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  1. Capt. John Smith of Jamestown passed a law: "Those who do not work, shall not eat." That should be made clear from the start, no matter how wealthy the passengers are.
  2. Has anyone ever done a jump during a total solar eclipse? There is one coming, which will cast a swath of the moon's shadow all the way across America on August 21st. [inline Capture.jpg] Timing would be everything. You want to make your exit just before the moon starts to intrude into the sun. Work your timing backwards from there. If the eclipse is over your drop zone at 11:00 am, and it takes your plane 20 minutes to reach jump altitude, plan your take-off no later than 10:40, and be ready with a good spot. I would do a high hop 'n pop. That would give time to watch the world grow dark while under canopy, and then turn daylight again before landing. How cool would that be! Are there any drop zones lying in the path of that shadow? I want in! August 21st is a Friday. I'd play hookey from work for this!