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  1. Im a retired military, start in the sport at skydive Virginia long time ago, but due to family, deployments , LIFE, ITS BEEN A LONG JOURNEY. Anyway here I am, love the sport the people, how the behave like assholes like SKYGODS, and show them a thing or 2. but in general good people. Right now im PUERTO RICO, 365 JUMPING DAYS. Once school is over(college) going back full time to skydive. Did static jumps in fort bragg, freefall at Raeford once in Sebastian and now pr, planning on a Russia trip for tunnel time sometime soon, thanks to allow me be here
  2. What you guys do to improve your skydiving other than tunnel when not jumping out of a plane? I do yoga,,, no idea is to crazy,,,,
  3. I got me a e.g jumpsuit that slow quite ok, however I m aware that tunnel time is needed ,so the closest one in florida, until I travel to Raeford,nc
  4. thank you guys for all the advice, right now in sunny Puerto rico. in Feb2016 will be a [email protected]#$#%^ boogie when everyplace else(meaning the states dropzones) is cold,,,with beach landings, 21000ft jumps, beer, free rum(yes I said it free) so if you guys come we can do damage) there is a fleet of 3 or more caravans for the boogie
  5. Im a 5'9 215lbs retired military getting committed in skydiving however my fall rate is different from the other guys,,,just 129 question is for the heavier skydivers is ..I like to know how you guys compensate training ... anything that make you guys better and improve,, thanks for the the way I enjoy lifting weights ,,run,, not that I just seat or something like that all day long.