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  1. unkulunkulu

    Tunnel Time vs. Buying a rig (New skydiver)

    One thing I came to believe when it comes to learning in the tunnel is that not only pure flying time matters, but also thinking and visualizing, so it's not that important to spend too much time too quickly. You can occasionally go to wt say 15 minutes twice or even once a month. Surely you will not learn as quickly per wall clock time, but you will make progress. I met a lot of fellows that fly less frequently than I do but started sooner and did that consisntenly and they're decent flyers. This is the way we go with my gf right now, per unit of flying time she must be progressing faster than me. tl;dr buy a rig, try to fly a little, but give priority to the skydiving development, that's my opinion fwiw Also, never met a person who would say freeflying is anything short of extremely hard, you will have more rewards from skydiving initially, much more time and effort is required to really enjoy freeflying.
  2. unkulunkulu

    Most athletic skydiving discipline?

    Your profile shows russian flag. There's this thing called parachute-athletic triathlon or something. But it's a bit old fashioned i would say, gets accuracy from skydiving. I can say that vfs can get quite demanding physically.. But that's mostly training/technique issue, gets better over time. Freeflying in general gives a strong incentive to stay in shape including stretching.
  3. unkulunkulu

    wind tunnel training in Russia

    Are you going with a coach or are you planning to find a local coach? Pros and cons of russian wind tunnels in general or between moscow and st. Petersburg?
  4. unkulunkulu

    Staying Current During Winter

    Or... you could just go jumping http://goo.gl/Gk11WH
  5. unkulunkulu

    So this is what my friends think I do..

    why link to some shitty website with captcha instead of the direct vimeo link? http://vimeo.com/92502298
  6. unkulunkulu

    The Physics of Freefall

    Cool, a good observation that you only need the terminal velocity to calculate everything, didn't think about that! However, there's one small addition: the starting velocity is not zero, it's horizontal and it does have some impact. You cannot just project everything on the vertical axis, because the drag is quadratic wrt to velocity and you'll accelerate to terminal a bit longer than what this equation implies.
  7. unkulunkulu

    Markup tags screwed up again

    I've just hit a "quote" in firefox and responded. Actually, I saw this problem through these forums for years, some users were more consistent with it than others. I thought that some people just didn't quite understand the markup thing.
  8. Haha, congrats, my friend! :) Skydiving gets better during and after AFF for sure, don't know about further progress still, but hope so :) I have a question of my own to experienced tandem masters, have any of your students ever hijacked the freefall by controlling it themselves after tunnel time or whatever? :D
  9. unkulunkulu

    heads up display for wingsuiters--question

    Have you ever tried looking into a viewfinder of a camera? Or into a microscope or binocular? Optical systems can create light rays that seem to a human eye as coming from infinite distance (like clouds on the horizon), you don't need to try hard to focus on them, you just relax your vision and it will be ok. I want to point out that this HUD is created by recon labs, and they has some background creating these HUDs for skiing, so the concept is working, it's just the application of it to skydiving that is new.