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  1. I am about to finish up to get my A license and am looking toward getting my new rig. However, I have been jumping at Eloy, Arizona (Skydive Arizona) and it isn't the most personal place. I dont exactly have a rigger to talk to for advice on rigs or anyone to send links to see if something is right for me. I know trusting people online either through here or the subreddit is not advised. So now I am kind of at a loss of what to do in my search for a new rig as I have found some good looking gear but not sure if I should follow through with them.
  2. Bth67

    Dolphin rig?

    I have been looking around for awhile and found a dolphin rig that looked promising and thats why I was interested in more info. I appreciate everything, I still have yet to be able to get on the facebook page and am unsure how. I have been looking around classifieds for about a month now looking for the right rig.
  3. Bth67

    Dolphin rig?

    Looking around I haven't seen much about dolphin rigs. Im in the market to get my own and am looking for a quality free fly friendly rig. Ive heard of the popular vector and javelin but not too much about the dolphin rigs and would love more information, or thoughts about the quality of the brand.