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  1. Yeah my Vector II spring about took off my riggers picture on his wall. Funny thing is my other rigger said he'd like me to get away from jumping Vector containers. Ill file this information away for when we have the discussion about Vector II containers vs. Javelin. Can't wait to see what he says. I think a lot of people in the skydiving community think that the more $$ you spend the safer you are. My latest "new" container cost $50. Container only. The rest of the parts are being swapped out from my old worn Vector II. But I love UPTs transparency when it comes to their rigs. Example of such is the old school video on Youtube showing the benefits of a meshless reserve PC.
  2. It seriously only jumps 3 ft?!? Is that common on all Sunpath reserve PC's?
  3. I looked at my state, South Dakota, pretty sure out number is inflated because of the Indian Reservations. They are literally like 3rd world countries and the crime rate is worse on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation than Compton, CA. In fact just from the 9 reservations alone it actually doubles our crime rate stats.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll look into the SkySnatch PC. I'd be interested to if anyone has a setup of a wingsuit using a PISA Hornet as they have a bad rap for hard openings. I've had one hard opening on it from something funky using a packer on a hop and pop during a canopy course (i'm sure it was body position ) It was a PC in tow i believe.....opened....slam.....ouch. I know wingsuiting is a whole different ball game when it comes to the burble behind you though. I just want to get the right setup. My Hornet was a later model and they fixed their notorious hard openings using a larger slider. So I believe I might be ok there. I do love the canopy though. From what i'm seeing though the swift does look like a very decent suit. Right now I'm thinking SkyDive Chicago for a weekend roadtrip....after the Tiki Bar opens! I still have a few jump tix left there anyway.
  5. My goal this yr is to get into wingsuiting. I'm going to start looking for a FFC, but need recommendations on a general idea of what kind of wingsuit to start with? I'm going to probably rent from Wicked Wingsuits. Also anyone that knows of any FFC near the upper midwest please let me know. I jump a Hornet, low wing loading, going to eventually get a new PC with bridle extension.
  6. Thanks Rob, yeah i don't plan on free flying anytime soon. My goal this year is to get into a wingsuit and keep working on my belly skills. If I did freefly then I'd definitely buy a container designed for that discipline deployment @ 160+mph doesn't sound like fun especially with a Hornet.
  7. Update I actually found a 10 yr Vector II closet queen with just the container (made in 1996 and put away in 2006). Just have to swap out the freebag, reserve pc, AAD and the 'new' container even once had an RSL so the same components should work from my old container which I had an RSL added onto the new one. Velcro is new, container even looks "fresh". Thanks for all of the input I just didn't really realize that webbing loses 1/2 its strength under the right conditions. I'm very happy with this container its being put together right now. I can see how UV ray exposure, use and abuse would decrease the webbing strength. It'd be interesting to review those 2 harness failures.
  8. There is also my friends cheapo style go pro lying out there somewhere in the weeds. I came off on exit, we looked for a while and never found it. Oh and funny story my friends were out there before I got a jump with them at that DZ and well they went to full altitude with no door. Must've been dam cold! Nice clear and pull bro! Definitely take heed on the shirt advice goes for fleece jackets and such too. Just find a nice used jumpsuit that fits you and you'll be much happier.
  9. Hmm that's a bummer that happened man. Great DZ though, I've made a jump there. Chill and a great atmosphere for jumping and very good people too. I'm thinking there may have been circumstances you may not have known about behind the scenes going on there. Not sure if you updated you profile yet but says you are on your 3rd jump so I assume this was your 4th. Did you actually meet and get to talk to your instructor? Instead of talking to the DZO try the instructor instead and you will have better luck. DZO has to fill loads to keep the pilot flying at small DZ especially if they have 2 planes going at the same. Anyway that's my suggestion. I'm suspecting though that quite possibly your instructor maybe wasn't there. Or (worst case scenario) the DZO called an instructor out just for you...the left....the instructor shows student.....and yeah not good. Its a good vibe out there and in the skydiving world and yeah i'm sure you realize this is a way different world than other or at least you should soon. Students always get frustrated and come and go at every DZ cause of weather, rigs, stafffing, etc. Its the ones that keep coming back that actually become skydivers. Leaving unannounced sorry but I see your frustration but that's just not cool. Keep trying and keep coming back and don't get too frustrated.
  10. Simple question, probably a complicated answer. Talking with my rigger he stated that the webbing over 20 yrs loses 1/2 of its strength. Is this true?!? Just wondering because my container is from the mid 90's and that statement worries me....a lot.
  11. Thanks for that correction. Yes it was a great student canopy! I've seen many students flare waay too high before the flare command was given on radio and it sets them down nice and gentle each time Only problem is the light student who hang in the sky well forever lol.
  12. I'm curious as the size and style of canopy as well. Getting good flare down on a large student canopy really helped my confidence level when I was student. For reference that canopy was a Skymaster 290, so it was F111. Don't know if that helped me or not because when I finally got to ZP I actually got different flare of course.
  13. Nice exposure for our sport. I guess Terry Francona (Indians coach) did a skydive then went back with the rest of his coaches to do another one. Here is the article I guess some Navy SEALs convinced him to go lol. Dropzone looks like Skydive Buckeye. Nice work for our sport guys! I couldn't find in on the map though.
  14. Definitely "High Speed Dirt" by MegaDeth. The whole song is about skydiving and 'ol Mustaine had a few jumps I think In Perris where he got a license not sure if it was an A or a B but yeah skydiving was a thing for while with Megadeth. I believe when they went platinum w/ Countdown to Extinction the whole band had to jump. There is a funny video of it out there somewhere and in the back ground is Patrick Swayze getting some jumps in for I think Point Break at the time.
