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  1. Hey all just a quick update, the guy is a bit old school but seems to lend an ear to my thoughts. I have been progressively getting in jumps on a huge 280 student rig and simply demonstrating that I can come in and land like a normal person lol. It sounds like once I have a few more in things will be moving along about how I would find reasonable and I will be in the 150 sq range quickly which is worth while imo. Those student rigs dont teach me as much as I would like and shut down my chance to jump in some weather. I have been very aware throughout freefall, openings and altitude awareness thus far which were my main concerns. Also, I have quite a bit of time dealing with air traffic from all the types of flying I have done... so that did go well but really was a great thing to make note of in consideration of my post. Had a hoot with he guys on the DZ kiting the speedwing in between jumps btw, I love watching these sports mesh!
  2. Maybe beating a dead horse here, but this is what I'm looking at. I have 2 static lines on a 220 and then 180 main, 10 min tunnel time, and have been speed flying for 8 years, current speed wing loading is about 2 on my 9m rapi-dos (95sqft) with a projected aspect ratio of 3. I don't intend to be doing any swoops or notable low turns right off the bat, and I am generally reserved under canopy which will hopefully demonstrate diligence to my instructor. All this being said, if I am getting stable freefall and clean openings on whatever student rigs they put me on... wouldn't it seem completely reasonable for me to be eyeballing something like a 150 main as soon as I am ready to pick up a rig? Starting my A license course next week and plan to work with instructors so I don't have any issues with the DZ when I buy my first rig, but I want to pick something up early on.
  3. I’m a paraglider pilot, and I would like to venture out and try other canopy sports. I likely will jump as avidly as I fly (my life is consumed!). I have read a post where someone became a rigger and was able to pack in turn for jumps. I’m looking to not cut corners, but to cut costs. Would this be a good thing to pursue? I understand it won’t be simple but I am willing to put in the time if it can help. What other ways have you heard of that would make this all less costly. Without giving up a realistic approach of course! What other ways have you heard of that would make this all less costly. With out giving up a realistic approach of course!
  4. Cape. Where are you planning on doing your AFF? Im located in vancouver WA and looking around to see what DZ is most recomended...