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  1. Was I the one flaming him first? Haha alright. Apparently it is perfectly okay for people to be Alt-Left and speeches would be tolerated as long as it's against the conservatives. I see. I will no longer be using this website, feel free to ban.
  2. I travel to a country I follow their laws. Simple as that. Stoning people to death is an execution method which I'm not involving in or commenting on. And a cuckhold is a method of insulting people. Not only your hypocritical brain cannot differentiate between sarcasm and irony, but you also lack ability to conceive and understand statements made by opposition during an argument. This is enough for me. You are just a worthless internet warrior who suffers low self esteem and is now mad because a foreign election didn't go your way after 8 years being breastfed rainbow and unicorn stories like a baby. Say that to the face of a soldier in person. I deeply regret wasting my precious time replying to your post. Get lost.
  3. Haha, I like your response. So here we go... I suggest you to re-study the history of the Cold War. John McCain, chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee of POW/MIA Affairs, covered up the fact that many POWs were left behind in Vietnam. Their stories were being kept from public view thanks to McCain’s efforts. Those POWs were purposely not returned by Hanoi after a peace treaty was signed in January 1973. In addition, the Pentagon has been withholding relevant details from the families of POWs for decades despite whistle-blowers who have revealed the DOD’s policy of debunking intelligence related to Vietnam War POWs. Sure, this guy who betrays his fellow brothers in arms should be embraced like Bergdahl, whose betrayal indirectly led to the deaths of numerous soldiers participated in the search and rescue party. The ones returned from war were spat on by hippies and the ones captured were abandoned by their own country, tortured and rotted away in camps. My great grandpa served in the Jungle of Burma with Royal Marines, my grandpa served with the US 1st Calvary Division in Vietnam, and I have been in the US for decades LEGALLY. I'm non-white, atheist, environmentalist, pro-choice and an active member of PETA. If that fits me right into the Alt-Right category then go ahead. Note my family were originally from the country that Trump is trying to militarily blockade over sea territory dispute. But we have yet to be offended by anything he said, and we will continue to support this great country like we always did. If you feel like it's morally right to stomp the very same flag that also covers the bodies of service members that were killed in action, then feel free to leave and reside in whatever country that will grant you the liberty you wished for. Also, if you feel like Hillary Clinton is a better candidate to be in charge of the country, then you are truly delusional. She has been in politics for long enough, and what has she accomplished? The attack on Benghazi?This woman lies in front of camera. Don't tell me it has nothing to do with her. Had Ambassador Stevens’ July 2012 request for 13 additional American security personnel been approved rather than rejected by Clinton appointee Under Secretary of State for Management Pat Kennedy, they would have traveled to Benghazi with the ambassador, and the attack might have been thwarted. Moreover, Clinton's failure to protect classified information provided insurgents direct opportunities to contemplate and carry out the attack. So no, I wasn't asleep when Trump talked shit about McCain and Hillary was definitely asleep when the attack happened. Nobody in this world is perfect, and most of the politicians would lie his/her way to the top. The fact that Trump was able to save his business from going completely bankrupt proves that he has enough intellegence. Don't quote on his "a small loan of a million dollars". That's his family wealth, has nothing to do with any of us. Said the guy on Twitter did not insult the SEAL himself. Oh yea, if someone's spouse dies it is definitely reasonable to call his/her partner an idiot or a cuckhold out of respect. On 6 August 2011, 18 SEALs died from a helicopter crash under the direct command of Barrack Obama. I did not see any of you blame Obama for their deaths? Maybe they just deserved it right? When American Hero (I MEAN IT) Chris Kyle was murdered cold blooded, did the Best-President-Ever Barrack Obama even mentioned his name once in the media? But the very same President ordered all flags to be flown at half mast when Whitney Houston drowned in her bath tub due to drug overdose. LOL. Under his administration, the whole Middle East was destabilised then ISIS was created and funded by the US. He and your dear Prime minister David Cameron just reckoned that it's somehow effective to bomb Syria to stop the flow of refugees fleeing all the bombs. Where were all those social justice warriors while Obama terrorising and killing innocent people with his drones? Modern "liberalism" is nothing like the genuine Liberalism back in 1960s, when it was truly for civil rights. Morden liberalism is more like a form of shield for people who are socially insecure, sensitive, needing a "safe space" and their trivial opinions to be heard. Under 8 years of progressive globalisation, Detroit is ruined, Chicago has the strictest gun control in the whole US yet it somehow became the murder captical, and Sweden is now the official rape captical of the world; fully enriched by multiculturalism and leftie media censorship. I like how the exact same group of people protest for equal marriage rights and refugees simultaneously, not knowing that the refugees would stone homosexuals to death in their home countries. I have no problems with any religion, but i would expect them to follow the law of the lands that they step on. On the other hand, I would respect and obey their laws if I ever visit their homeland. That's all I want to say and I've spent enough time writing this rebuttal. Feel free to agree or disagree.
