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  1. Not neede in Germany, not even when i jump in Italy with my german license.
  2. FrancoR

    Boogies in Europe during summer 2019?

    i hope, i was not aware 2019 is already canceled. The homepage only says canceled for 2018
  3. FrancoR

    Boogies in Europe during summer 2019?

    Mountain Gravity in Switzerland.
  4. Google maps tells me its 1:28, but if the Autobahn is clear i can make it in just under an hour for the 160km.
  5. FrancoR

    Italy dropzone for weekdays?

    Skydive Fano is open during the week in August. They may also still have their visitors from New Zeland sometime around this time of the year, then they will also be open. Check their calender. It is a gread Dropuone, i am there every year in August. It is a bit far from Pisa though.
  6. FrancoR

    Skydiving in Stuttgart, Germany

    I was not aware that there was a time when the Vigil was not allowed in Germany, but i checked the German Parachute Federation and you are right. They used to be banned in 2004 for a couple weeks. Should not be a problem anymore i think i have seen Vigils in Germany since but they are not that common. Where do you plan on jumping?
  7. FrancoR

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    Actualy the carbon fiber shell of the skyhelmets is the reason why i bought the Skyhelmets Fujin, but you are right last i heard the lead time is still 8 months.
  8. FrancoR

    Gear Suggestions for Tunnel Flyers

    I would disagree that you cannot go wrong with the G3. It is a helmt from 2011 as you say but it is just plastic, there are a lot of full face carbon fiber helmets offfering better protection. Still a good helmet, but there is a reason fiber helmets are the material of choice for motorcycles if you want something really good that lasts.
  9. I know of tow cases, but both are mains. One was a wingsuit jumper who went unconcious on opening of the canopy. He suffered a broken pelvis and some other bones as well as internal injuries. He just barely made it but is ok today. Through all the medical examinations because of the injuries they also foud a tumor that they sucessfully removed, it may habe been the reason why we got unconcious. The canopy was medium sized for his weight. Another was a jumper that impacted under a big canopy (170+) on asphalt, unfortunately he died. Both incidents where in Germany.
  10. I found out, they are open!
  11. FrancoR

    New Tunnels open 2017 in Germany

    Add Another one to Munich. is opening another tunnel in Neufahrn. A few weeks ago i was at the site and there is a building there that looks like a tunnel so construction is on the way.
  12. FrancoR

    tunnel running costs breakdown

    Indoor skydiving Germany has some data on Energy consuption on their webpage. So if you are running their medium sized tunnel you would nee 400KW for an hour, you need 400kwh. A good commercial price for electricity in Germany is probably 20cent/kwh so you would be looking at 80€/hours energy cost . Does that help?
  13. FrancoR

    Skydiving in Italy - Amalfi Coast

    Check out they ususally have a map with all current italien DZs in each issue.
  14. FrancoR

    DZ near Furstenfeldbruck, Germany?

    Deppends what near is. This is were i am usally: It is an hours and a half from Füstenfeldbruck. But there are more inn Guenzburg and Altenstadt.
  15. FrancoR

    GoPro and drones

    I got a DJI Phantom with a walkera 2d Gimbal for the GoPro 3.