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  1. I had responded to a post earlier on FB today when a similar article popped on a local community group. Some asshat had a response, something to the tune that their missing parents must not be looking very hard to reconnect. Literally one of the most callous things I have heard. I don't care about your political leanings, your feelings about immigration, your assertions of their parents culpability. I honestly think you are the lowest level of human shit if you aren't horrified that children were separated from their parents, and some will never be reunited.
  2. Probably the same reason why people have thought that there was a spaceship hiding behind a comet, or why genocidal strongmen are allowed to rise to power. Lack of critical thinking, cognitive dissonance, and blind dedication to charisma.
  3. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Trump just goes straight to the damned lies. That is it the genius of his greatest mind, the same efficiency that he has used to run his highly successful business empire.
  4. DougH


    That might help some, but honestly I don't think most people understand the true potential cost of having to defend themselves after a self defense shooting, even if it occurred in their own home and they did everything right. I have this bookmarked on my youtube account, it was one of a few informative discussions on the topic.
  5. DougH


    I hope you have considered being a member of one of the firearms legal defense organizations like USCCA. I came to a realization that if I ever used my firearms to defend myself and my family I would likely find myself embroiled in a costly legal defense that could deprive us of my freedom and finances. Alive but in jail and draining our savings isn't a position I want to find myself in.
  6. DougH


    Your best bet would be to run it by the clown department, we are lucky to have a resident advisor right here in this thread!
  7. DougH


