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  1. so my brother and i are looking for a trip to new zealand. i am a experienced d licence jumper. im looking to pound out some jumps and hes into hiking and surfing....any suggestions on where to go and what to do along with any other suggestions? i am from the u.s and my trip will be limited to about one week
  2. does anyone know where the placement for the aad cutter is on the new curve? and or is the argus accepted on this rig? plus intered in classifieds on the curve if it is heard of or.. who should i go through for the best bang for your buck on this container
  3. thinking about dropping the doe on a new curve.... have a argus..does anyone know the position of the cutter on the curve and or is the argus accepted in the curve container?
  4. A few friends of mine went to this dz on the opening weekend and had a blast. the owners and operators of this dz are very welcoming and, are not producing a tandem factory. but, the training and staff will give you a fantastic first skydive. experienced and tandems....this is the dz from you-nick