  15. I'd have a rigger pack it or watch you pack it. I had a similar problem and it turned out that I was giving myself a 1/2 twist on packing, I thought that I had been doing it right but alas I wasn't. Yes it was dumb but it was simple fix and now I have no more line twists. I was simply putting the dbag in with a 1/2 twist. Not sure if that is your problem or not but I'm just speaking from my own experience.
  16. What I meant was you can find out what the ground speed is to determine how many seconds separation you will need. Click the link I posted. I was thinking that at a certain DZ I was at the ground speed was posted near manifest but actually is was the uppers. Its not too difficult to figure out the ground speed if you know the direction of jump run and the uppers though. Or just ask the pilot and he will tell you. What I really don't like is when people just assume that 6 or 8 seconds is going to work just fine. If the ground speed is low then you are going to need a hell of a lot more time than just 6 or 8 seconds.
  17.;postatt_id=145194;t=search_engine You should know what the ground speed of the plane is before you get into the plane, based on the ground speed will determine your exit separation. But yes giving 8 seconds means leaving at 8 secs not starting climbout at 8 secs.
  18. Just putting in my 2 cents. I wouldn't suggest doing the barrel roll. Closing speeds on someone deploying in front of you is too much. Just keep your eyes on who is in your group, as in count them (not literally all of them but the ones that you know are tracking near you). I keep track of those guys and then I know my airspace is clear. I don't have to bother barrel rolling because I know where they are. Now thats not to say that another group might have tracked too far and into your group, which can and has happened. I've seen it from above next to me once happen to my friend. He simply adjusted his track. Mind you pulling in that scenario would have probably have been a bad idea as they likely would have been in close proximity in air space. Now say that I had barrel rolled or my friend barrel rolled before wave off and deployment. Do you really think that he'd have seen a canopy opening up before him? It happens in a split second and your horizontal speed is (well I'm not sure what it is but its friggin fast!). So you barrel roll and don't see the guy opening in front of you and you end up tracking right above him instead of taking a correction in the path of your track. All because you simply never saw him because you weren't looking forward before deployment. To me that is the difference right there. That's the worst case scenario that I can see from doing a barrel roll. I will pass on doing a barrel roll to look above me. I"m more concerned about what is in front of me and beside me. And for the record you should track your ass off on every track like your life depends on it, because it actually does. Tracking at break off is one skill that I am always trying to perfect. I will say though that you should make sure you look up as far as your neck will allow you to check ALL of your airspace, of course there still are blind spots but I always look up left and up right before deploying.
  19. We use F111 PISA Skymasters. Never had any problems, all subterminal openings on static line.
  20. Why are you even asking this? It has nothing to do with you at all until she gets her license. Shouldn't really even concern you at all. Its up to her instructors. Once she is closer to getting finished with AFF, mind you, you said she hasn't even started yet. She might hate skydiving for all you know.
  21. I wanted to say that it feels damn good to have stand-up landings all day long. I watched some of my friends struggle with no wind landings the other day tumbling in on some pretty nasty landings, I'm glad they are ok but they will be a little sore I'm sure. It reminds of why I didn't downsize yet. A couple of weeks ago I jumped at Mile Hi in a LOT higher density altitude than I am used to 6000-7000 and also did one jump at a small DZ in the same density altitude into a tighter landing area. Crosswind, no wind, downwind I've had nothing but standup landings and they aren't just standups they are the no, one or two step toe tappers. That being said I'm at a hell of a dilemma. Its time for new gear and I'm going to have to decide whether to stick with my 1:1 170 or move it down to a 150. I absolutely love my old PISA Hornet and the old bird has done me well. I have nothing to say about the Hornet, I've gotten the pack jobs to super soft sniveling openings get back from long spots and love the flare on her. Anyways someone give me a reason on why I should downsize? I don't really see the point in it I guess. I'm never going to swoop and for me my best landings are the two, one or no step toe tappers. Going down to a 150 would put me at a 1.16 WL. I do jump in higher winds at our DZ the max that I'm comfortable with is a steady 20mph wind. Does it honestly help cut the wind that much going from a 1:1 to a 1:1.15? I'm thinking perhaps I need to talk to the manufacturers and find out what some of the semi-elliptical canopies ideal wing loadings are.
  22. Yes wn imperfect scenario is what you might find yourself in. The AFF burble is huge but a wingsuit burble is bigger. Id love to see a wingsuit comparison. Seems like some companies are secretive about the design of their containers and systems and i just wish they'd be the opposite. I realize they cant give out trade secrets but still its my life i want to be able to make a very informed decision about my equipment not based on comfort and cokors. I jump a vector II now and im happy. But it is time to upgrade great rig i like knowing my RPC will perfom like this when i need it to though. Honestly makes me a little leary of others.
  23. Wow! You aren't kidding! Very detailed website they go each and every component. Ive never heard of them but it looks like a very nice design. Thanks for sharing.
  24. I've always found this video very interesting. After watching I'm curious as to the reason that more do not have a meshless pilot chute. I spoke with my rigger the other day and asked him and he said that pretty much Vector is the only meshless pilot chute. Quite honestly after seeing this video that surprised me. What I find that kind of disappoints me is that you go to the manufacturers website and they just have their generic product on there. Not really much information to the skydiver about what makes their rig better than the other guys apart from their mentions of materials colors and really nice pictures of their rig. From the few I looked at all the manufacturers just have the generic stuff up as if you were buying a TV, even UPT does this. I just happened to run across the video on youtube by chance. Very informative video though. Instead you have to dig....DEEP to find much of anything here on, youtube or in talking with people who have jumped the rigs or riggers who have packed them. Anyways just wanted others thoughts on this video but truly I think the manufacturers could be a hell of a lot more informative on their websites than what they are now.