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  1. Would it make you feel better if the word "terrorist" was used somewhere within the article? Does that word validate the story or the circumstances?
  2. If what you wrote (underlined by me) is true, then how is that possible in a city like Chicago that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country? It isn't the gun, it's the element of those using the gun. It's the gangs, political and a judicial landscape that has been created in Chicago. The primary problem in Chicago (as the FBI and CDC have suggested) are the gangs which are responsible for nearly 70% of all homicides committed in that city. But let's examine this from a different perspective. The State of Arizona is what is known as a "Constitutional Carry" state (as of 2010). This means if you are legal to own a gun; you can carry a gun; no background or vetting process; thus no permit required. I don't recall reading much about the inordinate amount of homicides by firearms in the major cities of Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, etc. Chicago has its own problem - one in which it was allowed to fester over the years and that city is in a position whereby they are unable to contain the carnage and it will only get worse until they wipe out the gangs.
  3. For shits and giggles, I thought I would look up some actual data for the United States. The population increased 13% for the period. Homicides by firearms average 11,666 per year while all homicides averaged 17,377. Yet the number of guns increased 51% for the period. As noted, the average number of homicides for the period is 11,666 which is more than the most previous 6 years in the period and the population has increased exponentially, one could conclude that more guns could be attributed to resulting in less homicides and homicides by firearms per capita in the United States. Feel free to flame away. ...A............B...............C...........D.............E.......... 2000: 282,172,000 - 10,801 - 16,765 - 259,000,000 2001: 285,082,000 - 11,348 - 20,308 - 262,000,000 2002: 287,804,000 - 11,829 - 17,638 - 264,000,000 2003: 290,326,000 - 11,920 - 17,732 - 265,000,000 2004: 293,046,000 - 11,624 - 17,357 - 268,000,000 2005: 295,753,000 - 12,352 - 18,124 - 275,000,000 2006: 298,593,000 - 12,791 - 18,573 - 281,000,000 2007: 301,580,000 - 12,632 - 18,361 - 290,000,000 2008: 304,375,000 - 12,179 - 17,826 - 300,000,000 2009: 307,007,000 - 11,493 - 16,799 - 310,000,000 2010: 309,330,000 - 11,078 - 16,259 - 318,000,000 2011: 311,583,000 - 11,101 - 16,238 - 325,000,000 2012: 313,874,000 - 11,622 - 16,688 - 340,000,000 2013: 316,129,000 - 11,208 - 16,121 - 357,000,000 2014: 319,113,000 - 11,008 - 15,872 - 392,000,000 A: Year B: Estimated US Population (USCB) C: Homicides by Firearm (CDC) D: Total Homicides (CDC) E: Estimated Number of Guns in the USA (ATF) Note: The attacks on the WTC was the primary factor for the spike in homicides in 2001.
  4. It's fairly obvious no one gives a flying transcending monkey's ass about this garbage. At this juncture you are no better than those scam artists that create a log-in to sell fake IDs. This has nothing to do with skydiving other than this is the audience you chose and your ego is lost in its own dillusional horseshit.
  5. What a load of crap! Why is this allowed to remain in the "General Skydiving" forum? It has nothing to do with skydiving; more self-promoting bullshit about bullshit which is giving Bullshit a bad name. Move it to the "BS Snake Oil" forum.
  6. Um, she's the same age as me. You may want to reconsider your wording. Nope.
  7. Freedom of speech is at issue here but when you have a public figure and they hold court to a mass of people then they should practice some social responsibility. She is/was a representative of CNN and they have every right to terminate her ass when the court of public opinion is screaming loud and clear what it thinks of her twisted-ass stunt. "Well she apologized and it was heartfelt; her getting fired is a knee-jerk reaction and wrong." Bullshit! If someone held up a dummy head dripping with blood of your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, father, mother or close relative, I can imagine you wouldn't be so calm or understanding - I know I wouldn't. Kathy Griffin is an old dried up, obnoxious hag looking for attention. She knew damn well what she was doing before she went through with her stunt and it's working to a degree but it back-fired big time. And finally, the POTUS is fair game because it's been tradition by cartoonists, writers, media, etc. since the beginning of time but that bitch went too far.
  9. A few rolls of duct tape should do it.
  10. Because anything other than a white person doesn't fit within the agenda. If it's 100% Hispanic or some other race, people don't know which 'safe zone' room to go in to deal with their feelings.
  11. Same response here; I don't have an AAD. Ohhh the horror!
  12. $350 for peace of mind is cheap; but 3/8" on 40 packs is minimal. Bad grammar... very inappropriate.
  13. I swear these threads are like Groundhog Day.
  14. Yup, just like they did in Germany in the 30's. But still, rushmc will not believe it. Something about head in the sand or something; my memory is not so good anymore. Also, Hitler put a lot of thugs into top positions; hmmmmmm. Jerry Baumchen Good grief... you are a gigantic drama queen.
  15. I wonder if this is the same media that was largely ignored by the entire Clinton campaign for more than 16 months leading up to the election.