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    Gray and Royal Mirage with PD160R and no rides! Container has about 350 jumps on it. Manufactured in 2014 and hasn't been jumped since the start of 2020. Cleaning out my closet sell, make offer.


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  2. True Believer is pretty great and it was written in 1951 with a reflection on the social causes of WW2. > In Germany and Italy the new poor coming from a ruined middle class formed the chief support of the Nazi and Fascist revolutions. The potential revolutionaries in present-day England are not the workers but the disinherited civil servants and businessmen. This class has a vivid memory of affluence and dominion and is not likely to reconcile itself to straitened conditions and political impotence.
  3. > The incidence of gender-affirming mastectomy increased 13-fold (3.7 to 47.7 per 100,000 person-years) during the study period. Of the 209 patients who underwent surgery, the median age at referral was 16 years (range 12-17) and the most common technique was double-incision (85%)
  4. > It is estimated that at least 6,166 overdose deaths involving illicit drugs occurred in the European Union in 2021 (5 796 in 2020). This total rises to an estimated 6 677 deaths if Norway and Türkiye are included (6 434 in 2020). This number is provisional and is an underestimate, due to reporting delays and other limitations in reporting capacity apparent in some countries. Is 6166 smaller or larger than 100,000? Population of EU is larger than the US. Assume the underreporting makes it double it's still an order of magnitude less.
  5. Homicides are comparatively constant only jumping 30%. Overdoses have tripled (300%) since 2018 30k to over 100k. In the same time frame as the life expectancy decline. While homicides have an effect it's not comparable to overdoses. Homicides only went from about 15k in 2017 to 20k in 2020. If you throw in an extra 70k 22 year olds dying by overdose in their mom's bathroom to the 2.7 million yearly deaths that would lower the life expectancy almost 3%.
  7. Bitcoin is up like 280x from start of this thread. The defi stuff has really gone to shit and definitely has not aged. All of the dollar backed defi give interest less than Treasury bonds at this point and seems like a pool goes broke every month.
  8. Depends if reasonable attempts were made to be private and the accuser wasn't eavesdropping.
  9. Do you feel you are creating a racial injustice when you eat a taco? Do you believe a society where most cultures stay in their lane by not eating each other's cuisine results in more equity and understanding between cultures?
  10. I see woke/SJW is more of a crying wolf phenomena. "Donglegate" would be my favorite decade old example: getting two people fired for making a comment between themselves privately at a conference. Or, a white person eating tacos "appropriating".
  11. Woke as a religion was an idea developed by Curtis Yarvin in 2007. It caught on with a circle of reformed libertarians turned neoreactionaries. Bannon and other modern conservatives that ended up in the Trump circle and a few conservative think tanks have neoreactionary ideology as the center. > Specifically, ultracalvinism (which I have also described here and here) is the primary surviving descendant of the American mainline Protestant tradition, which has been the dominant belief system of the United States since its founding. It should be no surprise that it continues in this role, or that since the US’s victory in the last planetary war it has spread worldwide.
  12. They are killing 12,000. Half of which are gang violence. Only if you include suicides. Other countries have higher suicide rates. Think about all the free hospital capacity if we outlawed coke though. Those billions spent on diabetes could be used to cure kids
  13. They ramped quantitative easing up dramatically. It's not really the amount shown in M1 but think it roughly matches M2.
  14. Alcohol kills about as many or more if you count cancers. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies kill far more from medical mistakes. Coca cola about an order of magnitude more. Even if you include suicides like your 40K number is doing. Can we ban coke?
  15. base698


    He's been the figurehead since the beginning. If you get to be the highest paid government official you also have to take ownership and responsibility for your actions and the actions of your org. That's how leadership works.