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  1. Got this video from a friend and it was his AFF level 3. What do you think about his instructor?! I told him to never jump with this instructor again
  2. I have a related question. I keep having cross landing. I try my best to adjust my direction but most of times I land towards my right hand. Could it be an issue with my lines or leg strap?
  3. Same here with my Sabre 2 never had hard opening when a rigger packed for me. has some semi-hard openings when packed by myself. I assume it's just a packing issue not Sabre 2
  4. Just a note from me, you mentioned that you checked your altitude only one time when you cleared the line twist right? Others can correct me but since I have line twists in half of my jumps(due to bad packing), the first thing that I do when I see a malfunction (and every 5 sec after that) is checking my altitude not to miss my decision altitude.
  5. I started practicing, it's all good at home because I have more time, less stress and I'm not tired. But after a jump at DZ, it's more difficult to pack due to lack of energy and time and ... Not an issue, I think it'll be okay after a while. My current issue is about my packing technique. I have line twists almost in every single opening. Never have a twist when a rigger packs it, so parachute is good, it's me. Is it dangerous? Should I stop packing until I fix the problem or I can pack and jump until I found what's wrong with my packing?
  6. Well people try to climb Everest one time in life We jump every week every year! It's like comparing risk of 1 year skydiving to one time climbing Mt Everest and resulting that Skydiving is safer(of course it is!) but how about 50y of skydiving vs one time Everest climbing?
  7. You're talking about Roll packing technique right?
  8. i'm in the same boat AND I have a brand new sabre 170 which is a big headache to pack. I'm practicing at home, at least pack 2 times every week at home and watching tons of videos. Just bought Monkey Packer from Amazon. Not sure how it helps but will try it this weekend to see the result.
  9. I took the pack training and learned how to pack and jumped with it. Next week, I forgot everything and needed some help to pack and happened again. What's the best way to practice packing? Should I unpack my chute and keep packing over and over at home without someone to tell me my mistakes? Should I just pack and jump under supervision for a while? Any useful source (not youtube videos, those are confusing) that I learn the theories better? my issue is mostly recognizing Ds, Cs, Bs, .... from each other.
  10. I mean definition of danger is different for people. If you ride a motorbike, specifically superbike, skydiving is a safe sport for you. -- but tbh, life is just a numbers game. There's a chance of fatality in every single activity you can imagine. It's just trying to reduce the chance of it by following the safety instructions. Same scenario in driving, riding, swimming in a pool, walking to the shopping mall, etc. At the end of the day, skydiving is slightly more dangerous!!
  11. Isn't it what you were waiting the entire winter? Just remember those beautiful seconds flying and relax
  12. wow! I think students have the highest priority to use rental rigs and get into loads at least in my home dz! and we have only one 182! Although I remember I waited 6h to jump in my AFF and it was bcs of the wind! and I was happy that my instructor really cares about my safety. "(I paid for all my A license courses in full with cash)" > It could be the reason they don't care about you! you already paid. Talk to DZO and explain the situation. Ask for a refund if it didn't go well.
  13. I have insurance(Aetna) through my job benefits and I couldn't find anything that excludes skydiving in any document. So I assume they cover it.