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  1. I learned about that scam right here on this forum
  2. just be careful when you sell gear and the buyer wants to send a " certified check" $3000 more than the asking price and ask you to take out the shipping charge and send a refund , some scumbag tried that with me to no avail.
  3. State Farm offers hospital income, they do not exclude skydiving, it pays $240/ day and will pay $1000 emergency room visit, it cost about $25/ month for 30 yr old male
  4. if I were a DZO , sure @ $4000/ jump to cover at least 4 to 5 boats, new aad's, loss of use with the rig for a few days, rigger cost..... salt water jumps.. no problem.... lets say $15000/ jump. No injuries, maybe a few swimmer ear infections. wow great idea
  5. If I've learned one thing in my 35 years in the sport,, hey Bill you are missing a few yrs
  6. duh yeah did you read this moron This is the place for non-skydiving related discussions. Politics, guns and religion and other sociological debates should be taken to the Speakers Corner please.
  7. has anyone ever ordered something from these idiots, I did and never got the part and I can't get a refund, CC company says that I have to get a confirmation # before they can help
  8. great question,, do search a search "lucky and stupid" this was my post about 6 yrs ago and much to my surprise it made a huge impact with jumpers with yrs and yrs in this sport. Good read
  9. back exit (check the air space) close your eyes upon exit
  10. yes I pay extra also, was talking about general memebership
  11. Almost forgot the $40 annual dues to join USPA to feed the DZ monopoly. Who do you know, I pay $55
  12. went to eloy about 7 years ago with 6 others, got there at the dz at 2pm, manifested, first jump (gonna be there for 8 days) no wind, higher altitude and 90 jumps under my belt, well the landing was not good, very bad ankle, 2 busted ribs... wtf sat around for 2 days and said "fuck it" traveled 2k miles to jump... so the next 20 jumps i landed like a stork with one foot up. I just prayed and packed well so not hard openings would hurt my ribs. in retro i would have flown home, not worth the risk. I still to this day lift my left foot because its still not quite right. Cant undo it but can share my story
  13. Exactly. At 200 ft you'd best be looking where you are going and watching for the bozo that's trying to run into you instead of watching an altimeter...of ANY type. You got it. Good stuff.