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  1. I paid around $2,300 on my A license this past summer at Above the Poconos Skydivers in Hazleton PA. Not only is it affordable, but you are being instructed by some of the most experienced jumpers in the world. The DZO, Don Kellner, is the world record holder for most jumps... Over 46,000. His wife, Darlene, teaches AFF and is highly experienced and a pleasure to work with. Good luck!
  2. I appreciate everyone’s 2 cents. Thank you. As mentioned, yes, the entire order will be closer to $450 due to shipping and assembly; however, I think maybe it will be money well spent as it will put my mind at ease. I’m not an idiot, and would not fuck around with a mal down to hard deck. While I have yet to experience a cutaway-causing malfunction I like to think that I would identify and chop as soon as I determined what was going on. With everything that has been said I think I will go through with it and just get it. At least if I find myself in a bad spot I will be glad I have it. Thanks for your replies.
  3. Thanks Gowlerk, I’m on the fence. I definitely want one, just not sure if it is worth the trouble when i intend on purchasing a new container within a two or so years.
  4. Hey everyone, I have a Mirage G4 M7 manufactured in 2010. It is my first rig and I purchased it used. It is fully loaded with options, except a MARD; the Trap MARD hadn’t been invented yet. I plan on using this rig for at least another 150 jumps. currently the cost of a retrofit is $350. Is it worth the trouble? When I decide to buy new I will most definitely be choosing a MARD for my rig, but I wanted other people’s opinions on the matter. Also, does it increase the resell value at all?
  5. Love my Ares II. Never jumped a viso, but a bigger screen and metal casing is what did it for me. Very solid construction, no complaints.
  6. I read the manual and it states that student mode sets the perimeters for short free-fall times (2 seconds). This is a pain as occasionally I do hop n pops and would like my logbook and data to reflect that. That being said, is there any downside to leaving my settings on student indefinitely? Will I be gathering erroneous data in the event it is set for student mode and I do full altitude jumps? Digital altimeters are new to me, any and all information is appreciated. Thanks all...
  7. Not bothered by the fact that my iPhone was made in China because apple doesn’t hide it or market their product as “Made in the USA”. However, when a product IS marketed as “American Made” or “Made in the USA” there are certain standards that must be upheld in order for that product to bear that title. Regardless, I’m digging the product, it’s well made.
  8. Almost forgot to mention this, but after waiting a month to receive my helmet I found out that their visors are produced in China, and was the reason for the delay (trade war and all). Very upset to hear this as I was under the impression this was an American made product. While I understand the most important component is made in the US, I was disappointed to find out they get their visors from China.
  9. I’m currently thinking about getting either a LB optima II or a Viso II/ Ares. Which should I go for first? I’m currently using a altimaster and have a hard time seeing those ity bity numbers when altitude really matters during my landings. As a result I’ve made my turns into my base + or - 150 feet or so multiple times when the heat of the moment got to me and required a decision. Maybe I just need more experience instead of the gadgets. But regardless, this is equipment I intent on purchasing at one point or another, and with that, which is most important to you and why? Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.
  10. Ended up going with the dynamic. Going to jump it this weekend!
  11. What’s wrong with using your hands like rudders to turn? That’s how I was taught, and don’t want any bad habits this early in the game! Please elaborate... also, what do you mean by 45 degree rule of exit separation?
  12. Which company makes a better brain bucket? Please speak from experience. Pros, cons and differences!
  13. I just ordered a dynamic but am still unsure if I should have gone with the G4... i have a big head as well, but can fit in either models. In a non terminal collision or bump do you think the difference in padding is a major factor? What don’t you like about bonehead?? Hopefully I can change my order if I change my mind! Thanks for the detailed review..