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  1. TomSpoon

    Tony Pukes on You Tube

    Here's another good one.
  2. TomSpoon

    A littel Rickerby art work

    Cool, I think it would be great if everyone who has a Rickerby posted a photo of it. Their must be hundreds of Murals on old rigs. Come on let's see em.
  3. TomSpoon

    george bosworth USA Team member 1950s

    Is George Bosworth in this picture?
  4. TomSpoon

    Freefall Oz Skydiving

    A fly in bed and breakfast that's also a drop zone? Yes, It's for real. Ash and Celeine run this charming facility which is right on the Pensylvania New York border just east of Olean NY. You cross the border into Pensylvania as you drive in the driveway. Ash is a tandem instructor and offers tandem jumps from a Cessna 182. Celeine runs the bed and breakfast. A great place to introduce your significant other to jumping while spending a romantic weekend. Want to start a family? Book the fertility room. It's been proven to work. If you are in the area you won't want to miss is the anual one day boogie that they put on in early august featuring a turbine, pig roast and a great band. The locals can't beleive this is happening in their town. Great scenery Great vibes.
  5. TomSpoon

    The Jumping Place

    Yes,It's true. Cathy Kloess aka Packing Cathy owner operator of The Packing Place is now a drop zone operator as well. The Jumping Place is located in St Mary's GA just north of Jacksonville FL. Anyone who has met Cathy knows her energy and enthusiasim are infectious and she spreads that energy and enthusiasim around her DZ. Cathy is well connected in the sport and she has surrounded herself with a top notch staff. Like USPA director and former president George H W Bush's instructor Glen Bangs for example. If you are a student looking for top notch instruction and a lot of attention you will find it here. Air support is just cessna for now but their are rumors of a turbine coming soon. It's easy to find just north of the Florida state line. From I 75 take route 40 about 7 mile east to St Mary's airport.
  6. TomSpoon


    Ive got about 1,700 jumps on my spectre 170 loaded at about 1.2-1. The openings are very smooth and consistant taking about 400 ft. Ive also jumped the 150, though it went faster, it did so at the cost of a lower glide ratio. The canopy is very intolerant of being out of trim. It will let you know when it's ready for a new line set by opening in a rocking stall. I replaced my first line set at 554 jumps. When the rocking stalls returned at about 1100 jumps I cheaped out and replaced just the steering lines. This was fine for a couple hundred more jumps when once again the canopy started opening in a rocking stall.I had the lines replaced again at 1340 jumps. I believe this is consistant with PD's recomendation of replacing lines at about 600 jumps. At 1700 jumps the canopy still flies and lands great though it is starting to show some wear on the top center cell.I know I will soon need to replace the line set for the third time and I will probably send the canopy to pd for porosity testing before making that decision. When this canopy is worn out I'll probably replace it with another spectre 170 unless someone shows me a canopy that fies better and I can let anyone pack with out the worry of being whacked. Well it's two years later and I'm updating this reveiw. At about 1700 jumps I did send the canopy to PD and they did a porosity test, replaced the top skin of the center cell and installed a dacron line set all for $288 plus shiping. Great service from PD. The dacron lines do slow the canopy down compared to the spectre lines. I can notice the differance when jumping a freinds 170 with spectre lines. At over 2000 jumps the spectre is still going strong.
  7. TomSpoon

    Para-Plane pics

    Got this one . No slider though.
  8. TomSpoon


    I've got about 500 jumps on mostly sabre 190s and 170's though Ive also jumped the 135 150 and 210. Ive had many hard openings, Three of which were severe enough to damage the canopy not to mention my body. People argue that the hard openings are due to packing technique. Whatever, The fact remains that this is a canopy that is capable of seriously injuring or even killing you if not packed perfectly.Is that the canopy you want? Some quotes from this page. Listen to yourselves people: “Openings were problematic at first,” “A lot of people complain of hard openings,” “Lots of u guys out there r trying to blame your hard Sabre openings on the pack job...” I have approximately 1,100 total jumps on sabre 150's and sabre 135's and have experienced a handful of rather brisk openings and 2 of them were excruciating and kept me from jumping for the rest of the day.” “Openings are not so great. In my opinion it would be one thing if it opened hard all the time or soft all the time but it does not. Some openings are good others are not” “Pack carefully, handle the wraped up slider as you would an atomic bomb - as thats what it is! Let the thing slip everywhere then shove in the bag; You will be sorry..” “but about 75% of the time, I get these opening that make me flinch and tighten up every muscle in my body in fear of the opening. Most Sunday nights, when I am driving home, my neck hurts like I was in a car accident, and I have bruises on the insides of my legs that just shouldn't be there... I have tried everything- rolling the nose 4-4, tight rolling the nose together, tight rolling the tail, stowing my lines tight, etc... Nothing helps, don't know what to say about the opening, but I can't wait until I get my PISA Hornet...” “Openings have been brisk, but I've never been slammed (although I lent my rig to a friend and she said she was).” “I've had a very bad opening about every two or three. No matter what I did, tens of rolls everywere or no rolls, spend 1 hour and a half packing it,use the tighest rubber bands ever, it used to hit me.” “I had an instant canopy that knocked the wind from my body. I was in such pain that all I wanted to do was land. After landing discovered the leg straps had grazed the skin from my inner thighs. The next day I was barely able to stand and the black bruising around my thighs meant I looked like I was still wearing my harness.” “I was wacked so hard that I had a compression fracture of T6 and a cracked T12 along with a neck sprain. “in my 90 jumps on it, I had 3 soft openings. This thing was killing me. I had it relined by PD as soon as I bought it and no matter who's advice I took or what I did, I was constantly seeing stars. I tried rolling the nose tightly all to one side and going to the back, I tried nothing with the nose, I tried splitting the nose, I rolled the tail unbelievably tight and still the openings stunk. After an opening where the slider came down fast enough to rip the rubber stops and put a rip in the slider and wrap itself around my face, so all I saw was the orange slider (nice backdrop for the stars), I got rid of it and bought a spectre 150, and will never look back.” “I have had one extremely hard opening that about broke me in half,” ”Most of the openings on Sabres are ok, but it's those slammers! One in every 70 or so jumps, no matter how carefully you've packed, even if you've packed exactly the same as the last 70 pack jobs they can bite. I had one opening on my Sabre 135 that was so hard I thought I had broken a rib! . I could give you plenty of examples of experiences friends of mine have had with bad Sabre openings... by and large the openings on the Sabre are fine but when they bite they're nasty!” “Used to fly a Sabre, and the openings where so bad I had no intentions of ever buying another one” “I jumped my 170 Sabre for about 40 times until I realized that my neck could handle about 50 more openings.” “harder than the saber i used to fly and that spanked me on a regular basis.” “This was welcome from the ever surprising Sabre slam that comes when you least expect it. “