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  1. Skydivesg

    Cable trigger for Sony NEX

    Contact Trunk at
  2. Skydivesg

    Which AAD to get? Vigil II, Cypres 2, M2?

    Vigil II + announced yesterday.
  3. Skydivesg

    Florida Boogies in April? Skyvan?

    There is one early April. April 4-6 Falling Gators in Palatka with a Skyvan.
  4. Skydivesg

    Beginner canopy

    If your heart is set on a 7 cell then take a good look at the PD Storm. Personally I would recommend a Sabre 2 or Pulse - both 9 cells. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. .
  5. Skydivesg

    Skydive 499: 4-Way Techniques

    Have you tried any of the old Airspeed guys? It's their video.
  6. Skydivesg

    Project Orange Teaser

    Any idea when the full video will be out? I hope it's sooner than later. I'm eager to see the final product (as are many others) .
  7. Skydivesg

    G3 visor springs

    Were you emailing with someone from Cookie Composites - if so with whom? It seems strange that this would be a fix they would recommend. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. .
  8. Skydivesg

    Color coding for 4-way diagrams

    It use to be that the Fast Trax team had the best colored dive pool but that site has not been kept current in the last couple of years. Now a team from Skydive Spaceland has taken over that leadership role. Spaceland Lite has some really nice stuff in color. This is very helpful for those who are trying to learn slots for a 4 way team. Note: the blocks that are slightly shaded are not part of the Intermediate Division (AA Division). There is a legend for slots in the upper right corner of each page. Thank you Spaceland Lite. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. .
  9. Skydivesg

    So... What's a peregrine??

    Anybody got any ideas? is this some new top secret canopy? No secret. It's the new swooping canopy by PD. Not sure if it's available yet. .
  10. Skydivesg

    11th Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2013

    Have a great event. I hope to make it there someday.
  11. Skydivesg

    Tunnel coaches in dubai

    Contact Brad Cole. You can find him on FB. He runs the rigging loft for Skydive Dubai and he works in the Prince's personal tunnel. Don't even ask to get time in that tunnel. Brad use to work for Skydventure Colorado and is one of the best tunnel instructors in the world. He may not have time to work with you but may very well know who can. He definelty knows everyone there and is a good place to start. I just spent time with him and his wife in Dubai last week. Great people. And I did get to fly in the Prince's private tunnel with Brad. Good luck. .
  12. Skydivesg

    World Championships Dubai

    Bulletin #2 was just released today 10-30-12. All you have to do at this point is ask your husband to check with his team manager and he will be able to provide the answer on the hotel. As far as jumping during the competition I have no answer on that. They are using four different landing sites to accomodate the 1500 athletes. This is the largest World Meet in history and a Mondial to boot. I would not be surprised to see no other jumping going on at any of these World Meet sites. They do have the desert DZ. You might be able to go there to jump. .
  13. Skydivesg

    GoPro WiFi BacPac

    That sounds like it's going to be pretty cool and very useful.
  14. Skydivesg

    8 Way Tunnel TrainIng with Paraclete XP

    BK, you need to add the date to this.
  15. Skydivesg

    Z1 Helmet -> How is it?

    I have one of the original ones and it was a nice helmet but the quality has gone down hill bad in the last few years. I helped a jumper replace the ratcheting mechanism on her's last fall and we both could not believe how cheap and flimsy the whole thing was. I won't buy another. But the Cookie G3 is awesome. Now that's a good helmet.
  16. Skydivesg

    Cookie G3 visor popping open

    Go direct to the source.
  17. Skydivesg

    Looking for tunnel coach. IFly Seattle

    Carolyn Chow is an awesome coach and one of the most fun people you will ever meet. She does a lot of tunnel stuff. And she has a very unique and hilarious party trick. I'll send her a pm on FB so she can respond to this post.
  18. Go to and look up the sizing charts for the 304. It will answer all your questions.
  19. Skydivesg

    Harness size question? (Jav Odessy)

    I see you were looking at a rig that was sized for someone 5'11" and now you bought one sized for someone 6'2"? Wow. I hope you got a good deal. Your profile says you are at Raeford. That's where the Javelin is made. Send a message to Chris Talbert (Sunpath) on Facebook and he'll steer you in the right direction.
  20. Skydivesg

    packing instruction

    You can buy a DVD called Packing Made Simple from the web site Combine that with the PD on line packing tutorials and you will have all the packing class you need in your own home and rewind any section as often as needed. It's always nice to have one on one instruction but these combined will suffice in the absence of a packing class.
  21. Skydivesg

    Vegas Pro Question

    I/we use vegas but we don't use the FX levels you're talking about. I don't know why you would use that for tandem videos which is the only thing we edit (no fun jump videos). Are you editing tandems or fun videos?
  22. Skydivesg

    FF2 camera helmet

    Just so you know. You can also put the new Sony CX cameras in the FF2. I simply flipped around the L-bracket and then took a Dremel to make a bit bigger hole for the d-plug. I then Dremmeled the mounting slots to make them longer for the bracket so it would move further up. I also cut part of the L-bracket bottom off at the rear so I could access my card on my CX-150. I have no need to remove my camera to get to the card or battery. I may have just increased the value of your helmet.
  23. Skydivesg

    Importing Video Files

    After watching several of us move our video files to our PCs with zero hassle and in no time at all, my friend finally gave up using his MAC and bought a PC. If you have the time to wait for the MAC to convert the files (to what ever they use) so you can edit, then start the process and go pack your rig. When your done you can go back and see if your files have loaded so you can edit them. Good luck
  24. Skydivesg

    Vegas Pro 9 giveaway

    So what additional features are on Vegas 10 vs 9?
  25. Skydivesg

    Magnetic slider keeper

    If you're asking will it hold the slider well enough? The answers is Yes. Will it let the slider go in the event of a needed cutaway? Yes. I don't have the exact pull weight but they are strong enough for the first question and yet still effective in the second question. I sell them for Pablo who runs the UPT loft in Deland. They cost $25 plus shipping.