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  1. base698


    Time Left: 17 days and 13 hours

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    Used Pro-Track still in working order. Will require batteries.


    , California - US

  2. base698

    More tunnels in AZ!

    It seems no one posts pictures of all these new projects anymore. I remember back in the day people would setup blogs with pictures of the progress. Would be nice to know how far alone some of them really are.
  3. base698

    Shoulder dislocation

    I had a single bad shoulder injury and one previous dislocation before that. I got a bankart repair done and I'm mostly as good as new. If you have repeated dislocations it may be an option.
  4. They do it to show group solidarity in a time of loss. I don't do it, but get why.
  5. base698

    Tunnel suits

    It really depends on how the fast the tunnel you are flying in is. If it's a super fast tunnel it's going to blow any suit out pretty fast and in that case you can use it for both. If it's a slower tunnel you might want the ZP for extra lift.
  6. base698

    VRW Resources

    Where is the intermediate dive pool for the phone?
  7. base698

    Organizing Newer Freeflyers?

    Ignoring gear issues. I think having enough awareness to recognize jump run and make sure they are facing perpendicular to it is the first place to start. After that basic stability, which I don't think can really be coached other than saying to relax and fight with your legs. Back flying helps for sit flying because the muscle memory of turning is the same for sit flying and back flying. Maybe we can start with a back flying skills camp :)
  8. base698

    Where's Morpheus Tech.??

    Also wondering the same thing. NO RIG FOR US.
  9. base698

    Experience requirements for 2 ways and above

    Generally if the instructor doesn't think you are going to kill yourself or the other person you are good to go.
  10. base698

    Remove the BASE Fatality List

    In one of the threads you referenced: That had me LOL hard.