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  1. No reason why it has to be your life, its a sport, have fun when you have time. Nobody says you have to spend every single day all day jumping. For me when I get to the point Im not having fun a take a few weekends off and do other stuff. When I do get out I don't burn myself out into disliking the sport. I find after a few weekends off I want to do it again, but I will never make it my life. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
  2. Pretty cool read, looks like things haven't changed much in 7 years. Im in my 11th year and I get the, " I don't feel like jumping today" thing mid season. I think I will be a lifer because Im not full tilt all about skydiving. I get out a few times a month and get as many as I can while im out but I don't blow off the rest of my life to do it. I try not to burn myself out and if I do I take a few weekend's off. Im never going to be a 20,000 jump swoopalicious world headown record holder, but its a hobby and I still enjoy it. I do about 100-125 jumps a season and take the winter to miss the sport and look forward to the beginning of the season. 99.9% of my jumps a fun jumps and don't need to work at the DZ to pay for jumps so its still a hobby and not a job. Its an expensive sport and not everyone can do it, im lucky I can do it for fun. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
  3. I had an issue like that, my card couldn't keep up with the speed. Your card might be getting tired. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
  4. Nice, 120@1080 is what I was wondering about. Looks like Ill be upgrading. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
  5. So whats the word on these, is it worth the upgrade from a 3? Any bugs? HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
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    Tried out one this weekend and like the canopy. it opened on heading every jump nice a soft. Turns where quick and crisp with very little input and the flare was good. The glide on it was flat and it didnt want to land, had a hard time getting to my spot. Had to use alot of front risers to get it to come down. over all a nice canopy, great for novice.
  8. I dislocated my foot a few years ago 1 week before the Holiday Boogie at Skydive Arizona. Since I didnt want to miss the Boogie I bought a nice brace and made 25 jumps landing on my Ass. I did have a bigger canopy that I loaded 1.1 and could do the landings with no problem. I was in a lot of pain after the 3rd day mostly from walking back after jumping but I did manage to get some jumps in. Looking back it was not smart, one wrong turn and I would have messed it up even more, I guess I just got lucky. Now 6 years later, when it get cold it hurts like a bitch. Let it heal save the jumping for another day, dont wreck yourself even more. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113
  9. We had a jumper who had an issue with his Spectre with hard openings like you are talking about. He had 5 cutaways in 50 jumps because of retarded openings with this canopy. On his last 3 jumps he had a cutaway, slammer and on the 3rd the canopy opened so hard it ripped the right riser in half. He was black and blue from the hard opening for a year. We blamed the guys for bad body position and all the stuff you would tell a guy from all the hard openings and cutaways. He sent the canopy back to PD for inspection and they did a bunch of test jumps on it for him. After 3 months of testing he told me they called him and told him to pick out a new canopy at no cost but would not tell him what was wrong with the old one. Ive been told wrong size sliders and stuff like that from others. I was not the jumper but know the guy very well and thats what he told me. I am not saying this is the problem but if it where me, I would send it in for a check out. HELLFISH 429 POPS 11113