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  1. They are killing 12,000. Half of which are gang violence. Only if you include suicides. Other countries have higher suicide rates. Think about all the free hospital capacity if we outlawed coke though. Those billions spent on diabetes could be used to cure kids
  2. They ramped quantitative easing up dramatically. It's not really the amount shown in M1 but think it roughly matches M2.
  3. Alcohol kills about as many or more if you count cancers. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies kill far more from medical mistakes. Coca cola about an order of magnitude more. Even if you include suicides like your 40K number is doing. Can we ban coke?
  4. base698


    He's been the figurehead since the beginning. If you get to be the highest paid government official you also have to take ownership and responsibility for your actions and the actions of your org. That's how leadership works.
  5. That when you saw that graph like I did in 2020 you should have dumped all your cash for Bitcoin, stock and real estate.
  6. > The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.
  7. base698

  8. base698


    "Almost". Does BCG wane to zero after six months?
  9. base698


    Yeah because I'm not going to dig up every headline where he was quoted. I mispoke because I saw that clip a weeks ago when it first went viral. My original question was around the idea someone could call any covid vaccine the most effective ever. Almost every vaccine I'm aware of is better. The stated high effectiveness no booster littered the media on March and April. Whether it was 90% or 99%. That's much different than 40%-60%. If you want to quibble over a mistake I made with 3% cool. Des Pfizer have an incentive to get everyone to buy their product on a recurring plan?
  10. base698


    Only if you're uncharitable.
  11. base698

    covid-19 Here he says 94%. Outright lie is strong language for a 3% difference. Considering it's more like 40% at the end of the five month window. Anything in the 90s seem more like the lie.
  12. base698


    Ok. Here's dozens of headlines and clips of Fauci saying it would be 97% effective. Fact check using the claim he said it would be 100% effective against covid from March for comments on CNN in December
  13. base698


    There are dozens of clips of Fauci claiming 97% percent effective and saying we'd have herd immunity by summer. How is 45% effective and constant boosters the most effective vaccine in the world?
  14. From the director of Airplane! > Or when they pressure writers to remove jokes that are otherwise perfectly offensive. As a result of these fear-based decisions, some of the best contemporary comedy minds are abandoning laughter in favor of admittedly brilliant but serious projects such as Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, and Chernobyl, written by Craig Mazin. These men collaborated on two of the Hangover pictures, which struck gold at the box office. Phillips summed up the general plight of the comedy writer when he said, “It’s hard to argue with 30 million people on Twitter. You just can’t do it. So, you just go, ‘I’m out.’”
  15. base698


    "Immune to junk antigens" still means you have more opportunity to stop the infection instead of relying on a single one.