Ship tanks, men and planes over there? Finally, when it comes to Crimea, it has always been Russian; currently IS Russian and will remain so. American chastising Russia for using too much military aggression. Now that is RICH!! And you think Trump, who said there was "no choice" but to confront ISIS in Syria using a deployment of 30,000 ground troops, is the guy to walk away? **Don't you think it will be EASY to take out ISIS once we get in agreement with Russia? If we had not given arms to the jihadists over there, this would not have been an issue. As long as USA is fueling this conflict, along with the Saudis and other Wahabist league members, ISIS will be going strong as before. This would be over in a week once we get to agreement with the Russians. Let's do something together and avoid dragging each other into a nuclear world war. You sure about that? **That Trump will be less of a threat to world peace than a proven warmonger? That someone who wants to have a GOOD relationship to the only nation who can destroy us in minutes; instead of trying to undermine their zone of influence? ABSOLUTELY. War is too expensive and bad for business. Like some other wise man said: "You got to know when to hold and; know when to when to fold and; know when to walk away, know when to run". When you call or raise with bad cards, you are relying upon bluffing and intimidation. Kind of like USA foreign policy is nowadays. Hillary will/may very well bring us into a WW3. This elitist league have it all figured out and ready to move to the salt mines while the subjects can deal with the radiation. So many of the globalists supporters and Uber-billionaires will be totally fine in such an event. This is the same crowd that seems to be so visionary about "population control" as well. Finally, peace and a good relationship to Russia is more important than anything else in these days. Together, these nations could do most of the significant control with arms and proliferation. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  6. Omitting the last part of a sentence doesn't help you. I have no clue what Trump is like with foreign policy, NONE. Having said that, look what we have with "experience"?! This high level foreign policy stuff is not only about having visions, but also about relationships that are not entirely based upon threats. I don't think Hilary looks upon any other country as a puppet and many of them are starting to know that. This is why Obama and Hillary doesn't like Russia and China. They cannot be bought or bullied like all the other lackeys around. Trump is aware of this and being a realist. Russia and US can kill off everything if we choose to. And without us, nobody can destroy the planet. WE can continue to roam the globe on high horse and ride into every Pike we meet, or maybe simply start walking away more. It's not that hard to walk away. Not at all. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  7. I can accept no cheese, but what's about no wine? I guess I will just go and pick up beer instead then.... There is still lots of time to learn it..
  8. I have no reason to believe the world is any more stable with Hillary in charge. Her relationship to Russia is bad on a good day; the toppling of gaddafi and the ongoing attempt to get rid of Assad is breeding more warfare and she is also an embedded EU supporter in these days as well. Otherwise, she has repeatedly proven that she has no empathy or considerations for opponents or those who happen to be in the way. While her husband destroyed Yugoslavia, she is doing a good job with Syria. Trump? Do I think he has a temper? Yes and that is also a good thing. Yelling doesn't start wars. War is pure continuation of politics when no other options exist. For that reason alone, I believe Trump will succeed to avoid many wars, based upon his views on trade. Speaking of that, it is hard to renegotiate trade deals when you are blowing up 1/2 the world at the same time. Trump is also a bit personally stingy, which is another good trait for a businessman. He would would hate to have war expenses mess up his budget. Germany today? Really? Italy today? really? Okinawa? Cradle of Karate.. Really? At least leave all these places. On contrary, I believe America will get away from all these conflicts and let others do it. The costs of forcing our ethics, morals and laws upon other peoples, is becoming very expensive. Trump has it as one of his personal goals to get the economy straight. That will be impossible if we have more wars. Time to pull home and stay here. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  9. I need some help here. Our cat has nasal drainage that does not seem to go away. Her vet treated her for infection at first, but it did not do much. She is otherwise a 13 year old healthy Russian cat and they are resilient like nothing else. Does anyone have any instant magical fix here? I am leaning towards thinking it is allergies, but not sure how to treat a cat for it. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  10. Welcome to the party!! I am returning after 20 years and originally did AFF. Once you have experienced the fall and the flight, you got to be right. Sounds like you are already hooked. Just know that this is a tough addiction to kick I thought I had mine cleared up until I happened to visit a DZ 6 months ago. Sounds like you live in WI. It'll be chilly up there. I jumped a place with 5 degrees on ground and it was really chilly up there. Look into some good gloves that have a neat grip fit. Again, all the best. I used to live in Wausau. Go Packers! There is still lots of time to learn it..
  11. I am going to Chicago in a few months. Thanks for the information;)
  12. How are AFF and jumping rates in general? Could you give an estimate on prizes? There is still lots of time to learn it..
  13. DrSher

    Wind Tunnel.

    Moral of the story. Speak less on the forum and don't you dare to try thinking you know something. Fits me well. I will be back once I got my wings back. Sorry for asking. I'll figure out the rest OMO. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  14. Yes, CRW is definitely on my list to learn as well. So I guess some more take home is to be size conscious; get a modern reserve and talk to a rigger. I thought Swift was still made as active reserve. Never mind if it is not. Then I may just as well settle on Sqf and then just have rigger come with best suggestions to match it. I want something that responded as well as it did. I had a streamer that flew "a little", but it was clear it was not going to work out. I actually landed on the DZ and remember I was a bit shaken, but I got back up next morning after a party in the evening. The Swift opened straight, quick and I remember a feather landing with it too. Something similar(quick and easy to use) would be great. Finally, can you jump triathlon before you get A license? I would like to start ordering one if I can jump it soon. There is still lots of time to learn it..
  15. Spectre opens slow? I would not like that, but reliable and comfortable is important too. HOW "slow" is it and does that mean smaller canopy size can be used? Spectre and Storm I like the names too. First time I ever heard the word Spectre was in a game of Dungeons&Dragons as some incorporeal undead. What does the name represent with the canopy? There is still lots of time to learn it..