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  1. Did I do this right? At the last few seconds, on final approach another person makes a right hand turn (landing patterns are left at this DZ), . Completely focused fully on landing on the target. So I was about 50 feet above him, too late to turn and had to think fast. Oh, also an unexpected gust of wind came through which was blowing me towards him. My right foot just about hit the left edge of his canopy. I pulled down slightly on my left rear riser to counteract the wind blowing me sideways even closer to him. Once I was clear of him, I was close to the ground and needed a fast strong flair so I flared with my rear risers. One of my softest landings luckily and nobody was hurt. If I ever find myself in his situation again, should I use brakes instead? I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to give a full flare with the brakes and my hands were already up on rear risers. Made sense at the time and I'm relieved it worked out.
  2. I was a waitress before and while I "heard" that would happen, I never had anyone dine and ditch so I don't personally know. I do know I was treated like crap when I was pregnant and needed a short 10 minute break every few hours to sit and snack (with a doctor note) . I was having fainting spells! The "breakroom" they gave me was outside in the snow sometimes below 30 degrees. they wouldn't let me borrow a chair from the restaurant to even sit in the kitchen. Then I would come back to customers that were ignored usually when I was on break. Restaurants treat their employees like crap.
  3. Well, I must be jumping at the wrong DZ! QuoteI've always wanted to try wingwalking
  4. There is a documentary on this event now. Just watched it...came out last November. It's called "14 minutes from earth." I watched it on hoopla for free (through library). While I knew the final outcome (just like when you watch the movie Titanic ) still put me on edge of seat a couple times. during the test jumps in the space suit.
  5. This may be the stupidest question asked so far but here goes. When someone asks what altitude you are pulling at, does it mean: 1.) when you start the wave off 2.) when your hand is on the hackey or maybe even 3.) when you should be under a fully inflated canopy. I've always gone with #1...but i want to hear from the masses/stir the f***king pot/make myself sound even more stupid and i have heard different answers to this...I know it takes me about 2 seconds from starting wave off to hand on hackey so that could make a difference of a few hundred feet. I feel safer knowing exactly what "pull" means. Now that I think of it though maybe it's option 2.
  6. My I4 icon (From 2008) has a zpx pilot 168 in it. I haven't actually packed it myself (I usually have 3 little ones with me at DZ lol) but I have asked packers and the rigger who installed it and they have all said it gets in there just fine, and I have a 150 smart reserve in it. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks for your reply. I will let my husband know that TK will be on his case if he tries to jump a camera anytime soon. That makes my wife job so much easier!
  8. Well, I didn't exactly stop my 2 year old from playing with the camera when she found it left out today (unmounted.) my huaband found it in her playroom when he got home. I do always tell him to put his stuff away! but no harm was done.
  9. Btw, the camera he wants to jump is not a GoPro. Picture attached. This thing actually looks even more dangerous. There is a big gap between the helmet and camera, then even my unexperienced eyes can see lines getting wrapped around it. but it's not going to fly. Like I said, I am going to make sure of it.
  10. Yeah, my husbands thing is "I'm not going to be trying to shoot footage and get distracted...just wear it and see what I get." He also says "we jumped out of planes (static line in Army) with nods on our helmets and lots of gear...I will be fine." Yes. He did that...but the way i see it is the Army was his CAREER. He had to jump that stuff. Skydiving is a HOBBY and while we want to have maximum fun, I also, along with everyone else, wants to live to jump again and not be injured. If he does put the camera on his helmet, I will make darn sure that he talks to instructors and TK about it. If he doesn't, then I WILL.
  11. My husband and I each have about 30 jumps.very newly licensed. He brought home a camera today and said he's going to attach it to his helmet and jump it. Doesn't sound like it should be our priority right now, but he won't listen to me. can you guys throw some good hard evidence my way of the potential risks of jumping with a camera please? Injuries and fatalities that have been attributed to cameras. I know some dropzones won't even allow it until 200 jumps, but I'm not sure on the rules where we jump (skydive city-zhills). I hope they don't allow it! I'm such a mean nagging wife!
  12. Well. No. I did not become the skydiver I thought I would be. I did a tandem jump first. Told my parents "don't worry! I'm not going to be one of those crazy stupid skydivers jumping by themselves! I am doing one jump with a "pro!" but I fell in love with it. I only have 30 jumps now, and can really only afford or have time for 75-100 jumps a year. My husband also jumps and we have 3 kids. We also have lots of obligations with kids and plan to each do around 3-4 jumps every other weekend. My kids deserve to do fun things on weekends and their activities as well, so it's good to keep that as a priority. The way I see it, I have plenty of years later on to live at a DZ jumping most days
  13. So, I had this fantastic idea that my husband and I would get licensed as skydivers and then jump together. HA! We both are newly licensed. Jumped together for the first time last weekend. Didn't go very well. I weight 135. He weighs 195. I arched to the best of my ability and he said he de arched the best he could. As soon as we can afford it (I bought my rig and now it's his turn) I plan to buy a nylon, tighter fitting jumpsuit (I'm using DZ suits). I am not ready to add on weights and have a higher wingloading...and I am actually trying to lose about 10 more pounds...so don't even suggest I gain weight! HA! Is it realistic that in time, we can figure it out and jump together, or is 60 pounds too big of a difference? My husband is going to try and lose weight (or so he says!) not just because of skydiving but for other reasons. So besides starving my husband (I've never been a good cook anyways! any advice? The first exit we did was I dove out first then he jumped right after me. Second time we did a linked exit. Pretty stable out the door and then we started spinning a few seconds later. Once we let go of each other, all hope was lost for catching up to him. Help? Thanks!
  14. Yes, I believe in love at first sight. I was a dancer and my now husband, was a customer...yeah, I know..before he even saw me I knew he would be my husband. He wasn't even my usual type that I found physically attractive. But there was something that told me he's the one. And no, he wasn't wealthy. Just a 19 year old army private. (I was 20). About 6 weeks later, we were engaged. We will be married 10 years this October and have 3 kids and got into skydiving together :) and coincidentally, my parents and grandparents (moms side) all got engaged after 6 weeks of dating and stayed married for life. I think sometimes you just KNOW when you see the person.
  15. I've had to use my emergency procedures on jump 18. ive also had to land a couple miles off and find a good alternative landing spot on jump 3. Worked out great. My instructors landed in a yard by a lake, which I knew I wasn't comfortable with. I haven't had a high speed malfunction (knock on wood!), but I do stay relatively calm under pressure. Just saying it won't be my first time under a reserve. Just a smaller one.