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  1. 1 hour drive...if this DZ closes, the next one closer is a 3 hour plane ride plus 1 hour by car.
  2. Have a friend that on his first cutaway he had 10,000+ jumps. Im about 2000 jumps, 0 cutaways. My brother had 2 before jump 100.
  3. yeyo

    Cool Skydiving Exits

    Or 3 side by side wheels with another jumper horizontal inside the tube, making it a 10 way
  4. yeyo

    When Right is Wrong

    "I found it worrisome that several people staunchly defended the concept that "Low Canopy has Right of Way" overrides all other considerations under canopy." THANK YOU! Many people dont understand. If you are on final and you choose a lane, STAY ON THAT LANE! Being the lower guy doesnt mean you can swerve into my lane at the last second and expect that I toggle my self into the ground avoiding your stupid ass.
  5. yeyo

    Best Sunset Jumps

    ....on a beach.
  6. yeyo

    black v2 with skull on back

    +1 About 2 months ago a guy fresh off AFF (
  7. yeyo

    The Wingsuit Piano Man

    Nice try at hitting the airplane at :24!
  8. yeyo

    First steps to wingsuit flying

    steps to wingsuit flying: 1. forget about wingsuit flying 2. finish aff 3. make 193 regular skydives mixing all disciplines and having fun 4. remember about wingsuit flying 5. ask again
  9. yeyo

    Sebastian Invasion

    I'll be there...last 3yrs have been awesome!
  10. yeyo

    Puerto rico

    Call Jason (DZO)....787-852-5757 I can tell you this, bring logbook and USPA membership card. We have good rental gear for newbies and a big landing area.
  11. Hi Your best bet is to call Jason a couple days before, as we only fly on week days when there are tandem appointments. We have rental gear, but 170 is the smallest. A taxi would be like 4x more expensive than a rental car. Keep in mind the DZ is about 1hr west of San Juan, so after docking, renting car, and driving, youll get to the DZ around 10-11. Then you have to drive back around 1pm, so not much time for jumping from a C182. If I was you, I would do the normal Old San Juan tourist stuff, and come back in February for our boogie. Jason's phone is 787-852-5757
  12. Dropzones in Ontario: Dropzones in Michigan:
  13. yeyo

    My Stealth2 conundrum

    I read somewhere on here that the Venom will be replacing the Stealth2 in the PF line for 2011... So there u go, no more stealth problem I guess there will be more 'official' info soon
  14. yeyo

    Zhills or Sebastian next week...

    I'll be at Sebastian from the 28th till Jan 2... but I think there will be more wingsuiters at ZHills.