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  1. After watching that video i'm concerned that when he jumps tomorrow the net will force him into a position where he breaks his neck. Am I just being silly?
  2. thats a shame, any reviews in particular you are referring to?
  3. Nice! 4 of these could easily be put on a handcam mount, seems camera refunds should be a thing of the past.
  4. found this and thought some of you might be interested
  5. can anyone that has experience with the sony action cams give any info on their reliability? I use gopros but have still not upgraded from the gopro 2 because i have seen and experienced too many malfunctions with the cameras gopro released after the 2. Crystal clear footage is nice, but cameras that always get the footage are more valuable to me.
  6. any more info on this one?
  7. did u ever get your answer? i'm curious too
  8. on heading, comfortable, no twists or other potential mals, stays flying straight if in line twists i guess
  9. yup, i know theres no best, its subjective and theres loads of other variables etc. Just interested to know what comes most recommended for openings by the most people. Almost all the canopies i heard were good for wing suiting (listed what i could think of above) are canopies I haven't jumped. Also if anyone can point out which canopies are better or worse for making it back from long spots i would be grateful. Thanks everyone
  10. thanks for the info. After reading that and finding this video last night (1:44 saying "floating" laterals are great for swooping) I'm at the conclusion now that their negative impact on harness turning (if any) isn't worth my worry.
  11. do all you factory pilots have them?
  12. which world champs are using them?
  13. Bump just curious if people still feel this way: "With tiny rigs, the cut-in laterals acually hinder your ability to harness steer your canopy" i am thinking of ordering a new rig and it seems some manufacturers don't even offer standard laterals any more
  14. "If you wear a Pro-Tec, stuff an audible in one ear, then cut out the cross-bars on the other ear." word of warning if you do try this, i had a helmet like this and during one jump my helmet moved slightly and the top of my ear was sticking out the hole just slightly, i then had riser slap on opening, it skimmed my ear while the helmet prevented the ear from moving forwards, felt like my ear was getting sliced! i think just cutting the lower cross bar would be enough room to take the earplug in and out, without risking this situation.