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  1. If you are looking for a cross braced canopy to use with camera you should check out the Xaos 21 or 27. Many camera flyers prefer the Xaos 21, smooth, consistent on heading openings. I jump a Xaos 27 - 90 and get great openings as well. my .02
  2. Put one under the strut, one hanging and two on the step.
  3. I have looked all over the USPA site and find nothing about these seminars. They are not listed in Parachutists. Can these be an informal seminar conducted at the DZ with all rating holders to discuss policies, procedures etc. I am confused. Maybe it is just the blonde in me.
  4. I have to renew my tandem rating and just saw the new requirement to attend a Rating Renewal Seminar? This is new for 2010 renewals? Is there a list of locations and dates of these seminars?
  5. This is shot of one of our AFF students who was scared to death !!!
  6. You may go thru your entire jumping career and not use your hook knife. was it a waste of money??? I think not. I believe that every jumper should have at least one "good" one...not the orange plastic crappy ones. Another piece of equipment that you might never use in your entire jumping career is your AAD. Would you consider that a waste of money? Non-essential? It is not required at all DZ's but if you were knocked out and couldn't pull it sure would be nice to have and have it turned on. Jumpers will spend over $1200 for an AAD and not purchase a $30 hook knife. Better to have one and never use it than to be in a situation where you NEED one and dont have one. I have had to use my hook knife to cut a locked up steering line, and landed on rear risers. My $.02
  7. do any of you have some 2 way drill dives for sit flyers looking to improve skills.
  8. I need to replace my PC120 camera. Do you think the HC5 is the best tape driven SD/HD camera? I will be using for tandems and freeflying, which is why I don't really want to go solid state until they get the shake issues figured out. I also don't have the $$ to spend on the new computer to edit. Advice??
  9. Rear float works great for Tandems and AFF exits. Be sure to keep your arms straight and not bend your left arm and put pressure on the window with your elbow. Pilots don't like it when you take out windows of the airplane. :-) I keep my hands low so I can video their climbout and expression throught the window. Once the tandem is in the door there is no prop blast and you can hear the screaming tandems really well.... even my girlfriend can do it and she used to have problems just holding on to the strut ....
  10. Does a flash have to be mounted horizontal or vertical? I wanted to mount my flash on a freefly helmet with my PC120 on the left side, my XSI on top and then my flash on the right side. Kind of at a 45 degree angle. Since the XSi is mounted horizontally will having the flash mounted at a 45 affect how it is used with the camera. I am using it mostly as a fill flash on tandems. Thanks Geof
  11. I have a sidemounted PC120 in a box with a RebelXSI topmounted. I am looking to mount a 580 II flash to my helmet but am not sure how. How have others actually secured the flash to the helmet. There doesn't seem to be an easy/secure way to mount it. bungee, straps, velcro, etc.
  12. Where can you pick up one of these. I really like the added protection.
  13. I have made many jumps with flags, banners and streamers, but have done it mostly by trial and error. Is there a readily available resource available that would explain packing and deployment systems, weights needed, lanyard lengths, cutaway systems. canopy sizing, landing recomendations. etc.
  14. I have two rigs. a talon 2 and mirage G4. I collapse and pull my slider down behind my head and loosen my chest strap which helps keep it down but I would like to get a keeper to hold it down. I have seen the bungee style keepers. Can these be purchased and put on by a rigger?? What other options are there? Any pics?
  15. If you see something where ever you are jumping (home DZ or elsewhere) and you see something that is jeaprodizing the safety of one or more jumpers YOU should say something. If you are not comfortable approaching the person or situation, every DZ has a S&TA that should be available to speak with. Don't expect that someone else is going to address it. Gear and toys are more readily available and low time jumpers are chomping at the bit to do all the cool stuff and of course get it on video. Take the time to mentor and pass on your knowledge and experience to those low time jumpers so they can learn from our mistakes and experience. Empahsize that going slow is fast and going too fast usually results in premature departure from the sport due to injury or worse, Be Patient. Take time to learn, and before you know you will have the skills to be doing all the cool stuff. Like someone in another forum said. . . if the situation starts like the intro to an incident report then . . . . YOU say/do something. Don't wait til something horrible happens and join with all the other Monday morning quarterbacks who watched it unfold and say "I was going to say something but..." or "I didn't think he should be doing that but...