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  1. That type of flawed thinking is what hold integrity back. If one person or a group of people in one faction is wrong or makes a mistake then that whole faction is incorrect? I clearly stated there were studies, How one chose to report them does not in any way remove any credibility from those studies. This is very significant when one is looking into vaccines.
  2. This is an interesting article with corresponding studies showing that the whooping cough vaccine appears to have become redundant. The CDC and FDA have known for almost a year that this vaccine does not work. The media sure promoted the 'fact' that those that decided not to vaccinate were to blame when the entire time the vaccine was simply not working. To this day this vaccine is being administered creating massive revenue. This surely shows that the whole vaccine thing is not as cut an dried as some have made it out to be.
  3. Pot, kills pharma profit. here is one example of MANY. I suggest you watch this video...
  4. Bullshit, did you try looking in the dictionary? Yawn. I wonder how long these will take to be on the market, not as long as full fat petra I hope...
  5. Classic. I believe whoever is the chairman does not make a lick of difference. Same as the President of the USA, these are just figure heads, puppets on a string if you will. Yeah they still work but the major decisions are not theirs. Placing a black man and/or a women in charge gives us minions the perception that things are becoming more fair and we have hope (hence Obama's unfulfilled slogan and Nobel prize). QE is simply printing money, printing money is simply inflation. Fractional lending is a ponzie scheme as are derivatives and many of the bankers get rick quick scams. It is all going to go tits up and the movements of the past 5 years have done nothing to stabilize the economy. With low interest rates and uncertainty I see a run on the banks happening sooner than later. Countries the world around have introduced 'haircut' legislation. The US economy (and many others) is way too top heavy. When it tips, who knows. But it will. A financial calving will take place, the conditions are almost perfect.
  6. Agreed, I have over 8000 jumps and was more current at speed star when I had 200 jumps...
  7. Quality over quantity, a 170 degree lens (go pro etc) is terrific for handcam and inside skydiving footage. easy to get the shot. For outside, it is of my opinion that narrower is better. The scenery does not seem so far away and is more crisp and less distorted. I use a sigma 15mm with the CX760 and the CX is only marginally narrower. I would prefer to use my 10-20 sigma as it distorts less and I could match the width better but we all use the same stills lenses. I am not photography expert. But I know good framing in skydiving videos, those without ring sights more often have poor framing.
  8. well you had better believe it. I have cleaned it once, not due to any sort of fault but just for hygiene reasons when i let someone else use it for a bit because their (relativity new) tongue switch fucked out. My previous blow switch (the spa pool type) had many thousands of jumps, no problems. I put like 3000 jumps on it and it as used with a few thousand when I got it. They are simply the best. No metal fatigue to worry about like with bite and tongue switch. The only thing I have ever done to either of my blow switches was increase the sensitivity with the small sensitivity adjuster screw (ultimate switch) when it was quite new as it was not sensitive enough for my liking. I must have over 1000 on my ultimate switch now. If you are concerned about spit, you can turn the sensitivity right up and put an eye dropper thingy on the end and use it as a tongue or bite switch... I use a CX760 with BOSS and no lens, only a UV filter. I like to frame nicely so I use ring sight. Those that do not seem to drop the frame more often, just an observation not a stab at you. Those guys more often than not seem to have the opinion that they don't need one... They are good insurance for everyone, if you care about your product that is. If you have a dot on your goggles or sunnies, then if they move you are out of frame... If anyone uses a 180 degree lens for outside skydiving footage in any place with any sort of scenery, then they suck and are ripping their customers off. Just saying..
  9. Nope, in my 8000+ jumps about half are video and all with blow switch and never this issue. The only reason I have an ultimate switch now and not the old blow switch that I got second hand that already had 1000's of jumps on it, is that I sold my flat top helmet with it mounted in. Who has had a fouled up blow switch? I have never heard of it. And OP, get an ultimate switch, it will most likely be the last one you will buy. I am, the guys that are too good to use them often drop the frame, a dot on the goggles does suffice but is a pain in the ass under canopy. A removable schumaker (spelling?) and an inexpensive ring site is the best. as you can get the thing out of your face for a safer canopy flight. My ring sight is very basic, cost me a box of beer for a local engineer to make. I feel the ring sight is most useful in the door and during the exit phase. a dot on your goggles can be too close to your eye to be accurate enough.
  10. That is why Cannabis is not (allowed to be) promoted by the medical industry. It is a competition killer. There is already a (Natural and easily self medicated) cure/medication for most cancers, Pfizer (and the likes) cannot make money from that so they try to synthesize what is thought to be the active ingredients and try to flog that off instead. This is kinda fair enough, but it is long overdue that the cannabis laws were repealed, the do nothing but hurt society on so many levels.
  11. Energy, time, and keeping your job. As most are paid by the jump, they want to be able to get as much in as possible. Busy DZ's are manifested accordingly, so if you re fucking around too much you are leaving the plane turning and it is costing valuable time and resources. There is no need for a 30 minute briefing, in fact most people could care less, they just want to jump.Also giving too much information waters down the important factors. I find the less you tell them the better they do. Primacy in learning, teach the arch and leave the landing briefing for under canopy. less information, less confusing = less chance of them peaking out and doing something stupid.
  12. If you guys are gonna be all semantic, the 'everyday' jumper is someone that jumps everyday, like myself and everyone I work with that do over 1000 jumps per year and on high performance parachutes. Not a weekend warrior. I have a JVX, and I am on the list for a Petra, but I aint gonna run my Petra for doing work jumps for a couple of reasons (lines and loading)... Therefore, this canopy is actually designed for the 'everyday' jumper, but not for the 'every couple of weeks if the weather is perfect' jumper... Capisce?
  13. You seem like a smart guy. Do you really fail to see a connection with those three subjects? -lack of nutritional information -overprescirption of medicine -overprescription of vaccines Do you really beleive the big pharma would rather we all ate better and did not need to use their products? I am not completely against pharmaceuticals they are essential in the modern world, but they are in the business of making money at the end of the day. If they truly were in the business of making everybody healthy, then that would not be a very good business model, would it? To suggest that big pharma does not have it's hand in the medical education process would simply be naive, would it not? We live in a world where lobbyists have more influence than voters and politicians alike.