  4. If you want heat up this simple conversation then go elsewhere. Do you really think I care about your thoughts? You are the one whining and bitching about the presidential election result. How ironic it is that you demand tolerance and acceptance from everybody else, yet you tolerate and accept no ideology other than your own. I just wish you a nice day and carry on.
  5. I saved this on my tablet haven't had a good laugh for a long time.
  6. I know man, the pain is real. I will just get a KISS from Square1 the next time I visit my DZ.
  7. Exactly. The ones that need to be locked up are drug makers. The addicts are just victims fell for a momentarily pleasure, and they need positive support from all sides to get through this crisis instead of being placed behind bars in solitary confinement to think about "what they have done wrong." I just wrote a letter for her by the way. Going to mail it out by Friday night. Don't know if I should put some Hershey's bars in the mail or would they be confiscated upon arrival? Good luck to your family, speed healing.
  8. If you think the Daily Mail is liberal then you are so far-right you can't even see the centre He insulted the greiving widow, and that is repulsive (exactly as repulsive as what then candidate Trump said during the campaign, BTW) but he didn't insult the soldier. Now who is it that insult military heroes again? Oh yeah, Trump does. Does Bradley Manning have your utmost respect? Show me if he said anything insulting the military. Maybe Hillary is more gobsuitable to be in charge of the country? And really? Do we have to be this specific? Is generalisation not a thing anymore in 2017? How about "all service members of all genders (including non-binary fluid pan sexual)- active, honourably discharged, and the ones in the dust; who had been deployed to war zones and have committed no crimes, treasonous act or anything wrong once in their life" can have my utmost respect? Bloody hell. If I said "I love British people", would you then proceed to question if I love Jack the Reaper too? Also I'm not far right, and it's funny that you assume so - in fact I'm quite independent and support whichever party's policy that would more efficiently address current issues. Though I take no offense of your assumption based solely on my single statement; unlike some ultra-sensitive individuals do. I just don't understand all those hate that Trump gets. Are people just mad because Hillary lost or because Trump won? Like him or not, he's the President, let's just hope he brings this country back together. Peace.
  9. I called them but they said the manifest office doesn't know the answer yet since it's so far ahead. I was wondering if similar events had taken place in the past couple years.
  10. Yes I wasn't I was shooting mountaineering footage on Mt. Blanc. But I guess the same thing applies to skydiving though.
  11. Just bought STELLA electronic analog altimeter with a spare battery. Didn't do much research though. I suppose batteries are only for the nightjump lights? (It says the light could be left on for 2 continuous hours.) Or function of this analog alti itself based entirely on battery power? Also how long would it last before I have to change the battery? Thanks.
  12. I chose Dailymail instead of Fox only because it's a liberal news media. And the fact that this guy insult the FALLEN military hero and his griefing spouse alone is repulsive. He deserves a rocket up his ass. Regardless of the political view, the men and women in uniform are the reason that some people can sit back and being a gobshite like this without being drafted. Imagine if it's your family member or spouse died on the line of duty and suddenly you are insulted by some fatfuck in suit on twitter, I doubt you wouldn't want to wreck him.
  13. Not the majority of population if TX and AZ are still on the map, and you have to exclude millions of illegal aliens as well. Unless Franklin Roosevelt decides to run for his 4th term in 2020, or I don't see President Trump going anywhere soon.