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  1. Jumped at 2.3. Opened and landed fine.
  2. Im there in mid-January. This info still current? Cheers, Peds
  3. Emu

    Alti2 - Atlas

    Anyone jumping one? Have an N3 that got ripped off my hand with the stupid silicone case. And an N2 where the buttons have fallen off that wont get any love because they no longer support them. Obviously need something but I am struggling to see what the extra $150 over a Viso is for? Still going to cost me $20 more than a Viso with the trade in...
  4. I have 500+ jumps on Pilots loaded 1.1 to 2.1. A lot of people interpret a canopy with the flare deeper in the toggle stroke as having less flare. This isn't the case. If you want to pop up, just get down to the meaty part of the flare quicker. I think the Pilot has more shut down than the Sabre2, and it becomes more noticeable at higher wing loadings. You just need to tug the yonkles down to the correct level. Options include shortening your brake lines.
  5. If you jump often enough the opening shock will gradually stretch out your vagina. The major benefit of this progressive stretching is that it will allow the sand to escape, and over time you will man up. xoxo
  6. Jon, I suppose my issue with the article is that it takes a pretty simplistic view of a situation, when as you've pointed out, there is a lot more to it. Fully agree on getting 'spin stable' prior to cutting away if you have time. Your track record is good but I also would expect most 'line twist only' mals to deploy a reserve without twists. I also wouldn't consider most of them violent mals. Line overs/broken lines/line overs and anything that leaves the canopy deformed seem to be significantly more prone to line twists under reserve due to the nature of the mal. And I never said to expect line twists every time. Just that it is a risk and it seems that if you keep jumping xraces loaded 2.5+ that it is not a rare or wholly avoidable occurrence.
  7. Not sure if this is being discussed anywhere else. but this was posted in Skydive Mag: https://skydivemag.smallteaser.com/article/dont-hesitate All good shit except for "Never blame the Skyhook (or other MARD) for line twists on the reserve." A few things to iron out: Zachs mal was very mellow by Velo standards. He was line twist free under reserve because he was not twisting or spinning fast enough. The assertion that if you cutaway quickly enough from a spinning mal on a skyhook equipped rig that you wont have reserve line twists is a steaming pile of shit. I have personally seen most recent skyhook cutaways from high performance canopies result in multiple line twists. Keep in my my anecdotal experience is not statistically significant, but after my conversations with other my position is not uncommon. The line twists were not a result of failing to cutaway quickly enough. It was because the spinning was significantly more violent than that pussy slow spinning malfunction of Zach's. And by recently, I can refer to 6 this year alone. The only people I know who didn't have line twists after cutting award from a hard spinning high performance main are people who don't jump skyhooks. Broken lines, line overs and tension knots can all create significantly more violent mals. The skyhook is a good piece of kit, but to overstate its apparent omnipotent capabilities is bullshit. If you jump a high performance canopy and a skyhook, you have a high probability of ending up in line twists under reserve when you eventually have a violent spinning mal. This doesn't stop some people from jumping one. *Edited to reword my post because Zach didn't write the article and it appears the editor has been very liberal in the use of artistic license to extrapolate as to causation.
  8. It really is just a bunch of fucking ballerinas in short shorts fucking around. Though AFL is still marginally less shit than the tampax of contact sports, NFL.
  9. Nope. 12 month old Micron vs 12 year old Jav. V306 or 308 and smaller the pin flap is needlessly narrow.
  10. I have owned Javs, Microns and a Mirage. I prefer the Jav main pin cover by far. The new Javs have rock solid pin protection, I can pick it up by the main pin cover. No hope doing that with a Mirage or Vector. Also, they are much more likely (Micron being the worst) to have the flap open as a result of contact with the plane or other people prior to exit. I've seen lots and lots of open micron main pin flaps as a result of diving exits (opens on top of door) or movement in the plane that causes it to dislodge. Never had that happen on our Javs.
  11. First off, 1.9 on an xbrace is a pretty low wing loading... I've never jumped one loaded less than 2.4 so not sure how it translates... I have sold both my Velos and now jump JFX's. Most of my jumping is team training and I basically got tired of the Velo's slow searchy off-heading openings and chopping them on a weekly basis when using packers. A bad opening on my JFX is a 10 degree off heading. It is by far the nicest opening canopy I have ever jumped. Velo undoubtedly goes further for the same turn, but I couldn't give a fuck about the last 10%. Neither is a top end competition canopy any more. I do my turns at the same height on each, so I don't buy the shorter recovery arc.
  12. Looks like Maubege may be the go.
  13. Thanks everyone. Any ideas on how many slots the soloy 206 needs to fly? May be worth just covering another slot if it will fly with 4?
  14. We're in Belgium to use to AirSpace tunnel and just seeing where out best options would be to head to for jumping during the week. We are a 3-way team looking to jump as much as possible. If there a 182 dz around that would run fun jumpers? I've searched all the DZ's on the database here and Spa looks like the biggest, but not sure about week day jumping? All appear to be between 100 and 130km from the tunnel so not fussed about driving every day. Also, where is the best place to head on the weekend to get as many jumps as possible? Peds