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  1. freeflyfree

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    What camera is the instructor wearing?
  2. When you have an hour to burn, John LeBlanc talks about the evolution of planform shapes:
  3. freeflyfree

    Has anyone jumped the Fluid Wings Nexus?

    Yes, in the end they all have stabilizers, be it a single fabric or inflatable. My friend tried the nexus...super strong flare. I tried the Tesla. Best thing is to order a Demo and explore it's flying characteristics.
  4. freeflyfree

    Has anyone jumped the Fluid Wings Nexus?

    One thing to note is the sensitivity to your position in the harness...if you lean to one side, the canopy will start turning. It doesn't have stabilizers. if you have one strap looser than the other one the Nexus will have a "Built in turn" during your flight. This is true with any canopy, but more so with the Nexus.
  5. freeflyfree

    Outside Video Request - slowmo pullout opening

    Pull Out with the pud at the bottom of the pilot chute? or at the top (apex)...mine is at the top...I reach full arm extension and then release...
  6. freeflyfree

    New Icarus X-Fire

    Sorry, nothing to do with performance, both are great wings with similar characteristics that come with the type of planform both use. It's just a mere subjective appreciation. I had to adjust the brakes on the X-fire in order for it to flare better, until I did that the toggle stroke was very long and I found myself a whole weekend comparing it to the Tesla. Which flew awesome the first time. I think this is the reason why I said that... The next weekend when I adjusted the brakes, I felt much better under the X-fire, and the wing performed great. I would be super happy owning any of these wings. Now, Fluid Wings is local, not a huge company like PD or Icarus, my friends fly their canopies and I like them. This also plays part on how I feel about the Tesla. Felipe
  7. freeflyfree

    Crossfire 2 vs. Crossfire 3

    You have to keep in mind that you went from a 129 Crossfire 2 to a 109 Crossfire 3, That change in size will make Flying characteristics more pronounced. Sebastian is gonna be having demos some time in 2018, will go and check it out. Felipe
  8. freeflyfree

    New Icarus X-Fire

    I fly a Crossfire 2 150 @ 1.83:1. I demoed the Tesla 150 and the X-Fire 153. My typical landing is at 90 degrees @ 300 Ft Double fronts, let go of one for the turn and bring it back to double and continue with final adjustments if necessary compensating with the harness... Didn't have to change initiation altitude with any of them or technique. This new wings require for you to be steady on the harness, lots of roll on them with either toggles or back risers. However they sustain your weight longer at slower speeds, as in the last bits of your landing. The stitching and sewing on the X-fire is of more finesse than the Tesla. X-Fire at the moment (icarus will fix this) has way too long brake lines, I reduced them by 3 without affecting tail deflection when front risering and it flared better... I didn't fall in love with the X-fire but I did with the Tesla. These are new Schuemann Planforms without traditional stabilizers, and you have to really demo them to get a feel of their characteristics. PD showed a video of a similar canopy like 3 years ago NZ Aerosports has something in the works as well, you can see it at the minute 00:40. FlyBird has a canopy on his webpage but not on its list of canopies Let's see how those wings fly... C-ya Felipe
  9. freeflyfree

    Crossfire 2 vs. Crossfire 3

    Haven't jumped a Crossfire 3. I do have a 2 it's a perfectly fine wing. How much are you going to be loading this canopies at? The oficial literature changes from the 2 to the 3: Crossfire 2: "We recommend wing loadings from 1.4psf to 2.1psf" Crossfire 3 "At light wingloadings of 1.0 to 1.4, the Crossfire 3 is suitable as a first or second fully elliptical 9-cell" It looks like they have made the 3 to dive more than the Crossfire 2, and incorporated a lot of more technichal advancement jargon to the description. They haven't gotten to much away from the general characteristics that make the Crossfire the wing that it is. Also there's a newcomer to all this Icarus-Something-Something-FIRE line up THE X-FIRE from Icarus World XFIRE "Recommended Wing Loading: 1.4 - 2.4 psf" Now this goes with what you're asking, I have demoed the XFIRE and it's a totally different wing. Use your search option here in the forums to gather more info. In the end, with the Crossfire 2, Crossfire 3, XFIRE and the rest, the differentiator is the pilot flying these wings. PS XFIRE brake lines are too long, there's room for some adjusting. Felipe.
  10. freeflyfree

    Andy Stumpf's Terrible Tandem Jump

    Stew....not in the menu today
  11. freeflyfree

    Old Cypres

    Yeah Throw it in a low pass. I have friends that still use them in the lawless lands of some South American countries, and as long as Paragear still sell batteries, they are not getting rid of them.
  12. freeflyfree

    Recommendations for southern Florida

    Closes DZs to South Florida are Skydive Spaceland in CLewiston and Skydive Miami in Homestead, Z-hils is a good 4 hour drive from south Florida, Sebastian is like two hours drive... Regards, Felipe
  13. freeflyfree

    PD Reserves

    imagine being decent at kicking out of line twists
  14. freeflyfree

    Hearing Safety For Skydivers: It’s A Thing