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  1. I think you'll love the Lotus (I do and I'm sure my minor opening issue will get resolved) It really has great flight characteristics for a canopy of it's class. Also, I can't help but notice there were at least 4 fatalities this past year from canopies collapsing at low altitude. There was one close to home last year as well, on a very ordinary day. Obviously, I have no idea whether the airlocks would have made a difference in any of these incidents, but I'm betting they wouldn't have made it worse. I like anything that might improve my chances on a bad day.
  2. Sometimes I get a diving, hard right hand turn on opening. At times this has been sudden enough to cause line twists, but usually I avoid that. Not sure if it is packing, body position or the canopy. Didn't get enough jumps this year to explore it completely. I'm paying more attention to my packing and body position and Brian's having a look at the canopy. Hope to announce the issue has been fully resolved next season :-)
  3. I jump a Lotus 170. I like the flight characteristics a lot. Responsive, great flare and plane out. Great glide with a bit of rear riser when you are out there, steeper and faster than a Pilot in full flight. Short toggle stroke to plane out but it is heavy on fronts. I tend to stand down if it is windy, but in normal summertime bumpy air when other canopies do the accordion, the lotus remains pressurized. I like that :-) I have had a few squirrely openings but I'm working on that.
  4. I only started jumping again 3 years ago at the age of 56. I find that butterflies start to develop the longer the layoff. An occasional rehearsal of EP's helps. I go from missing it so badly I want to jump in the car and drive south now, to wondering why I do this crazy thing. I've had the urge to turn around on the way to the DZ as my mind mulls over the idea that I am going to board an aircraft and then throw myself out the door at altitude. I'm always fine after the first jump back, but definitely feel some anxiety on the first load. It's forgotten once the red light comes on though :-) I like to start off with a simple 2-way to ease back into it. So ... you're not alone in having those feelings (and apparently neither am I )
  5. Thanks Melissa. Sounds great but a bit far. Made it down to CPI on the 19th. They have a Caravan for the winter. I'll be looking again in Late Jan/early Feb. Blues skies everyone and Merry Christmas
  6. The DZ locator lists Club de Paracaidismo Cielo Azul and 2 other entries at the same location. No response to email and the facebook page doesn't show up either. anyone know if they are operating or if there is another DZ in the DR.
  7. Thanks Skwrl, they are the closest and I can usually find some belly jumpers. Anyone have any others? (CPI is great, but I'm always open to new skies) :-)
  8. CPI maybe? The Ranch? Anyone know of dropzones in the northeast still open? I'm in Atlantic Canada and I'd like to make a couple of jumps in November without travelling too far.
  9. I can only speak of Lotus vs Pilot. The Lotus has a steeper trim, is a faster canopy and has a shorter toggle stroke. It does have pretty high front riser pressure. About 6" of toggle will plane out the canopy and it has an awesome glide. I had a Pilot 188 ZPX which was a loose fit in my Icon I6. My Lotus 170 is a tight fit after I lengthened the closing loop. (It was shortened for the Pilot) Love my Lotus :-)
  10. I am an old guy, but I've gone digital. Nothing to do with exactly what altitude I'm at in freefall. It's all about improving my canopy piloting skills.( And recommended by the course instructor) Can't tell how much altitude I lose in a hard turn, flat turn, slow turn or anything else with analog. I was worried about my ability to process the digital numbers as well as the clockface analog display. It was a non-issue. I still have my analog as back up. (And an audible) Blue skies
  11. We recently stayed at the Microtel as well. Clean and comfortable, light breakfast and close to DZ. Rate for myself and wife $71 US/night. Mattress was a bit cheap. Next year I'm planning to rent a trailer.
  12. Probably the guys at Vacationland Skydiving in Pittsfield ME?
  13. SmokinJoeKS: I returned to the sport last year at 56 after 30 year lay off. I wanted reasonably quick but soft openings. I pack my own gear, no fancy tricks, nothing rolled or tucked in, slider quartered evenly. I fly a Pilot 188zpx. Haven't got slammed in my first 50 jumps on it. Welcome back brother.
  14. Actually in the spring he was delivering in 8-10 weeks. I thought that was a bit long but it sure beats the 4-6 months you mentioned for 'brand name' suits. Sounds like he's a bit over 10 weeks now. Still compares well. :-) I should clarify my 'spotty communication' comment. I didn't have a lot of luck with the company telephone number but by email I usually heard back no later than two days, often 1 day or the same day.
  15. It is a small shop and communication can be a bit spotty. While he does have some fulfillment issues (long wait) I believe Chris will get you a nice suit in the end. As far as workmanship I have limited knowledge of what a good suit should look like other than not falling apart, but I can say my suit has attracted numerous favourable comments at my DZ regarding both the quality of workmanship, design and style. Hope it all works out for you. Blue skies,