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  1. Rsaaronson

    ARES II Student mode

    I read the manual and it states that student mode sets the perimeters for short free-fall times (2 seconds). This is a pain as occasionally I do hop n pops and would like my logbook and data to reflect that. That being said, is there any downside to leaving my settings on student indefinitely? Will I be gathering erroneous data in the event it is set for student mode and I do full altitude jumps? Digital altimeters are new to me, any and all information is appreciated. Thanks all...
  2. Rsaaronson

    Cookie G4 VERSUS Bonehead Composites Dynamic

    Not bothered by the fact that my iPhone was made in China because apple doesn’t hide it or market their product as “Made in the USA”. However, when a product IS marketed as “American Made” or “Made in the USA” there are certain standards that must be upheld in order for that product to bear that title. Regardless, I’m digging the product, it’s well made.
  3. Rsaaronson

    Cookie G4 VERSUS Bonehead Composites Dynamic

    Almost forgot to mention this, but after waiting a month to receive my helmet I found out that their visors are produced in China, and was the reason for the delay (trade war and all). Very upset to hear this as I was under the impression this was an American made product. While I understand the most important component is made in the US, I was disappointed to find out they get their visors from China.
  4. I’m currently thinking about getting either a LB optima II or a Viso II/ Ares. Which should I go for first? I’m currently using a altimaster and have a hard time seeing those ity bity numbers when altitude really matters during my landings. As a result I’ve made my turns into my base + or - 150 feet or so multiple times when the heat of the moment got to me and required a decision. Maybe I just need more experience instead of the gadgets. But regardless, this is equipment I intent on purchasing at one point or another, and with that, which is most important to you and why? Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.
  5. Rsaaronson

    Cookie G4 VERSUS Bonehead Composites Dynamic

    Ended up going with the dynamic. Going to jump it this weekend!
  6. Rsaaronson

    Downsizing as a student

    What’s wrong with using your hands like rudders to turn? That’s how I was taught, and don’t want any bad habits this early in the game! Please elaborate... also, what do you mean by 45 degree rule of exit separation?
  7. Which company makes a better brain bucket? Please speak from experience. Pros, cons and differences!
  8. Rsaaronson

    Cookie G4 XXL Review

    I just ordered a dynamic but am still unsure if I should have gone with the G4... i have a big head as well, but can fit in either models. In a non terminal collision or bump do you think the difference in padding is a major factor? What don’t you like about bonehead?? Hopefully I can change my order if I change my mind! Thanks for the detailed review..
  9. Rsaaronson

    Cookie G4 VERSUS Bonehead Composites Dynamic

    Do you prefer one model over the other?
  10. Which is better and why? I know these are two brand new helmets so please chime in if you have experience with either of these models or their predecessors.
  11. Rsaaronson

    Downsizing as a student

    thanks guys.. today we had some nice wind and i was able to nail those standing landings with the 220 the same way I did with the 260 and 240. Feel confident and will be way more comfortable with going down to the 200 next. I would have jumped the 200 today but my groin was chewed out from the student gear and it was getting choppy at 3000 ft... on top of that my next jump is 13.. didnt feel like testing my luck.
  12. Ok, so I did my 10 jump yesterday.. had two rough landings... one 5 feet from the runway, the other i landed on the runway and PLF’d on the grass right beside it... I have an exit weight of 210... I started on a 260, had standing landings, my instructor then moved me to a 240, had standing landings. This past weekend wind conditions were different than normal, changing up my usual flight plan, with low windspeeds. My instructor downsized me to a 220 and thats when the bad landings started. I purchased a rig with a Sabre 2 210, as my instructors said this was a good way of saving money, and staying out of student gear... my instructor wants to put me on a 200 next jump as it will be more comparable to the speed and sportiness of the rig I got. Ive been flying navigators.. and have not jumped my rig yet... my concern is moving down to a 200 since i had a rough time with landing on the 220. Any recommendation on how I should approach the situation? Trust my instructors or my fear? Go easy on me.. I’m a noob, appreciate all help and insight.