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  1. So, I'm not an expert at this but I was curious if anyone else has done this. Other threads I've found weren't quite what informative enough, or were pretty old. I was thinking of pairing a coaches rating with a sole proprietorship or other business form to put all my jumps under. This way, I could have fun jumps under the business for "training" purposes. I've definitely heard of other people doing this, but wondered if anyone else has done it without any audits from the IRS. This year I got completely screwed for state taxes due to higher than normal income, and am looking at a way to reduce this, or at least offset skydiving costs to free up money to pay the state in the coming years. This really has nothing to do with liability whatsoever. Most of what I'm interested is: Do I need to have a certain paid jump vs. training jump percentage? Is one business model preferable in the skydiving industry over another? If this works, can I write off new gear? How much can I spend on training jumps per year? Anything else you might think is helpful. Thanks
  2. Relating to the canopy checks, do people really go through the same standard one that they did as a student? I'm not knocking it, but doesn't looking up and past your slider as you stow it pretty much tell you that the canopy is good to go. I would assume someone with a good number of jumps would easily notice a rip/tear/broken line/whatever that would lead to an unflyable parachute. Even if there was something off with it, and you missed it, wouldn't you immediately notice it when you starting using the toggles? Am I missing something here? I don't think I've seen anyone, besides those you are practicing/getting numbers for swooping, flare their canopies at any time other than landing.
  3. I actually did almost 2 and half hours this month. Tremendous fun, tremendous progress, but no canopy time. I guess maybe stating that I jump at Mile-Hi and have a few minutes in a trailer to discuss the jumps with the people I jumped with. Quite often I get into a rotation with the same people, and have often times ended up doing a repeated jump with them. Catching every 4th load is easy, but on a day with only 12 loads that's still only 3 jumps. My other thought is to have the 2nd rig for wingsuit. This way I could get into a rotation with some of the inflatable fun guys, then jump right over to some belly or freefly jumps. That seems to be bigger to me, instead of having to put the wingsuit (PF) onto the rig or take it off, just have another rig. Its all just an idea at this point, I get losing quality of jumps, I get changing of gear though I would stick with the same canopies. However I don't know a lot of people that aren't just throwing together a small zoo dive of some kind for every jump. The lower jump number guys usually just go for belly, speed star, or a sitfly jump. No ones out there doing 4 way at my dz, and the freefly guys are either tunnel instructors or rats.
  4. Isn't skydiving about numbers? every interview always posts numbers, RW, freefly, WS, BASE. Every license comes with a number. Every "group" or whatever has a number (Muff Bros, BASE, Anvil Bros, etc.). Everyone bases experience and knowledge with numbers. So what is the problem with striving for numbers? You seem to fail to understand the numbers I'm working with here. I have approximately 21 weeks a year to jump, in which I usually have 2-4 days per week to jump. You see where I want to jump excessively when I have the chance to jump? That's about 45 jump days a year, assuming perfect weather and such, its really not a lot of chance. So if I maximize every day that I'm at the DZ, I can maybe myself not hate being out of the sky so much when I'm at work.
  5. Alright so here's the deal. I work a 28 day schedule, 28 on, 28 off. In all reality after travel, i have 24 days to do with what I want. What I really want is to skydive more, but since I'm engaged to a wonderfully understanding woman, I like to spend weekends with her because we just don't get that much time together. All that being said, I want to maximize my days at the dropzone. I have the monetary means to buy and keep a 2nd rig, and would ideally put them in a rotation with the packers. hopefully jumping on every single load. I'm sure there's a few people out there doing this. My question is, what am I not thinking about here? I understand that I will be jumping in on a lot of loads where i'll only be whoring into jumps a lot, and I'd be scrambling. I made a new years resolution to make at least 200 skydives this year and if at all possible make 337 (to make an even 500 overall). Understanding that the jumping season is gearing up now and all that, anyone have any advice? My biggest one would be what size parachute to get? I'm flying a 188 now, and think I could be happy with that for the whole year, but obviously almost everyone would want to downsize at some point. I'll quit my rambling at that, its just these days where I can't jump and won't be able to for weeks on end kill me! Thanks
  6. Who's upset? Don't be shy, there will never be a greater bad skydiving scene than the one in that movie. You think they'll do it justice?
  7. It's not, I've jumped out there before. Not a big group of fun jumpers, but definitely a group of em. There's nothing around that whole LZ other than a couple of houses. If you land out there, I'm not seeing much of a problem. Especially considering that MH has a probably smaller LZ with many more obstacles around (fences, cows, buildings, neighborhoods, power lines, etc.)
  8. Thanks man, was wondering if it was my bad internet connection. Also thanks to EatSleepFly who sent me the coach card!
  9. Been trying to get on there to snag a copy of the coach proficiency car. Anyone know what's up? Or did I miss the memo at some point? Also, if anyone can email me the coach card, I'd appreciate it... [email protected] Blue Skies Jeff
  10. Hey man, I'm not too far ahead of you jump wise in the big scheme of things but here's my $.02... Get a custom fit one... I'm about 6'7" and 225, and i've had rigs on that fit alright and fit marginally but none fit like my custom one. Most anything that you get nowadays from the big brand names (Vector, Wings, Javelin, Mirage, Curv, icon etc.) will be acceptable for freeflying. Not all will be, the Dolphin is the only one that i can think of that is not freefly friendly. However, a quick chat with the company can quickly resolve any questions on some of the lesser known brands. The only thing with wingsuiting is having a spinner up canopy, which as a beginner you shouldn't be buying anyways. They should fit a couple of canopy downsizes. As far as skyhook is concerned, they can be installed on the appropriate container, and wings has a now reserve boost or something like that, that is basically the same kinda idea. Canopy decision is the hot topic on this website, stick to something close to 1-1 and you'll live, go over it and you'll probably live but might scare or injure yourself a couple of times. Your call really. But don't ask for that kinda advice on here from perfect strangers, get it from your instructors, S&TA, DZO and make a conscientious decision. I'm not sure about anyone but wings, but if you order with your 2 canopy sizes, they will build you the appropriate container. You shouldn't really be downsizing a reserve until you buy a new rig, but the main pack tray will allow for a few downsizes like i already said, so you shouldn't really need to worry about that. In the end, with your build, custom stuff makes things easier. Its important to remember that having gear that fits you right can take some of the risk out of skydiving. You end up with a loose container and it can shift in freefall making it difficult to grab your PC (that happened to a friend of mine). Or so tight that you're uncomfortable from the moment you put it on. You should talk with your local instructors for more info. They should point you iin the right direction.
  11. Mile Hi is about 1 to 1.5 hours from Skyventure Colorado, depending on how fast you drive and if you leave during rush hour. They are closed on wednesday's though
  12. Did I mention its my last day to jump for a month or more and I just got my track suit? Yeah, didn't jump which was the smart thing, but I'm dying a little bit from it
  13. So I was gonna jump today, but decided against it because I have a mildly sprained ankle from Wednesday (and because its not quite warm enough). Anyone have any experience jumping with a similar injury? I would assume that a PLF would be about the only safe way to do it, favoring the non-injured leg...
  14. Thanks guys, SD Nawlins wasnt open while I was there unfortunately. Got to enjoy Ponchatrain from the bridge however. Hopefully get to have some fun at the SD San Diego DZ in a few weeks.