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  1. gunsmokex

    Good skydiving songs

    Definitely "High Speed Dirt" by MegaDeth. The whole song is about skydiving and 'ol Mustaine had a few jumps I think In Perris where he got a license not sure if it was an A or a B but yeah skydiving was a thing for while with Megadeth. I believe when they went platinum w/ Countdown to Extinction the whole band had to jump. There is a funny video of it out there somewhere and in the back ground is Patrick Swayze getting some jumps in for I think Point Break at the time.
  2. gunsmokex

    Nikon Key mission 360

    Hmm either they suck or they are too expensive lol.
  3. gunsmokex

    Safire 3

    *crickets* I'm curious what the reviews are out there on the Safire 3. Or has no one really been able to get their hands on one?
  4. gunsmokex

    Lost Prairie Lodging Available

    Can't help you on the cabin, sounds like a great rate though. But I will definitely see you out there! Totally up to you if you want a cabin but I have to warn you that you will be missing the late night shenaningans :) I am counting the sleeps down till Lost Prairie. Epic boogie stay as long as you can!
  5. Different ad same plane
  6. gunsmokex

    Landing accuracy.

    Has anyone given you your B license progression card yet? I plan on just heading to either Eloy or Florida sometime this winter for a canopy course but I know you can have this stuff signed off at your home DZ too and don't necessarily need to take a canopy course. I do the same thing and run out my base a little longer sometimes as well or turn in a little shorter depending on the winds etc. If you think about it unless its a no wind day you will always be crabbing anyways on your base. I found a great article somewhere in here that I printed off to improve your accuracy and it basically talks about that exact same thing. As soon as I find it I'll post it for ya. I did find this as well, not quite what you are asking but still a great article by PD;postatt_id=48240;
  7. gunsmokex

    Hornet label exit weight

    Great no email in my box Tried calling Aerodyne and seems no one is home. Yesterday when I called I barely got 1 person to answer. Maybe there is a convention or boogie somewhere, I dunno. Can't call the Frenchies because I'm sure they are closed now for the weekend. Looked in the endcells where sometimes they print information nothing there and if it was there I might not be able to see it anyway since the material is black. Oh well I'll take it over to my riggers house this weekend and have him do an inspection on it. Guess we can measure it out and see to be sure. Plus side it looks to be in great condition :)
  8. Thanks for sharing man. Are there any more speed flying schools in the US? I really dig this and it'd be a dream of mine to learn how. In my back yard there is a ~35 degree hill completely bare meadow that runs down 500'-600' over about 200'-250' vertical rise not sure if that is a big enough hill to do anything with but man it'd be great to practice on those off days.
  9. gunsmokex

    Vector II w/ Type 17 risers

    Also I'm waiting to hear back on a serial # and model # but according to the seller its an almost exact match for my weight and height and will accomadate the 170 canopies I want and will be able to eventually downsize to 150's later on down the road.
  10. gunsmokex

    FT50/60 - Bad Alti or FNG?

    Hmm I haven't had any probs with my alti yet and I have a Viplo FT50/FT60 I bought from chutingstar as well. I'd just grab a second alti for you next jump that way you can compare and if its off that bad again I'd just send it back.