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  1. I have two Vespas and Skyhelmets Fujin. :-) What i did not like on the G3 and i am not sure the G4 is different ist the that on the back the helmet is quite high leaving a large unprotected are. In July i whitnessed an injury on the tailgate of a MI8 helicopter. On exit the jumper hit the tailgate with the back of his head, his G3 was just too high to potect his head. The impact made a very noticable sound but in the end the jumper was lucky and only ended up with a large bloody wound on the back of his head. Could have had a different outcome.
  2. Where exactly in Germany are you? 5 hours form Klatovy has dozens of DZs. Sone hints.> great events. DZ Radfeld in Austria only a few weekends in Oktober check for times. Nice Mountain scenery. Italy very nicely located at the adreatic sea. Not sure when there are good events, we alos go there as a group in August. Hopefully they will have that event again in 2020. Did not happen in 2019 and 2018 due to construction on the airport is what i heard.
  3. Thanks everyone, i finally found the time to try all three. I lke VLC the best, i already have it but did not realize it can cut as well. I only have one two tiny issues to solve. I want to keep the original file name and i cannot skip forwar while the new video is recorded even though it is mentiones in the instruction but i will figure that out. Thanks everyone.
  4. Hello I am looking for a simple software to trim the files from each jump. It should be done without recoding the whole video again. Does anyone have any tips? Should be for windows 10.
  5. I think it has gotten better with the realisation of the risks involved in skydiving. Looking that the incident reports though there are still plenty of incidents where a larger more doctile canopy could have made the incident less severe or not happen at all. I am not just talking about missjudged high performance landings. I don't see meaningfull change in that area given that is is still the biggest single cause for accidents.
  6. Yes, but most skydivers choose not to learn from incidents and don't lessen the danger.
  7. Maybe you should also consider that a smaller and especially more eliptical canopy will not open as reliable as your bigger more conservative canopyhavin. Most of the time you will get away with having to go for the reserve but there are things that can go wrong with emergeny procedurees aas well. This may apply to less experienced jumpers more than to routine jumpers.
  8. Not neede in Germany, not even when i jump in Italy with my german license.
  9. i hope, i was not aware 2019 is already canceled. The homepage only says canceled for 2018
  10. The problem with that maybe that you are not always aware of effecting other jumpers, you may have just not seen them or missjudged the situation. If it is serious you are depending on the other guy beeing aware. Depends, but for me to i don't have an issue with downwind landings and nobody should if they are provicient on their canopy. If it does not cost anything you are the product.
  11. I have never done a Tandem and my first jump was 20 years ago in Germany. It was a static line (german: Automatensprung) just for fun. A year later i startet my static line progression (german: konventionelle Ausbildung). There a still plenty of places that offer static line in Germany. The faster way to learn to skydive is AFF though. If it does not cost anything you are the product.
  12. Google maps tells me its 1:28, but if the Autobahn is clear i can make it in just under an hour for the 160km. If it does not cost anything you are the product.
  13. Skydive Fano is open during the week in August. They may also still have their visitors from New Zeland sometime around this time of the year, then they will also be open. Check their calender. It is a gread Dropuone, i am there every year in August. It is a bit far from Pisa though. If it does not cost anything you are the product.
  14. I was not aware that there was a time when the Vigil was not allowed in Germany, but i checked the German Parachute Federation and you are right. They used to be banned in 2004 for a couple weeks. Should not be a problem anymore i think i have seen Vigils in Germany since but they are not that common. Where do you plan on jumping? If it does not cost anything you are the product.