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  1. I won a free tandem voucher and it was about to expire, so I had to use it. Next week I was doing AFF, I was 34 in 2005. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  2. 1 hour drive...if this DZ closes, the next one closer is a 3 hour plane ride plus 1 hour by car. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  3. Have a friend that on his first cutaway he had 10,000+ jumps. Im about 2000 jumps, 0 cutaways. My brother had 2 before jump 100. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  4. Or 3 side by side wheels with another jumper horizontal inside the tube, making it a 10 way HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  5. There is a chance of a collision if a jumper is trailing and trying to catch up. You can do a bit more than 90 maybe on a big way or if you see someone under you, but going back to where you came from is very discouraged and can even get you grounded in a camp. Ive been to about 12 angle camps and have maybe 1000 angle jumps, and breakoffs are talked about a lot in the briefings and debriefings. I dont barrel roll. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  6. I surfed full time for 25+ years, with sponsors and shit and traveled the world doing that. I stopped like 10 years ago so I cant call myself a surfer. Same here. If you quit jumping you used to be a skydiver, not anymore. Regardless of jump numbers. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  7. yeyo

    When Right is Wrong

    "I found it worrisome that several people staunchly defended the concept that "Low Canopy has Right of Way" overrides all other considerations under canopy." THANK YOU! Many people dont understand. If you are on final and you choose a lane, STAY ON THAT LANE! Being the lower guy doesnt mean you can swerve into my lane at the last second and expect that I toggle my self into the ground avoiding your stupid ass.
  8. I was challenged once, this wont help for an organized event but it was fun. What we did was take our phones with us, exit last at the same time from a skyvan and start tracking right away with the jump run. Deploy at 3000', farthest away from the DZ wins. Loser pays both slots. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  9. That was me for the first 50+ jumps! Praying for rain or strong winds on my way to the DZ so I could have an easy excuse not to do it. What helped me and kept me going was remembering that feeling once you step outside the plane, where nothing else matters...and the feeling when you land where nothing is more alive than you. Those 2 thoughts for me were stronger than any fear. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  10. Unit fired within its parameters during a swoop and resulted in a fatality. Saw it a few times at the DZ actually. All 3 times I witnessed, no injuries. I've also witnessed 3 Vigil fires on final with no injuries...and pretty sure not the same 3 you saw. 1 in PR, 1 in Deland, 1 in Sebastian. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  11. Won a tandem jump on a radio station contest. "Third caller wins blahblah" kinda thing. Had the certificate on my glove box almost to the date it expired. Did the tandem and the next weekend I was doing AFF. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  12. me: 1,800+ jumps, 0 cutaways my brother: 2 cutaways before his 100 jump friend 1: 18,000+ jumps, 45+ cutaways friend 2: 10,000+ jumps before his 1st cutaway as you can see, they dont necessarily relate HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  13. Hey TK! Apparently what you think is very important to the universe! This guys cant sleep if they have a different opinion HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  14. Jason Gonzalez (Puerto Rico) has about 14,000 HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  15. Nice you got that out of the way! I still havent...after 1700+ jumps HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  16. ....on a beach. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  17. Hey! I was just answering a valid question, dont attack me! But yeah, I do see and agree with your point. I think that buzzing too close (
  18. They definitely enhance the experience. I've had 2 fun jumpers confess to me that the reason they took AFF was because of my flyby, they are now wingsuiters. And many others said in the post jump interview that their favorite part of the jump was when the wingsuit guy flew by...and I do them at a very safe distance and planned with the TI. Example: HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  19. PM'ed you, mister! HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  20. Thanks for your opinions/suggestions everybody. My only reason for a new canopy is because this one is getting close to the end of his life, and I dont wanna wait until the center cell blows up on opening like I did with the 150! Im not a swooper, and I dont have a good reason to downsize. But I like to induce a little speed to make the landings fun (Im sure some will call that swooping)....and its 10x more fun when I can surf longer than some people flying xfires and katanas with my triathlon Im 100% sure I can safely jump the 120, but probably a change in model is enough for now so Im gonna demo the Sabre2 135 and go from there. Gracias. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  21. Time is coming up for a new to me canopy, and Im considering going 1 size smaller. My progression has been something like: 1000 jumps on Triathlon 150 @ 1.1 wl 200 jumps on Triathlon 135 @ 1.4 wl 500 jumps on Sabre1 135 @1.5 wl Gained about 30lbs since jump 1 . Now Im about 200lbs out the door. Never been hurt and landed those canopies in every condition in all directions. Thinking about demoing a Sabre2 135 for about 40-50 jumps, and then buying a Sabre2 120....or demoing the 120, or staying with the 135, or going straight to the 120. What you think its more reasonable/practical? Anything Im not looking at? HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  22. I have a friend I call "Mayday"...Because his first 3 seconds after exit used to look like a stalled airplane with a past-out pilot. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  23. Just to be clear, what he meant was to loosen it AFTER opening. "Tighter than most" is good for the freefall part. Ask your instructor to show you and explain the concept. HISPA #93 DS #419.5
  24. Video set to private and I missed it! HISPA #93 DS #419.5