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  1. I've noticed this new canopy pop up on the Fluid Wings website and saw a couple posts on the Fluid Wings facebook page, but otherwise I have not heard/seen much about this new canopy (not even a promotional/release video from Fluid as they have done for their other canopies). Has anybody had the chance to jump the Nexus or own one? Thoughts on its opening/flight characteristics compared to other canopies in its range?
  2. There is a decent population of skydivers that believes spinning cutaways using MARDs (or even just RSLs) leads to line twists on reserves. These people sometimes vocalize that they prefer to get stable after chopping & manually deploy their reserve instead of using a MARD/RSL, while others are fine with just an RSL. Some of these people also jump high performance canopies, where a spinning malfunction cutaway is purported to have an even higher likelihood of resulting in reserve line twists if chopped with a MARD. A MARD is also an added complexity in the reserve deployment system, and some people place particular value on keeping things simple when it comes to safety. Note that Skyhooks aren't perfect, and there have been instances where the Skyhook never engaged. It is also worth noting that not every container has a MARD available, and people choose their specific container for a variety of reasons. And for full disclosure, I prefer a MARD over no MARD if given the option.
  3. I heard something about the wind being choppy or turbulent at higher speeds. Is that still the case, or did they fix whatever it was that was causing the issue when it opened?
  4. The G3 is super common, so there are about a million different ways to mount a camera on it, but what about the Aero? Is there an easy way to mount a camera on the front? I'm talking about the equivalent of this: http://www.chutingstar.com/grellfab-gopro-g3-front-mount
  5. Is this a case of old Vectors vs. new Javelins? I've personally seen lots of main pin flaps on Javelins in person and in videos, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was ultimately container age.
  6. What exactly is the "split dbag" design that the Javelin Odyssey has? To those talking about comfort differences between the Odyssey & Vector3, assuming both rigs are custom designed to your dimensions (and both are articulated with spacerfoam), what exactly is the difference in their designs that makes one more comfortable than the other?
  7. What is it about the fabric that makes a new canopy have this "slippery" feeling that wants to move around & expand when brand new? Also, it seems to be commonly reported that ZP canopies lose this quality after quite a number of deployments (as opposed to after some amount of time)--what is happening during deployment that is causing the canopy to gradually lose this slipperiness (would the canopy lose slipperiness differently after 200 sub-terminal deployments vs. 200 terminal deployments)?
  8. They aren't testing the critical functionality of the AAD, though. They may do 1000s, or 10000s of jumps, but I bet they have 0 or very close to 0 AAD fires (and a professional is probably one of the least likely to end up in a situation where he/she has to rely on the AAD to save him/her). It's like Mario Andretti driving your car for 100,000 miles to prove the airbag system is good. If he never gets into an accident, what can he really prove about the reliability of the airbag system? Probably just that it never gave him an error or misfired on him.
  9. The factor isn't a wash just because it can happen with any product (that logic would make almost all factors a wash). You have to consider which product is more likely to have an error or service recall. And if you're just looking at the raw # of reported errors, you also have to factor in sample size (there are a LOT more Vigil II's out there). And if you say "who cares, an error is an error," then consider that your M2 could have an error but it might not get caught because the sample size is small and nothing gets reported. 99% of people that are happy with their particular AAD are NOT happy because it worked as intended for its critical application (as in it fired when exactly when they needed it to). They are happy because it didn't misfire, it hasn't had any errors, and it hasn't had to be recalled. Something to consider when someone says they love their brand X AAD.
  10. I'm still getting this same error when browsing the classifieds section (such as when limiting the listings to a given country).
  11. What's the difference between the J2 & the J2K? For some reason I always thought the "K" designation was for the Odyssey containers, and "non-K" was for regular Javelins, but both of those appear to be Odyssey containers...
  12. So, J1KS is also shorter than J2K (and that's why it fits a smaller reserve?)?
  13. I would figure having a slightly larger reserve would always be better, but I am just wondering if there are any other size differences that might explain why the J1KS exists. Would one fit better than the other for a tall person, broad vs. narrow shoulders, etc. ? How is the extra reserve space size realized with respect to container dimensions?
  14. Can anyone with either of these two provide pictures of their packed rig? These two seem to hold the same sized main, but the J2K can hold a larger reserve, so I'm wondering how the dimensions are different (and I'm assuming the J2K would then be a more rectangular overall shape compared to the J1KS?).