    You have zero basis to make that claim. Buying an extra pack over a long period of time bears no relation to the actions of the people that caused the TP shortages earlier this year because they decided to buy their 60 rolls all at once. I buy an extra bag of rice and other non-perishables from time to time. That must mean I am one step away from a manifesto! I am going to go inventory my stockpile while I chuckle to myself about the irony of your claim that other people's posts are outing them as ridiculous clowns.
  8. Look at Chuck's post replying to me, post #13.
  9. Thanks Marcel! Congrats to you and your family as well. This is great information, I will take a look at Principal.
  10. Just like the 99.9% that attend protests and "don't do the looting". Crazy thing this right to free speech and right to peaceful assembly.
  11. You can still cry in a exotic car, but it is better than crying in a run down geo-metro.
  12. I am surprised. That is awesome, thanks for sharing that. I have a Jack-the-ripper on every one of my jumpsuits including the pants I wear for tandems and camera suit, but I had always thought it would have a hard time in this circumstance.
  13. Updating this reply after seeing the videos that Chuck shared below. I have always assumed that in this scenario the drogue would be hard to physically cut, but maybe I underestimated the hook knives function here. I think your best outcome is still relies on the tandem instructor following the procedures to a t, so you can free yourself once the tandem pair is free from you.
  14. More sour grapes? Shocker! I found Bill's post infinitely more interesting than your response but that is par for the course. Is there anything even remotely involved with skydiving that you haven't become upset and bitter about? Have you stopped to consider why you may be feeling this way, and how you may be contributing to all of your poor experiences?
  15. There is no concept of benefit versus cost. Just look to all the individual freedom loving, pro small government "conservatives" that would love to enforce mandatory drug testing for state aid recipients. They would gleefully spend millions to take a few 100k of benefits away from people.
  16. My Prius has been a great purchase as a commuter car, and I don't mind driving it at all, despite having owned large lifted trucks and sport cars along the way. I bought it as a commuter car with 30k on the ticker to drive a 100 mile round trip commute. 200k miles later it is still going strong, and all I have ever done for service was to replace the non-hybrid battery, and change the oil. We are slowly moving in to our new house and I am amazed at the amount of stuff I can stuff in it with the seats down because it is a hatch back.
  17. Yes, but does that reality really vary between a 17 year old jumper and a 30 year old jumper? 17 year old jumper goes in and the parents/estate will sue everyone if they get the right (wrong) lawyer gets in their ear. Same outcome is just as likely with our 30 year old. I see the argument on a tandem jump, for example where the Sigma specific waiver is shielding UPT, would be deemed invalid for a underage jumper. There is much more of a relationship between UPT and a tandem student. UPT makes the rigs, but they also train instructors, and they have a whole system that continues to interact with their equipment, the equipment owners, and their instructors following the sale of a tandem system. That is not the case with non-tandem sport parachutes. Aerodyne doesn't have evaluators to certify instructors that are taking students on AFF jumps using their student rigs. There isn't a continued relationship there after the sale to the rig owner. Excluding tandem jumps I don't think that the DZ waiver, regardless of its legality, offers any protection for the manufacturers. Think of all of the other risk activities where equipment manufacturers have products that are used by minors. Climbing, skiing, driving. None of them are lobbying to have all use of their products restricted until the age of majority.
  18. Who is not that big of an industry? Sport skydiving (to include instructors, fun jumpers, DZO's and clubs), or skydiving equipment manufacturing. They are interrelated but they aren't one in the same. Who put their heads together? The manufacturers or the USPA board. The impression I got at the time was that the board put the age limit in place at the direct request of the manufacturers. That isn't who the USPA is supposed to represent. I will admit that it is a silly detail for me to be hung up on because in general I don't think minors skydiving is a great idea. I personally wouldn't take a minor on a tandem even if I was allowed by UPT or Strong unless it was my child or an extremely close personal family friend. It just isn't worth the personal liability unless there are major legal changes or a state law that would provide legality to the waivers. I just think that should be a DZO and an instructor choice.
  19. I used to roll the outer nose cells on my hornet, and stuff them into the center cells. It still opened hard. Other than that characteristic I really did like that canopy.
  20. There shouldn't have been an age restriction in the first place. That was a handout to the manufacturers, and I don't recall ever paying dues to the United States Parachute Manufacturers Association. They already have PIA. Maybe I am recalling the explanation incorrectly, but I don't buy the argument that the entire equipment industry was one lawsuit away from disaster, and that we had to protect them to protect our interests as skydivers. If they wanted to limit their liability from minors from using their equipment then they should have put their heads together and gotten their lawyers involved.
  21. The more I noodle this idea the more I hate it. Sorry, you get points for initial creativity, but they all get taken away for not being creative enough to envision all the problem. Please don't play around with this idea, it is a problem in search of a fatality, not a solution. If you use the system like a tandem drogue where it is deployed out the door then no one will be able to skydive with you if you intend on creating a drogue fall speed that will have any meaningful impact on max opening forces. Even at 60mph freefall speed you can still potentially have a hard opening with high g's. Why bother with the freefall at all, or the complexity at that point, just do short delays on hop and pops and high pulls. If instead you use it to slow down at the bottom end of a jump you have basically created a high speed malfunction, and PCIT, which will then need a second deployment action. So you pitch the drogue, you wait for a decrease in speed, then you pull a drogue release. All at the bottom end of a jump.
  22. Great idea. There are similar professional associations for accountants, the main one is the AICPA. You may be right, they may have a similar lack of exclusions not unlike employer group policies. Thanks! Thanks TriGirl.that is an option for sure. Whole life policy premiums are normally significantly higher but you do build equity like you said, there can be tax advantages too. I think I would be looking at 4k to 6k in premiums a year for a 500k death benefit for a male in my age range. I wish I had taken one out in my early twenties when I first started working and I had some financial advisors pitching them, but at the time the premiums seemed even bigger to me relative to what I was earning right out of school.
  23. I honestly don't know why the owners of the site allow him to continue to drag down the forums in general with his drivel. It is unhelpful trolling, drunken rambling about how terrible tandems are because he has social problems and was a shit employee, etc. Much of the useful posting is long gone and we are left with monkeys that spend their time flinging shit.
  24. I was seeing if anyone had any recent policies written so I could narrow down which companies are willing the underwrite the high risk surcharge. Go climb back under your bridge, you are equally useful under there.