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  1. May I suggest contacting Sue before uploading anything to the Internet. It's really her call. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  2. I'm not replying to anyone in particular - nor am I trying to convince those who's minds are clearly made up. But for those of you who are willing to consider some other ideas >> This person was experiencing what at first appears to be a tension knot. It turns out it was actually a clear tubular rubber slider stop that he neglected to tack down so it would not slide up the lines and keep the slider from sliding down, which is exactly what happened. This is something we learned to do more than 30 years ago. I actually thought people stopped using them more than 20 years ago. When I saw how tight the line group was held from the riser to the slider - it was the first thing I looked for on the video because it's a clear indicator of something other than a tension knot. If you look carefully you can see the other three slider bumpers on the other risers. After fooling around with it for an extended period of time, he cut away and deployed his Optimum. He ended up with numerous line twists The canopy began to spin and dive. And he was able to get out of the twists and dive just in time to land the canopy. Afterwards he said “I’m getting rid of this slow opening Optimum” What he failed to realize was that there were a number of factors that led him to the bad place he was in, and the speed of the OP opening had nothing to do with it. • He took a long time before cutting away the malfunctioning main. • The reserve deployed straight, and the line twists came from the jumper spinning under the canopy, NOT the canopy turning. Most likely from body position with the wing suit and because he failed to keep his leg wings closed during deployment of the reserve. • The risers are offset which continues the turn eventually into a dive. This was largely because he reached up and grabbed the risers asymmetrically. • The canopy was only 126 sq ft. with a WL of 1.5 Sometimes it’s easier to blame something else than what’s really at fault… The OP opens wonderfully. The canopy travels quickly and smoothly through all three stages of the opening rather than sort of snivel – pop type opening. Over 10 years of field use has shown this. The dynamics of the OP deployment are designed to exhibit lower opening forces on the jumper. To most people, especially those who have jumped a traditional reserve, this softer opening would be equated to slower. But that isn’t necessarily the case. That FEELING of slower if your cutting away from a fully inflated canopy and quickly going to your reserve, is what you’re going to get with most reserves. Those softer (not always slower) openings of the OP can mean the difference between life and death if your deploying at above average speeds with which a huge percentage of people in our sport tend to flirt. The OP has actually been dropped at higher weights and speeds for those who might think the low bulk fabric is weaker. All around this is a better reserve, and after years of doing my own research and jumping many, many other reserves - it’s the one I put on my own back. JMHO Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  3. Martin, tell me there is not one single picture of you taken with your tandem passenger before you finished adjusting the harness. I have made hundreds of jumps at CSC as a load organizer and I can attest that they adjust the harness properly before boarding the airplane. I've also filmed more than 50 different TIs at multiple DZs over the last few years. No one is more safety conscious than CSC and their staff. I have a couple of hard drives full of pictures from various DZs of which many show the passenger with the TI before the final adjustments. Martin I've always respected you and your thoughts but this one is beneath you. Nothing to see here folks .......... move along. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  4. Why do you think Bill Booth would have any say in how a DZ from Australia is being run or what equipment they use? Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  5. PM sent Sandy Grillet Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  6. For what it's worth - attached is my take on reserves. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  7. I have 2 319's with VK 96's and OP 143s. To me - they are very comfortable. And for what it's worth - here is my take on reserves. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  8. I don't use those kinds of apps but I've heard people say Boogie is a pretty good app. And it's free. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  9. When you look at adding all the options that most everyone orders - those prices are way above mine by several hundred dollars. No games - no advertising a low price for a no optioned rig to get you hooked - just honest prices by an honest dealer. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  10. Yes it's a smart phone but about 1/2 the size of my iphone. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  11. It's not unusual to have a hard time trying to get accepted onto a 4 way team. If the DZs at which you are considering being on a team do not have team building systems in place, it may be tougher than you think. More and more young people just want to sit fly or free fly. And more and more tunnel coaches are leaning in the same direction. Go to their Safety Days coming up and make serious attempts at networking. If you don't get any serious interest, DZ staff help or local 4 way team support, you may need to consider going to other DZs around the country that have serious 4 way teams. Those DZs who have shown long term support of 4 way teams usually have events such as team for a day - team building days and other regular events for people interested in a team. It is often part of the payback expected from the local sponsored teams. If you can afford the amount of tunnel you have, you might be better served flying to other more progressive 4 way team DZs to get yourself on a team. There are some really good programs out there. I've helped a lot of people get on teams but there is usually travel involved. If there is a 4 way league in Texas, get in touch with the league director. Good luck. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  12. YEYO !! YaaaaayyyyyYo ...... daylight come and me want to go home. If you recognize what I just wrote -- hit me up on facebook with a PM and we can chat. Sandy Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  13. As a Vector dealer -I would not want to try to get a 170 into a 310 unless it was a Pulse. At under 30 jumps - I think you're setting yourself up for failure, in more ways than one. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  14. As a load organizer at many events around the country, I feel obligated to carry a phone so I can help if someone lands off the DZ - especially if they get hurt. Every 6 months I go to a Dollar General Store - They sell disposable smart phones (burner phones) with 200 minutes and 180 days of service. $30 for the entire 6 months. I've looked into renewing minutes and data but it's way cheaper to just toss and buy new. Every time I go to a new DZ - the first thing I do, is give them my burner number and add the DZ number to my contact list. The best thing I've seen, is the new app on Skydive Chicago's Burble software and phone app. In addition to all the other cool things I can do, they now have an app on the phone for off landings. They have 5 tabs you can select with auto dial to the DZ 1) I'm hurt - Please send help 2) I'm OK - Walking back 3) I'm OK - Need a ride back 4) Call 911 5) Call DZ number It's a whole new world out there. I want to be part of it. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.
  15. I'm eager to conduct my FS camp there this weekend. And another in April. Juts a short drive - yay!! Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be.