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  1. base698

    Double tunnel design coming to San Diego

    Do you often brag about your highly visible and embarrassing public failures? When you lose ~$38 million?
  2. base698

    Double tunnel design coming to San Diego

    Throwing good money after bad. There's a lesson in there. Sunk cost fallacy and all.
  3. base698

    Double tunnel design coming to San Diego

    Some of us were lucky enough to get our money back with a charge back. Thanks Chase!
  4. base698

    Double tunnel design coming to San Diego

    It also wasn't open when I went last week because it was allegedly damaged during operation. Not sure when it will reopen.
  5. base698

    Double tunnel design coming to San Diego

    ^ Are those tunnels the 12 ft lower ceiling variety? I heard they turned Airbourne on, but that there are lingering issues. I'd personally be surprised if it's open for real prior to iFly Oceanside which is already a hole in the ground.
  6. base698

    Oceanside Tunnel

    Anyone have any updates? A couple of months back I saw a picture somewhere showing it was a whole in the ground. Bet all the rain is probably bad for construction.
  7. base698

    New 12 Foot Design

    Kids these days....
  8. base698

    Eastern Europe Tunnels

    Taking a business trip and wondering what are the tunnels to definitely see? Right now Poland, Austria, Slovakia, and Czech Republic are on the list. Cheers
  9. Yeah, I saw the Airbourne building yesterday for the first time. I just wonder if it's now an iFly building and they are waiting to put their parts in it.
  10. Also, makes me wonder about the other San Diego tunnel: Airborne. They have been quiet the last few weeks.
  11. base698

    Ontario, CA Tunnel

    Please close. My wallet can't take it. So pretty. So fast.
  12. base698

    Red Bull Aces 2015?

    Not to mention lasts way long because its not F111.
  13. base698

    Flysight as audible

    You just cost me an extra $200!!! Thanks for the advice
  14. base698

    Flysight as audible

    I have an audible and was wondering about getting a second as a backup. Is the Flysight sufficient for this purpose on non-wingsuit jumps? Cheers