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  1. Hey guys- I'm the forum moderator at Cardo Systems, a motorcycle bluetooth communications company. We were curious if skydivers have a way to communicate with each other while in the air. The reason I ask is because our communicators could keep groups of divers connected on a live conversation while in the air. Our modules attach to virtually all motorcycle helmets including 1/2, 3/4, and full-face helmets. Another benefit I thought of is our 'Hot Dial' or speed dial feature that allows for a pre-programmed phone number (we recommend 911) to be called with just a simple button command. In other words, if things go sour in the air and you find yourself injured on the ground, you can make an emergency call just by tapping a button on your communicator. They're designed to be usable in all ranges of weather, speed, and terrain that a motorcycle would face. Given that terminal velocity is about 120 mph in a stable, belly-to-earth position, our modules shouldn't have a problem maintaining a connection and transmitting voice communications. They have active wind cancellation and even an AGC feature (auto gain control, or 'speed volume') which cranks up the volume when wind noise is loud and automatically lowers it when speeds are low, such as at a red light (or on the ground after a jump). We're interested in hearing everyone's comments and suggestions. We're not here to sell anything, so please feel free to share all thoughts and concerns. -scala rider