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  1. dmaline

    4-Way in TX

    You're right ... I keep being told its hard to get accepted onto a 4-way team or to even build a team (intermediate even!) With the amount of tunnel I have, its not about the money not being able to travel .... Its simply about having the time. I'm only available Saturday and Sunday (friday night) due to my work schedule and have very limited vacation. Makes it pretty challenging. But I figured for sure with TX being the land of belly fliers (or used to be) i'd be able to find someone like-minded folks who want to have an amazing time and are as passionate as I am. Thanks for reaching out and thanks for your advice! Wish there was a 4-way league in TX. Would make a world of difference!
  2. I am looking to build an Intermediate class 4-way team in Texas (Spaceland Houston, SD Dallas or other locations). - Outside coaching would be involved - Tunnel training - One Full Weekend/Month (potentially more) If interested, please send a private message. Looking to begin training immediately.
  3. dmaline

    4-Way in TX

    Thanks. Yep. Asked at both. Either people have teams formed or just "aren't sure." Chuck has been amazing and super helpful. And trust me, I've been using all of the resources at my fingertips and every contact I have. I'm just ready to get going, get to training, and find some awesome peeps like myself!
  4. dmaline

    4-Way in TX

    Hi DZ Forum World ... At a loss of where to post. Didn't think it would be that hard to find some teammates. Bueller?
  5. There is no such thing as too much. Tunnel can help with so much! This sounds silly ... But during AFF, i had trouble with turns. I did 1 hour during AFF and when I went back, I flew through it. If you go to the tunnel with goals, say AFF, turns, forward, backward, up, down etc ... You'll do great. It should help you relax in the air and focus on other things. It will teach you better body position too!! yes $1k could be expensive but if you're getting it with coaching, then its worth it! Make sure you get a coach who is a skydiver!!!
  6. I made a single jump at Skydive Abel Tasman ... Not too many fun jumpers, but its beautiful! They run all the time too. Great people there! That would be my recommendation!
  7. dmaline

    4-Way in TX

    Thanks Chuck. I'm serious about getting onto a 4-way team and finding some great like-minded folks to fly with. Told ya I was serious! :-)
  8. dmaline

    4-Way in TX

    I'm going to post again because now I am a solo flyer looking to join a team ... A little about me ... I live in Shreveport, LA but will train in TX! 475 jumps and 25 hours tunnel - all belly (~100+ jumps 4-way, 20 hours tunnel 4-way) I'm looking to join a team who is short a teammate. Looking to train at either SD Dallas or SD Spaceland Houston (possibly Lonestar) I have been flying OC and know the slot well, but will gladly fly another slot! Looking for a commitment of at least once a month, possibly 2 times a month. Also looking for a team that wants to train in the tunnel. AND have a coach for both. If you have questions, ask. Looking to start training ASAP!
  9. We're looking for an IC and Tail who can train mainly at Spaceland Houston on the weekend - Saturday and Sunday. Looking to do 6-8 jumps/day with a max of 20 over the weekend. Training will be once per month - with a couple of tunnel sessions throughout the season. 2-4 hours. (also with coaching) Our plan is to have a coach on the ground for prep and debrief. We are looking to begin training and start our season soon. If you're interested or want to know anything ... Please send me a private message
  10. Any IC or Tail flyers around the Spaceland or Dallas area with some 4-way experience interested in doing an intermediate team this season? Looking at 1 weekend a month of jumps, with coaching. Looking at probably doing tunnel time if possible, too - also with coaching. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
  11. Head south a little .... Orange, VSC, Suffolk, probably Delmarva, and check out Skydive Baltimore!
  12. I've heard amazing things about SDD and definitely know they send a lot of teams every year. Just want to find the right team you know? Would you be able to put me in touch with who you flew with? Maybe they have an opening for me or know of one? Thanks!
  13. Its not just the guys that are "bigger", its the girls too. I'm one of them. I was a wicked fast faller when I got off of student status and no one wanted to jump with me. Everyone kept saying that you'll figure it out, range comes with time etc. One of the things that helped me was getting a floatier suit. It allowed me to work on my body position in the air with the assistance of the suit. Something else that truly helped me was a crap load of tunnel time doing 4-way. I learned how to fly my body better and level with everyone on my team, smaller, lighter, taller etc. Yes, it takes time. But don't ever let anyone tell you that they won't jump with you because you fall too fast. They just don't want to throw on any weight! Fast is fun ... You'll see.
  14. Thats pretty good. Had a good laugh. Thanks