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    Skydiving Kiwis, Ashburton, New Zealand
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  1. bucketlistpilot

    Wingsuit Safety multimedia

  2. bucketlistpilot

    Flysight as audible alti

    Straight from my config file ; WARNING: GPS measurements depend on very weak signals ; received from orbiting satellites. As such, they ; are prone to interference, and should NEVER be ; relied upon for life saving purposes. ; UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THESE ALARMS BE ; USED TO INDICATE DEPLOYMENT OR BREAKOFF ALTITUDE.
  3. bucketlistpilot

    GOPRO 4

    Only 1 day of jumping it so far but I like it. Jumped 5 loads using 1080@120fps so I could play with some slomo and I'm impressed. https://vimeo.com/channels/blsd/111969513
  4. bucketlistpilot

    Skydiving Kiwis

    Only a couple of years old but already has developed the ability to train, and more importantly, keep, students in the sport. They go out of their way to maximise the number of sport slots available, and are always happy to organise jumps to suit the level of those who want to play, even when it means having a simpler plan so that all are included. Their focus on fun jumping for everyone certainly plays a big part in the retention of their students.
  5. Damn you Sugar Alpha. Finished at 4.10am this morning. Alarm goes off at 6.20am. Good read.
  6. bucketlistpilot

    Winter Gloves ?

    http://www.skydivezone.co.nz/shop/Accessories/Skydiving+Gloves/Akando+Winter+Skydiving+Gloves.html I've got a couple hundred cold jumps at NZSS near MT Hutt. -26 is the worst I've had but have always been fine with these and a neck warmer
  7. bucketlistpilot

    Never Give Up

  8. bucketlistpilot

    Intrusive pop up ads

    Yep had the same all day. Was just about to start a thread about it but you beat me to it.
  9. bucketlistpilot

    New Zealand jumpers, which dropzones?

    3 or 4 different licencing organisations in NZ, can't remember/keep up with them all. Each dropzone jumps under a particular organisation, so you have to have their particular licence. If you jumped at all the places you listed you'd probably need at least 3 NZ licences. It's a friggin' joke! Christchurch and Motueka are very sport friendly, both have great vibe. Haven't jumped any others.